Kim Bum Soo, “Yoo Bin has a lot of potential”

That was Kim Bum Soo’s opinion in a recent interview with dcnews. He didn’t really have to but he talked a lot about Yoo Bin’s untapped potential.

Q: On air (radio), you once applauded Yoo Bin’s rap.
Compared to other female hip-hop rappers, you can’t really say that Yoo Bin’s rapping skills are superior. The reason being that she’s still very young and since she’s a rapper inside an idol group, she is unable to make or direct her own rap, because she is not in the position to so, so she has a lot to learn.

I thought she was pretty and hardworking when I worked with her in this album. Yoo Bin could have just read the rap that was given to her but she insisted on making and directing her own rap, she said, “I’ve always wanted to do this” and “I want to learn more.” When I heard that, I thought, “she’s really a hardworking artist” and “has the potential to grow as an artist.”

Most think that idol singers have a large following, they do not have to work as hard because they are idols and are always going to be popular without even trying but she (Yoo Bin) gave me the impression that she is really a hard worker. If she continues working hard, I think she has a lot of potential.”

credit: + wonderkid (translation)


18 thoughts on “Kim Bum Soo, “Yoo Bin has a lot of potential”

  1. I listened to that song. I LOVED IT! Seriously. YooBin’s rapping in is is soooo fantabulous ♥♥♥

  2. Yayyyy! Yoobin unnie!! It’s her birthday Saturday!! AHHH! I hope they do something special or something. ^o^ hohohoho!

  3. she’s so hardworking and awesome <333 yoobin <33333

    wonder girls makes me so proud of them ^^

    yoobin saranghae XDDD

  4. gogo yoobinnie unnie!! ^^ my girls are so talented keke ❤
    They must be learning alot from JYP since he makes pretty much all his own music/songs, ect.

  5. I think Yoobin is superior =)
    I mean she really is so charismatic and lovable not anyone can pull that off!

  6. She must have been super stubborn in her being the one to write the lyrics. ^__^ hence not a typical idol group!!!
    Yoobin likes to work hard I’m proud to be her fan.

  7. JYP should let all the unnies collaborate in a song…
    They all good rappers I find, though YeEun doesn’t flow as well… Binnie got a lot of potential; shes still working on it…hopefully one day she can become like Yoon Mi Rae.
    (don’t know Yoon? check her out, you’ll be amazed)

    thanks dude, and thank u wonderkid for the trans

  8. I think JYP should let each girl have their own song in their albums (if they have a song) like Yeeun.
    Like have them do a self album.
    Yoobin could rap, Yeeun and Sunye can do belting songs that really show their talent, SunMi could do her own genre that she likes, and Sohee I don’t really know but I mean they can create the song themselves and show people who they are.
    But anyway I’m also really proud of Yoobin and I hope that in the future she’ll be able to do what she wants.

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. I totally agree that Yoobin has a lot of potential ^__^

    If JYP let YeEun (WOOT WOOT) compose a song and have it produced on their 4th project mini album, I think he could allow Yoobin to spread her production/composing skills as well.

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