Sun Mi Selca Picture + Ivy Club School Uniform Teaser

Cute Sun Mi picture with a pouting expression posted on JYP staff minihompy.

If you remember an article in September about the Wonder Girls being a blue chip stock in the CF industry, one of the CF deals mentioned was Ivy Club (famous school uniform producer in Korea). Well, we have a teaser picture taken recently and hopefully more are on the way in the coming weeks.

Waiting or still considering? Well, perhaps the effort by Kay will help you make your decision. Click to view The Wonder Years Trilogy Album Pics.


57 thoughts on “Sun Mi Selca Picture + Ivy Club School Uniform Teaser

  1. because as it says they’re a “famous school uniform producer in korea”

    BTW..Leader Min Jookie is such a cutie..!!!so cute..!i just don’t want her in pink..but blue..!=)but she’s pretty in pink..!!!ahah..WG 4EVER..!!!

  2. can i ask some questions?? i’ve noticed a lot of korean stars being a model for these kind of cool school uniforms… what are they actually promoting??? are you allowed to wear it to school??? its pretty though… so is ivy club and elite uniforms a company that promote great uniforms too school?? please answer my question..tq…

  3. Wow so pretty. I love Sun Ye’s outfit she makes it look so cute & Yoobin her hair is so nicely done. They all look like school Esp. Ye Eun with her hair like that.

  4. wglovE i think everyone love leader min^^
    the thing that she gets the most coverage, i think it’s just because she is the leader.
    but on the other hand it’s not really true that she is always in the centre. the other girls also have many camera times(in shows, CF..), centre place in pictures etc.
    idk who is the most popular in WG..but i think it’s not really important. cuz they’re a group with 5 members and without just 1 member they’ll not be the same group.

    anyway i love her too. she is such a beautiful person with real feelings, a wonderful voice and lots of cute expressions<3 she deserve it to be in WG, and to be popular.

    [without min jookie Wonder Girls will be not Wonder Girls~]

    haha i also don’t know if this is the place to talk about this.xD

  5. god this picture makes me wish we could wear unifrms ALL DA TIME!…hehe..

    ooh..dunno if this is the place to ask or not..but ive had this doubt for like the loongest time but im new and just wantes to know!…in all their promotional pics we see that sunye gets the most coverage…so I guess that means that she is lke the most popular?(she is my fav too!)

    but like in the international forums everyone seems to be liking the other girls and like NO ONE mentions her…do u ppl not like her?..(not just me thinking so, this korean wonderful put up a post on soompi too asking why its like that)
    (i hope u guys DO like her!!)

    whew…long post..hehehe

  6. its nice seeing leader min in this color.
    usually shes always given the dreary colrs and styles…

    shes looking so kawaiii..
    all the girls are..
    ❤ wg

  7. i cant wait to see the full set of these uniform pictures!
    sun mi selca is soooo prettyyyyyyyyy

  8. ye eun looks so cute!! omg and sun mi’s smile. i hate how they always shove ye eun in the back. she deserves to take front and she’s pretty too not just sun ye or so hee. this is why ye eun’s like never noticed 😦

  9. That is such an awkward shot of Yoobin. Couldn’t they pick a picture where they ALL look good?

    I don’t know why, but seeing Sunye wearing pink is so awkward, haha. ❤

  10. Ahhh, they’re so cute in their school girl outfits. Yoobin’s hairstyle looks so different for some reason.

  11. No…they just stopped the comeback performances,, they will begin regular promotions sometime soon I think o.O I forget the exact date keke^^

  12. Oh yay! They looks pretty and cute xD
    I was wondering when the pictures were coming out and if they actually did do a CF for them. lol
    Sunmi looks so cute!
    I cant wait to see more xD

  13. Those pics that came with the CDs are just completely awesome. They all look so beautiful. Especially with the black dresses. Ye Eun really has nice curves.

  14. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t SNSD. It’s so weird how the poses are similar, and if you are looking from far the hairstyles are exactly the same. Are these our girls? =O
    They still look adorable.

  15. I luv all the girls and the uniforms!

    but u’d ave to be soo pretty to carry the sun-ye one (which she obviously IS!)) 🙂

  16. That picture looks like someone PS’d them onto SNSD’s old uniform photoshoot, wtf?

    Their heads look weird as hell..

    lol but umm okayy

  17. ^ lol i think sunye look like sailor moon KEKEKE

    i love what ye eun is wearing tho (she way in the back)
    they always want to do this (model for uniform) so im glad they finally got a chance to =]

    & sunmiiii i love that girl she really to cute
    i wish she was my little sister LOL

  18. sunmi is soo cute^ ^ such a dorky pic<3
    and the ivy club picture is also good=) they look so pretty like always.
    waiting for more ivy pics~

    btw i think sunye looks a bit like tiffany from snsd in this pic.. idk maybe it’s just me…xD haha

  19. FINALLY!!!
    I`m so happy for them..theyve wanted to do the school uniform for the longest time now!! They look sooo cute!!!
    All very pretty

  20. yoobin looks like yuri from cool in this pic. but in a good way. XD anyways sunmi u dork! show that dorky happy side on stage!!!!!! and i must say finally! i was hoping the girls would get to do ivy club school photoshoot soon!

  21. I think she’s soo cute here ❤

    But i totally agree wth wondergirlsfan. She was smokin’ hot during those Irony days =]

  22. LOLLL!
    I love SunMi!
    She’s so silly and lively and just seems so fun!
    I agree with you guys she is very pretty.
    Alot of people that I introduce the WG to think she has gotten plastic surgery but I always tell them she’s natural and they don’t believe it. xD
    She’s just really hard NOT to love.

    thanks coolsmurf

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