Wonder Girls Nobody Comeback Stage @ Inkigayo 080928

Not really liking the wigs and outfits. Pales in comparison to the last 2 outfits in my own opinion. Now if only they had stick to their original hair in the interview when they performed. The outfits reminded me of “Tell Me”. This marks the end of their comeback stages this weekend. Hope you enjoyed it like me!

Nobody Comeback Stage @ Inkigayo
Maybe it just wasn’t possible to top Music Core. While the performance level and energy was there and possibly the best among the 3, the mics were disappointing and they just seem to do better with the original version of “Nobody” than the Rainstone remix version. Why is that?

Trying this thing for fun.


99 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody Comeback Stage @ Inkigayo 080928

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  2. It’s strange, but I do like this outfits at live, more than the MC and MB ones xD hahaha… I did hate thouse wigs when I saw weeks ago, but at this live, I think they are really cool ^^ I fell they look more “retro” doing this way ^^

  3. I think the whole “Dreamgirls” like stage performance that I always thought they were going for was lost here because of the outfits. The flashy, sparkling ones are better suited for this, I think.

    I really liked the Music Core perf. Yoo bin got an extra rap! Yay.

  4. I feel like the camera doesn’t focus on Yoo bin enough. And she only gets a small part in the song. It may just be my love for Yoo bin talking though. 😛

  5. this outfits is cuter than in Music core and Music bank ^^ but i still like the way they prepare the song, devide the lines in music core ^^

  6. Music Core was probably the best of the three, but I voted for Inkigayo because Ye Eun got a wink in and Sun Mi had the giggles during the interview.

    After carefully studying HQ videos of the three perfs (obsessive? me?), I noticed that only Ye Eun and Yoo Bin were wearing monitor earphones on Music Bank, but on Music Core, So Hee was also wearing dual phones and Sun Ye one (couldn’t tell on Sun Mi). The wigs hid everything on Inkigayo.

  7. Best performance, but I agree with the mics. Also, I prefer the glamorous dresses from the first two performances, so the Music Core, in my opinion, mixed the best from the first performance and third performance. Also, I like the set up for the Rainstone Remix in Music Core alot more than when they walk to the big “W”. I just find it awkward when SoHee and Sun Mi squat down on the ground sexily. I feel wrong. X|

  8. =)! they did good but same here I like the original more then this version but honestly girls did a very GOOD job >.<! <33

  9. ohmiee…the girls are loooking relly pretty!

    especially sun-ye …..<3 the extensions!!!!!

    @ just me …umm…I think something was wrong with her mike…it was kinda soft..she wasn’t off key though!
    (I think…)

  10. thank you very much coolsmuf!

    i really loved the comeback weekend!
    yeah, the energy was there in inki but music core was the best.

    never the less, our girls looked great in all outfits!!
    cant wait for future performances!!
    love them!

  11. i think this was a good perfomance, sunmi is smiling which makes me hapy again… they are getting better vocally… but i just liked the comeback on music core better… never mind…

  12. they FINALLY get hands free mics… -_-”
    tell me and so hot dances with mics -_-”
    must’ve been hard…
    this is so much easier and funn 😀

  13. Amazing! didnt like the 1st performance, but the 2nd one, it seem like the girls were comfortable in what they were wearing. over all, the performances was great!.

    music bank: 6/10 = love 1st performance
    music core: 8/10 = love both
    inkigayo: 7/10 = love 2nd performance

    not bad. keep it up wonder girls. you can do it!
    anticipating to watch next weeks.

    wonder girls fighting!

  14. I love the clothes, but I think it is not for this song. This is Retro clothes and the song is like the 60s. This cute but I think it is not for this song. They saw the discouraged .. I do not know that ..
    I love the song.. ^^

  15. my favorite performance was music core.
    i wished yoobin got to rap in the rainstorm
    remix one. i didnt rreally hated the outfist and
    the wigs lol. it looked unique and different.

  16. I’ve been lurking around here for a while and thought it’s about time I leave a comment.

    I really liked this performance. I loved their hair during the interview but was not too fond of the wigs. Just makes me think of the Yoo bin wigs from before which i hated with a passion.

    But anyway, GO WG!! I LOVE YOU!! YOU ROCK!!

  17. So they wore similar outfits as the part in the MV when they were on the TV screen. Hmm, not feeling the outfits or the wigs xD

    UGH! NO CUBICLES?! Seriously, that’s what MADE the rainstone remix for me for Music Core. Music Core had the best vibe going on for me.

    And I won’t have any hopes for Mnet =P They always disappoint me.

  18. i luv the outfits they had on for inkigayo!! the ballad ver. was better on Music Core though hahha but I really enjoyed this performance…the energy!! Still dont kno which i liked better..this peformance or on Music Core

    awesome job WG!!! <33333333

  19. surprisingly i liked inkigayo the best! even though the singing wasnt like music core the feel was amazing. they’re charisma was at its max. PLUS SUNMI SMILES AT INKIGAYO PERF.!!!! i was so happy when i saw her relax. also the outfits and wigs made it more funky and fun. =)

  20. ooh no!
    the weird-wigs’ curse is back!
    this time it’s got all of them!
    NOOO! T-T

    I kinda liked the performance, but still prefer the Music Core one :~

  21. i think its their best perf yet…
    i mean so hee is singing i can hear her now ^^v

    i like their outfits also..
    though the audience isn’t as loud as the other perf….

  22. DBSK’s performance wasn’t all that great either, for a comeback atleast, the best perf. I guess if I had to pick was by Hyori.

    She always seems to have the crowd singing along with her.

  23. Well, I voted music bank, because both performances were equal. The rest were either lacking on one or sometimes. But I’d have to admit, Music Core was better singing, also since they had the yoobin rap in the ballad version, I liked all of it, but I like the dance more. And on Inkigayo, I actually liked the dresses.. more than the 50’s ones actually.. but the singing lacked like nobody’s business.. it was as if they were lazy :/

  24. music core was def the best so far, i was kinda disappointed because i was hopinthey would do reallygood here and beat dbsk! but they seem to be a lil flat and the music was too soft, should have been a bit louder, and the crowd was def not as good as the other 2 perfs. even the set wasn’t as elaborate…

  25. wonder girls are on perezhilton.com again…so hot video…”our latest obsession”…isnt this like awesome???!!!!!…lee hyo ri u go girl is also on perezhilton.com

  26. another dazzling perf by wonder girls!!
    but i have to agree with you…the wigs gotta go>>>
    in the inki interview they were wearing the outfits without the wigs and they looked soooo much better!

    i voted for music core.

    thanks for the links!

    i LOVE the gif of Sohee you put up!!

  27. i like music core’s overall stage and presentation best…actually i rather like their outfits at inkigayo, in fact better than the pink and red dresses…haha. when will the promotions last till?

  28. I think the stage set was the best with Music Bank. but I think performance-wise they did the cleanest job here.

  29. OMG! I love Inkigayo’s Nobody performance. Love the original version outfits ^^
    Their performance are like getting better each day!
    WG Hwaiting~!

  30. i loveddddd it. they seem way more comfortable and confident in the routines. energy level was definitely at its highest out of these past 3 perfs. sohee seemed to have stronger vocals in the 2nd half. i did like the red dresses, but i think these work as well. i think ppl are missing the upfront sexiness from the fringe, color, and skin! 😉 i still think they looked cute in the leggings and oufits. c’mon, they’re the wonder girls…they would look cute/sexy wrapped in black trash bags!

  31. damn ppl you guys in the links are quick.
    My friends were watching it live “streaming” my stupid computer wouldn’t work so i missed out.
    but i heard they wore the mushroom wigs this time.
    OH well i should watch it first before judging
    but since I’m bias these days with WGs I’m gonna say it was hot..lol

    at least we know JYP has money to change their outfits 😀

  32. i still prefer their perf at music core but that doesnt mean they did bad. They were good at inkigayo too but i just prefer music core. I like their outfits/expressions/wigs in inkigayo though lol im so weird. They look lively though…more so than the previous perfs. but the mics in inkigayo sucks! and yoobin didnt get to rap in the rainstone remix! arghhh i miss the cubicles too lol

  33. lol cass doesn’t have a say as to what Hyori or WG wears, esp. Hyori, get real LOL she pwns DBSK and she can wear whatever she wants.

    They looked nice though keke, I liked the retro outfits better with the pony tails though, like what they had in the interview. ^^

    The mushroom styles didn’t look half bad in the perf. keke they sounded good though but the mic volume was weird, it was too low.

  34. lol turning dbsk on much? xD
    to julie:
    just donwload tv ants~, type sbs for it nd then like click on knn sbs, but it’ll take awhile to load 😀

  35. lee hyori won…
    I heard that WG wore these outfits because of DBSK! apparently some cass didn’t want the WG and lee hyori to be wearing sexy outfits…lol how pathetic

  36. where are you watching these shows on?!
    i havent seen family outing ever since they started to take out sbs stuff on youtube ><

  37. sobs*… yoobin didn’t even get to rap in the rainstorm remix!!! T_T their retro outfits today was pretty cute. i think sohee looks best with the Um Jung Hwa hairdo. Overall, it’s an okay performance for me.
    Yesterday’s music core was by all means their best! *-*

    off topic, but DBSK’s ‘love in the ice’ perf gave me the shivers..that song must have strained their vocals. x_X;;

  38. i definitely agree that the outfits, wigs and stage pales in comparison to the previous two comebacks. i hope they wear the red dresses again.

  39. i hope i get too see it soon!! i’m very excited!!! how was it?? i need details… when is it going to broadcast on youtube?

  40. nice perf!
    i like their wigs and outfits they look cute^^
    btw i think yesterday’s perf was better=$
    but today’s also good;)

  41. WOAH… DBSK comeback and there’s pants ripping and metal bar falling… What a sight…
    Can’t wait for WG inkigayo performance ^^

  42. I’m liking their outfit! I’ve been wanting to see them dance with the mushroom hair and all!

    I love this performance! So Hee improved tremendously!

    Wonder Girls

  43. I didn’t really like their outfits… it was like, REALLY unattractive. They should stick to the 50’s dresses; those looked much better.

    Nonetheless, awesome performance. ^_^

  44. wow that was such an excellent perf!!! even better than yesterday (if possible lol) they were really awesome, confident and charismatic!! they’re really the best!

  45. O__o a metal bar fell off, pants ripped, ect?

    wtf? LOL

    Um wow, that’s like a sign there……for bad luck, but I can’t wait to see mirotic keke.

    I wonder when WG will perform >.< maybe last again.

  46. Reason for Inkigayo’s delay,
    DBSK, who is preparing for a comeback after a year and seven months of hiatus, has experienced an accident of a member’s pants ripping during the pre-recording of Inkigayo.

    DBSK will be making the comeback on the 28th, on SBS’s Inkigayo. They will be performing a total of three songs; title song, “Mirotic”, as well as “Hey!” and “Love in the Ice”.

    However, around 2 PM today, the team’s leader U-know Yunho had ripped his pants around the thigh area, due to the intense dance moves for HEY, resulting in the half of the recording. It took around 20 minutes to fix the outfit.

    After the pre-recording, Yunho met with a journalist, and laughed, “I guess our songs going to be a great hit! Although my pants ripped; I’m glad we could finish the performance successfully!” He also added, “I think my pants ripped because I wanted to try very hard; this indicates we’ll be a hit! We’ll show all our efforts in the future as well.”

    Not only that, while singing Love in the Ice; a metal bar almost fell off, almost causing a dangerous incident.

  47. And you should use KNN SBS. That’s what I’m using right now and I can see quite clearly. Also, you should close other windows.

  48. BTW I’m assuming you aren’t going to post the perf. since it’s on SBS >.<;; or was SBS only being an ass about the WGM videos?

  49. thats gay.
    thank you for the notice though!! 🙂
    btw, how do you know all this stufF?
    do you live in korea? or.. you know someone that works in the company?

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