Wonder Girls to Hold Concert in America

Wonder Girls will hold a concert in the the states next year, March 2009, with hopes of breaking into the American market eventually.

In an interview with Sports Donga, Sun Ye expressed, “Next February, we will hold our very first concert in Korea, followed by a concert in America in March. So we feel more burdened than ever before.” Sun Ye continued, “Under JYP USA (U.S management), we are getting ready and hoping to break into the American music industry. I am anxious and hope that our concert next year will give Wonder Girls the opportunity to enter the American market.”

Even before they had debuted as the Wonder Girls, they have been steadily preparing for their debut in the States. They have even tackled the hard task of conquering how to speak and understand English fluently which is vital in order to make it into the U.S. The girls have lived with their English tutors so they could learn to speak and use English in their everyday life.

Earlier this year, Wonder Girls experienced the “American Stage” when they were featured in JYP’s American tour in Los Angeles and New York. And so far, they are getting a warm response from America. Last spring, the Wonder Girls were praised by “The San Francisco Chronicle” and this year, the girls were the only Korean artist chosen as one of “the top 8 girl groups to look forward to” by Britain’s famous “Virgin Media” website. They also recently travelled to New York to perform at Flushing Meadows for the 26th Korean Harvest Festival.

More recently, only a day after the Wonder Girls officially released their new music video for ‘Nobody’ Perezhilton.com, a famous American blog, featured the video on his site which created a huge buzz. The Wonder Girls were featured again last week as they posted their old song “So Hot”. To this, Sun Ye replied, “All the members had big expectations for ‘Nobody’, but not in our wildest dreams did we think it would also create this much buzz in America”.

credit: hong927@donga.com + 귤겨자@wonderholic + wonderkid (translation)

Korean Wonderfuls have gotten their CDs and they get not 1 but 2 free posters. The joy of living in Korea. Overseas Wonderfuls can only watch in envy.

credit: 달달미예@byulha (pictures)


85 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to Hold Concert in America

  1. they won’t make it,
    therefore, they shouldnt even try.
    seriously just stay in asia.
    sorry to all the fans, but their appearance/style/music/etc.
    wont appeal to the american market.
    their extreme lack of talent won’t help either..

    & fyi im not an anti.
    nor a huge fann.
    but there songs are catchy.
    ill admit that. although tell me is annoyin now.

    &idk what perez hilton was thinking.
    he just got a bunch of hate comments for it.

  2. to SunMi&Ye EunFan

    They cant make it. Only the asians in america know about Rain Boa WonderGirls and a few whites. America is dominated by white people. Look at the top 100 songs currently. ALL are black,white,or alatino. you dont see any asin’s. Wondergirl’s english isn’t anywhere near to as good as it should be. Besides, broken english or heavy accents will only harm the wonder girls rather than benefit them. William Hung, the American Idol contestant was the last person to ever go live on TV with a heavy accent/poor english. what did America do? THey laughed at him. For a while he was fun to listen to because his english was bad, and now hes a nobody again. I dont want to see that happen to the wondergirls. I’d rather people like them because of their music rather than their funny broken english. Also you are marketing to America which is mostly white people who dont study Korean as a second language,
    I really doubt white people will attend concerts of languages they cant understand unless its like opera but thats for most old folk.

    Flo-Rida’s song or lil waynes song are all catchy because they are played in clubs on radios on english settings. Those songs also have good beats for people to get down and dirty on the dance floor. Tell me is not going to appear on any radio hip hop stations or clubs because it’s not English. You cant exactly dance to tell me or anything of the sort unless you are actually doing the dance. And based on the American-style of club-dancing, Tell Me/So-Hot/Nobody
    isn’t really going to do it.

    also, current American pop culture is all about selling sex, booze, drugs, weed, pimps, money. I really dont think anyone here wants to see the WG start singing that. That’s the only way they can make it really, if they adjust their style to American-pop. but then they wouldn’t be wondergirls would they? Even if they have American exposure, it really isn’t enough. Majority of the non-Asian people i talk to dont have an idea what or who the Wg’s are. And artists are bound to have fanbases everywhere, but in America WG’s isnt big enough to do anything. Besides, entering the market would only put them up against The PussyCat Dolls, and Danity Kane. And JYP is no P-Diddy.

    Wondergirls as much as I like them, I dont think they can make it big. They should just dominate Asia as they are currently doing. Their concept of somewhat of a candy-pop is similar of something like the Spice-Girls. And they died ages ago in America.

  3. yah i agree with SunMi&Ye EunFan…
    rain wasn’t a HUGE star. and he pretty much blew his chances… the whole hawaii concert incident >< i don’t even know the straight facts but i know the korean club at my school and all my korean friends were pissed.

    i think wg’s can make it here too. esp when they have had exposure to american crowds before. hell, if they can get people from around the world in different countries hooked on the tell me dance, imagine what they can do now with what they have…

    they have the potential
    im so excited for them!
    too bad i can’t go to their concert probably.
    it’s never here. never ever.

  4. Let’s get one thing straight from reading a few of the last comments:

    1. Rain(Bi) is not a LEGENDARY asian superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!,He is famous in Asia,and probably has a small,but somewhat big fanbase in America or what not,but he is definitely not a legend,again for his fan,he probably is in S.Korea,but anywhere else,he is a a very famous superstar in his own country.

    2.Boa’s single is pretty good marking it by American music standards. Also,There is NO American version or Korean version,there is only an American version,I mean when you go on her official website,the trailers are just name trailer A,and trailer B,not American trailer and Korean version trailer! Some idiot on youtube just marked his videos like that on saying different from the other.

    3.I do think Wonder Girls can make it here,and I’m being realistic. I mean think about it,if you really are American,and have been listening to the songs released this year,all the song takes is to be catchy,the lyrics don’t even matter,listen to low by Flo rida(God I hate that song so much,but it’s catchy)the lyrics are about dancing with a girl on the dancefloor,and talks about her clothes,I mean WTH! so I seriously think they could have not that big of a chance but a chance at making it,although I do expect a lot of more racist comments.

    WONDERGIRLS <33333333333

  6. Wow! A concert in the US as well. People in the US are lucky~! I wish I could go, lol.
    And 2 free posters! I want them too! Lol

  7. When I decided to listen A-pop instead of western-pop, it was because I like their music, their voices, their words, that’s to say, their language.
    If WG must to sing in english to get into USA, I think they will not raise anything of interest, because they will be taken as one more of the rest. Pity 😦

  8. well, i think they have the ability to rock it..they are WONDER GIRLS, remember??? if they can shook Korea when with Tell Me, So Hot & Nobody, what cant they do?? they already had a fanbase there..all they need to do is to build up more. i have faith in you girls..WOnder Girls jjang!!! Wonder Girls fighting!! and tanx for sharing the news,.. XD

  9. they wont make it big in America. That’s just a fact

    not even the legendary (Bi) Rain has made it big yet and he’s been trying to for a few years now :/

    if Rain hasn’t made it big in America yet, no Korean star(s) will.
    But at least Rain dance-battled Stephen Colbert. That’s a start =]

  10. As much as I love WG, I don’t think their music would go that great with the US industry.

    But hey they might prove me wrong!
    and Then I’d be uber fangirling

    But .. Still Korean market and US is too different

  11. I love them, and really wish that they could go far in many more other country… But as in for now, they have been really losing out in the M Count Down in mnet, a Korean website. This might affect their song; Nobody to be the top songs of the year. Sian*

  12. ouch!

    what happened to all those chinese lessons? i guess jyp thought Wg might do better than the other three he kept locked up somewhere….

  13. i totally agree with you sharon
    if they came rocking that look they had for summer tbj
    americans would love them!

  14. I think they can make it. Ye Eun and Yoo Bin speak English and the others will have to improve. I think Yoo Bin can be especially popular in the U.S

  15. “The joy of living in Korea. Overseas Wonderfuls can only watch in envy”
    Coolsmurffff….. you don’t have to say it. We know it already hahaha…

  16. @ SHARON….

    You hit the nail right on the head!!!

    JYP is not going to jump into an all out full blown promotion. Make a few appearances in the US, get their music out and see how the public reacts to WG. From the concerts that they have done here in the USA during the year, things look promising.

    In the music industry, there are those who listen to your music and those who don’t listen to your music. You can’t please everyone.

    If you are a fan of the Wonder Girls, continue to show your love and support no matter where they perform.

    Those who are fans of the Wonder Girls but don’t favor them performing in the American music market, I only respect those who make valid points about how tough it is in here in the USA to make it. They could be an international sensation or they make not make it at all. We won’t know unless they try. But no matter what, they are TREASURES OF KOREA so please continue to treat them as such.


  17. Two words: I’m there!
    I’m not gonna miss this concert for the world!
    Gosh, only about a week after seeing them perform at the festival, a news come out that they’re coming back!
    This is the best effing news ever!
    Time to save up and wait to purchase front row ticket!
    woo hoo, im mad psyched!

  18. besides they dont have much singing ability it will be hard for them to be recognized…

    (im not a hater im a fan i promise!)

  19. Lina said it a bit …like racist but my opinion is a bit the same
    I dont like when Asian stars debut in America
    its good chance for them of course but they did already so well in all of the world without debut in america..
    and most stars become …bad after that debut there
    I dont like BoA anymore and Se7en also.. they were better before they went to Japan and America lol
    their Music is so special cause its Korean Music but they try to do more “America-Style” music when they wanna debut there and then its english music /text… kinda become normal like Pussycat Dolls or Danity Kane… boring :/

    but when Wonder Girls want to do then I think its the best -they are happy about it and I dont think they will become bad musicians after that debut in US (hopefully)

    now I think if I should go one month later to Korea to join the Concert there…when I will miss that I guess my life will be sad LOL

    I am REALLY Happy they do the first concert in Korea ,not in US : 3

  20. o.o
    i just read everyones comments…
    wow alot of ppl are bias…
    i’m also surprised to see ppl from korea bias…

    i really do hope the girls make a impacted in america, BUT
    i know its not gonna be easy, im kinda scared america will rip them to pieces T~T
    i just hope they get good publicity, and its great they are learning english x3
    yes yes english is key~

    lmao one more thing!
    i hope they come to hawaii haha
    i mean hawaii is apart of america too~
    we are the 50th star on the US flag x3
    so WG! come to hawaii lol!

  21. isnt 106 & Park on BET?
    that would be wierd cuz BET is for black entertainment television
    haha x]
    if they debut in america i will buy every cd of them to show my support i hope u guyss can show ur suports too <333

  22. i love wg and i feel very bad for thinking this but…what if the americans don’t like their music? their style? the fact that they’re asian? not sexy enough??

  23. OMG!! I will definitely support the girls if they decide to break into the American market. And guys, yes America is racist but so is Korea, Germany, etc. Anywhere that you can find people you’ll find racism. Period. Anywho, good luck to the girls. I wish them the best of luck 🙂

  24. I’m very scared for them but I’m sure the girls will pull through after all it wont happen unless their concert(do they mean tour US)??? pull through right? Either way I’ll support the girls and I know many others will too. ^___^
    Does that mean JYP will be opening ‘Wonderful’ fanclub to international fans?? haha hopefully fingers crossed.

    And I love the two posters inside the mini-album can’t wait to get mine.


  25. wow what are you saying tiffany80? are you being rascist? what does the suicide rate in korea have to do with the wonder girls going to the US? Anyways I hope that the WGs do well in America~

  26. I really want them to do well. JYP knows what he is doing and we’re just fans and he’s an experienced producer. So I’m sure he knows when’s the right time to expose the girls to America properly.

    WONDER GIRLS HWAITING! 🙂 Can’t wait! 😀

  27. Man there are some ignorant kids posting here. Didn’t Korea just beat Japan for the country with the highest suicide rate?

    I am worried. I am worried for them and for Boa. The economy here now is horrible. That is a big factor that will play into their success. There won’t be money to spend on them if there is no money to spend. The House didn’t pass that 700 billion plan and everything seems to be getting worse. Yes they mention coming next year, but the problems here won’t disappear overnight.

  28. I am Korean-American and i think it is great that they are coming to the states to have a concert!
    I will definitely buy tickets. 🙂

    Go Wonder Girls! Hwaiting! 😀

    ALSO, I don’t know why people are being so racist & judgmental.
    I live in America and not everyone is fat here, I’m not fat and most of my friends aren’t either.

    overweight people are people too nothing less and the reason why i am sticking up for overweight people is because my uncle is overweight and struggling with it but it doesn’t make him less of a person it just makes him stronger.

    BTW there is overweight people everywhere not just in America.

    Wow, people can be so Naive & Sterotypical.

  29. Hey, just putting in my two cents again…when JYP said he wanted the Wonder Girls to debut, I think he just meant holding concerts in the U.S., not going on MTV and the whole shebang. I don’t think he would just put the girls into the market in that kind of a direct way. I know he said “debut” but somehow I really doubt JYP would be that impulsive, although I agree that the reception they got at Korean Harvest Festival etc. was awesome.

    Also, I don’t think Wonder Girls’ Tell Me or Nobody would do that well here, but So Hot might have been really popular if the lyrics were as witty in English (the translation is great! but it doesn’t rhyme and isn’t the same cadence as the Korean)…and for people who say that it basically copied Pink and stuff, I disagree. I think that the concepts are similar but Stupid Girls is more overt and just…Pink’s style while So Hot actually puts Wonder Girls in the persona; also, the joke is a little more subtle but still very funny.

    And they’re certainly new! They’re beautiful and foreign and So Hot was very catchy (somehow I don’t think the repetitive beat in Tell Me and Nobody would appeal to people outside Kpop, although I love the songs and the weirdness and the music videos) and definitely could’ve caught on here. The only impediment would be creating new songs that are like that and getting rid of their accents. Because in America, I really do think we’re into diversity and exotic-looking people like Shakira and Leona Lewis…it’s just that we want them to have sexy accents instead of stilted ones, and even though Asian languages are some of the hardest languages to learn in the world, Asian-inflected accents just don’t sound too great.

    Also, unfortunately when Asian artists debut here they often immerse themselves way too much into the American style (Boa, Min kind of)–and although it’s great that they want to be American and hip-hop and stuff, conformity always looks bad, and it just looks kind of weird. If Wonder Girls could come in wearing their TBJ Summer Shoot shirts and those Korean street clothes–bright, colorful, fobbyish, sophisticated at times–I think America would be fascinated. A girl with style is just a girl with style, and the Wonder Girls definitely have it, and having it does not mean exchanging their uniqueness and their country’s pop-urban culture (pretty unique) for a Southpole bomber jacket and a cut-off top or even a three-thousand dollar Leona Lewis-esque gown.

    I am a proud American and I listen to Wonder Girls and hip-hop and new age and really any music that makes me feel something. A lot of people are committed to genres but I honestly think that the majority are open. This doesn’t mean that Wonder Girls can make it here (because of various impediments as listed before) but seriously, the dude who keeps insulting kpop and saying it copied everyone else, I honestly don’t think the repeated chorus and dramatic lyrics and kind of unoriginal beat in Damaged and like….Tattoo can even hold a candle to reverse-beat music like Mirotic or the mixing in Haru Haru or So Hot or One by Epik High. Admittedly there’s some real stupid stuff in kpop that is totally derivative and unoriginal but that stuff is just great.

  30. @ MARI….

    As much as I pray the girls don’t get “eaten alive”, you pretty much hit the mark.

    I’m sure the Wonder Girls would rather accept trying and not succeeding in the American music market instead of being contuinuing in Asia and thinking to themselves “WHAT IF” and never trying to conquer an industry that has big risks but big rewards.

    As far as I know, no one can predict the future. Maybe the Wonder Girls won’t be successful, maybe they will be a major sensation that has been a long time coming.


    Yes the Wonder Girls aren’t Danity Kane or the PussyCat Dolls.


    Each group has its own style which makes us fans or anti’s. If all the groups were one in the same it would be a pretty boring don’t cha think?

    My point is…give these 5 girls a chance. I live here in the US and I listened to TELL ME just one time and I was hooked and I know there are a whole lot of Wonderfuls here in the US who would love for WG to be successful in the American music market.

    Only time will tell….


  31. As much as I love the Wonder Girls, I don’t know. I just don’t know if they can do it without changing what made us really enjoy them and their music in the first place.





  33. holy snots
    i get to see wonder girls again ?!?!!
    and this time at an actual wonder girls concert ?!
    I’m so pumped!!!!!!

  34. There have been lots of US one-hit-wonders that continued to have hits in other markets. Could the Wonder Girls bring about a “Korean Invasion” in American Pop? It’s pretty far-fetched, but if nothing else, they might act as a non-gangsta non-smutty influence. If the US music industry realized there’s money to be made from it, then they’d go there, but they would first try to make them fit what they already know.

    Racism and prejudice against the unfamiliar are universal human traits, whether it be on Perez Hilton or here. Which just goes to show how silly racism is – we all have the same faults. Any time you say “group X are all like this”, you’re just showing your own prejudices and ignorance about group X.

    PS: I’m an American. I don’t own a gun, I haven’t been in a fight since that one time in second grade, I try to eat healthy, and I jog three times a week. 🙂

  35. So what Lina is trying to say is…

    she only wants the Wonder Girls to be in the Asian music market. She doesn’t want to girls to really succeed outside of Asia and be a worldwide sensation.

    I think that’s being selfish. I have to admit, the American music market is a very tough one to be successful in but a lot of artists, but in and out of the USA still make an effort to try and make it here. Yes it will be a tough road but as fans we gotta show WG the love and support we always have whether they are in promoting in Korea, China, the United States or anywhere else in the world. Also, a lot of the Wonder Girls’ influences have come from the US like Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and The PussyCat Dolls.

    With JYP USA laying down a foundation for promotion for them and JYP’s connections with US artists, I think they will do very well.

    But like I said, it’s up to us Wonderfuls to continue the love and support we have given them so let’s keep it up!!


  36. ….
    You guys really want to keep WG in Korea forever?
    Get real. Of course they want bigger adventures expectations and goals.
    And they’ve already tested out America in Cali and NY and obviously got a big good response from it which is why they’re taking the next step.
    If it’s what they want to do then let them do it geez.
    And be happy for them.
    and everyone should just ignore Lina, her comments are stereotypical, racial, and sometimes contradictory so just leave her to whatever she wants to say.
    I have to say I’m not a big fan of Perez but I LOVE that he posted not one but TWO topics of the WG.

    thanks for the updates coolsmurf.

  37. ^ Who are you comment 35?
    Sure, some of your statements hold very true, but it’s like your trying to rub it in or something.
    Don’t come to a forum where fans are here to read and your going to bash a group, and yet, all of Kpop.
    Your expecting drama/arguments, and that’s just low. Gay-er boy bands? Korea and America have different values and morals. Learn the cultural differences, it wouldn’t kill you. Yes, Plagiarism is a big problem, but why compare their singers to some of the biggest names out there. You’re being ridiculous. The Korean Music Industry isn’t that big, so you comparing Korean singers to American Legends is over-exaggeration, a tad bit. Of course everyone is aware where certain genres of music began.. so what if there’s Kpop, Jpop, Cpop, etc. What’s your point? Music is music, it doesn’t belong to anyone.. it’s a freedom of expression and creativity. Kill everyone for making R&B, Hip-hop, the Japanese diving into the Reggae scene.. just kill them all for liking what they do and showing it.

    If your angry at the fact that a particular person was bashing American’s.. then whatever, don’t go overboard. She was crude, your just stooping to her level.

    I’m sure America will eat them alive, but then again I think that they’d pretty much be appealing to the Korean-American’s and Wonderfuls in America. I don’t think the response would be that great. And JYP seems like he’s rushing into things. I say he should give them a whole lot more time to develop, prepare for the US and etc.

    And @ whomever commented on BoA’s American Debut.. I agree 100%.. Take a look at the Korean version and the American one.. It’s just really.. I don’t know. Why couldn’t they use the Korean Version? I’m sure I’d just be one hell of a video when watched in North America.

    Sigh.. wow, sorry for ranting so much.. things get too carried away and out of proportion when people just don’t want to teach themselves and appreciate others and their cultural differences/musical tastes.

  38. Whaaaat?
    No, no, please, no
    i don’t think that’s a good idea…

    anywayss, the first poster is amazing!
    the yoobin pic in the first row is the best pic for me
    i wish it was in high quality TT____TT

  39. i agree with this guy, kpop is basically a less talented version of American pop sorry to say…
    and they do tend to copy them..

    but i still love wonder girls and they are still amazing

    but i dont want them to be corrupted in America and be humiliated

  40. I’m not trying to sound like a bad fan here or anything, but debuting in America is an over ambitious step for the girls. Seriously. They will get eaten alive. I’m just thinking realistically here. I mean it’s great that JYP thinks they’re capable, but that’s just crazy. I love the girls, but having them come to America will probably ruin things for me.

    For example: Have you seen BoA’s American debut song? Um…my thoughts exactly. Please spare the girls that sort of thing. Hey, I’m a fan of BoA, too, but seriously, America is just a whole different ballgame. America is a place where over sexualize crap is king. Then there’s the occasional piece of catchy crap *cough*SouljaBoy* that comes outta nowhere and takes America by storm. Honestly, I don’t think America will be ready for a “Tell Me” or a “So Hot” or even a “Nobody.” I know JYP is a pretty good producer and all, but this is just overambitious and I’m afraid I won’t like them very much should they debut here.

    On another note: CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY ALBUM!!! AND I SURE AS HELL CAN’T WAIT FOR MARCH 2009!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

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  42. I agree with what both camps are saying in terms of entrance into the American market. On one hand, I would be so proud of the girls for breaking into world’s biggest music scene. However, I don’t think there would be much of lasting interest beyond the Asian American crowd here, which consists of only 3-4%, give or take of the total U.S. population. I’ve always been into Kpop since I could remember and the one thing that I’ve always come to appreciate was that it was kept “clean” with themes of love, heartbreak, etc. Yeah, it might be cheesy, but one thing I definitely detest is all the gangster rap hip-hop, hyper-sexualized, violent themes that are so rampant in contemporary American pop music/pop culture. JYP is a genius and is one of my personal heroes, but I also think he’s quite the businessman when running his company. He knows that his girls will sell, and only time will tell how he’ll use this to his advantage. All I know is, if the WGs go the way of Britney Spears a la VH1 Behind the music, I’ll just die of heartbreak!

  43. I’m nervous for them, honestly. It won’t be an easy task, and they’d have to go so much shit (judgement, for one) but I guess it’s just normal for artists to experience all this. Hwaiting, girls, we Wonderfuls will be cheering for you 😀

    And on the other hand, I’m getting those posters~ ;D

  44. I love the MiSo couple’s pictures in the bottom right corner of the first poster.

    And yes, I, as an overseas WonderFul, can only see this in envy!

    I’m not sure about the America thing. I’m afraid that the American market will corrupt them. Seriously, the American market’s not that amazing. -.- Why do they think so many non-Koreans are in love with KPop? Everything here in America sounds the same.

    I mean, I guess it’d be great for them as they will be like super famous in America, but they will have to end up changing their style and music all the same because Americans are not really into the whole poppy music and just that WG flavor. I mean, yeah, there’s definitely a small market here that they can tap into, but the way I see it, it’s going to be the preteen crowd. Like… let’s say, Disney.

    Whatever they do, I hope they achieve success though! I can’t wait ’til their concert here! I hope I am able to go. =[

  45. as much as I love them, their not gonna make it. Even if they do, they won’t appeal to the general public. America is all about sex ppl.

    I just dont want them to be another teenie booper on Disney.


    i do not want them to become like the pussy cat dolls and get drunk and get laid and act like a slutty white girl

    besides they will get hurt over here because people won’t be so welcoming to them

    stay in korea pleaseeeeeeeee they will be more successful

  47. omg! a concert in the states!! i wonder where its going to be!! i really love the girls and i have confidence that their going to be fine breaking into the american industry.

    haha i’m so excited for next year!!
    aww, i’m in envy with the posters! haha thats okay though.

    Wonder Girls Fighting!
    Wonderfuls Fighting! 😀

  48. Why wouldn’t Wonder Girls want to debut in America,it would be better for them,America is the number 1 selling music market in the WORLD! I mean I would think it would be better for them to just break into the Japanese market,seeing how it is the second,but the whole reason why most asian artists break into the american music industry is because once your known there,you are pretty much known everywhere,not to mention you sell twice as many cds sold anywhere.

  49. yay! I’m happy they’re coming ^^

    and why yesasia?? why can’t you fold in a little poster paper for me? gah great posters!

  50. that concert will probably be for overseas koreans and wonder girls fans…i don’t think they are ready to oficially debut in the states yet. to do that they need at least a handful of english songs…unless their next album will have those. hmm….

  51. i agree with Steele!

    @Mari: wt?? trl…no more….why???

    OMG im sooo excited for this concert (in NY plz in NY)!! i wish them the best and hopefully their debut in america will be wonderful! 🙂

    the posters are <33333

  52. LET IT BE NYC!!!

    I can totally see them in America !!!

    girls, just make a really catchy english song with an amazing beat and you girls are set to go. Seriously, thats all it takes,
    you already have perez’s backing and the amount of promotion and buzz youre getting without actively seeking it is really something i have yet to see with any other asian/korean group!

    Yoobin is gonna be huge in America, people are going to be wowed by the sexy cool korean rapper just because you dont see rappers in groups here and shes asian none the less lmao

  53. WG will do fab when the time comes, and lol WG on 106 & Park. That’d be awesome xD I’d look forward to something like that.
    Oh, those posters are puuurdy. ❤
    Lucky lucky~

  54. no worries here, they will rock it!
    if Jyp thinks they are ready, then i think their success in amercia is imminent… can’t wait to see them on 106 & Park and TRL! they will bring the house down!

  55. is that the album that’s selling in korea? or pre-ordered by korean wonderfuls? cause i’ll be going to korea in like early december…was wondering if i could buy it there…would wonder girls still be in korea by then? man. im so excited! :DD

  56. I hope all the best for the girls, it’s not an easy thing to just break out into the American market. Even musicians from here sometimes become one hit wonders and you never hear from them again. It’s hard. But I know with their style and charisma their popularity will increase.

  57. 2 free posters!? omg i really hope yesasia will have them too!

    i wish the girls goodluck! i hope that they will have a concert here at LA! keke. see you next year! ^^

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