Wonder Girls Nobody Comeback Stage @ Music Core 080927

After a less than perfect comeback yesterday on Music Bank as they themselves put it, the Wonder Girls gave a noticeably better performance and I can safely say an excellent performance overall today on Music Core.

It was back to the drawing board as they reworked the whole routine. They did away with the intro song with a longer version of the “Nobody” rainstone remix. They held their voices pretty well here with not much weakness. Yoo Bin even managed to get her rap in. Then a cool transition into the original version of “Nobody” where they sported the fake wigs as seen in the MV and cute girly pink outfits, sharp contrast to the bright red of yesterday.

Nobody (Ballad ver.)

Nobody (Original ver.)

They nailed the performance today really. Won’t be disappointed.


89 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody Comeback Stage @ Music Core 080927

  1. i love their dresses this time compared to what they were wearing in the music bank perf:) yoobin’s rap.. perfect!:) thanx for uploading this!!!:)

  2. did you notice that the crowd always screams for sunmi and sohee and yoobin but not sunye and yeeun!!!!!!!!

    i would scream for sunye and yeeun and yoobin

    not sohee

  3. i got to say im so proud of sohee. shes improving, like for real. and that can make all the antis shut up….anyways, this performance was like the best of the best. im so proud of the our ladies:)

  4. thousand times better!

    JYP may get some fix after Music Bank perf.

    Ye eun is still the best, her voice is perfect and no more out of breath ^^

    Mi-So are also better!

    Yoo Bin has more line, thanks god ^O^

  5. AHHHH!!!!!!! definitely another hit!!!!!!!
    they look so amazing their so gorgeous
    and the performance ~ it’s was FLAWLESS
    definitely NOT disappointed =) โค

  6. i seriously jumped up and down and screamed
    when i saw that he featured the wonder girls again
    they are the FIRST AND ONLY ASIAN GROUP to make it
    on perez hilton or any american famous blog site
    they are smashing the door for asians!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i seriously hope those korean reporters retract that
    article they wrote about how it was a shame that
    wonder girls was featured, because they put korea
    on the map again and exposed kpop to america

    im so proud of the wonder girls ! i really am

  7. i guess its great to be in perez hilton website.
    i was reading a famous magazine and saw perez hilton website on it!
    thats great!

  8. now, people are actually saying that perez is getting paid for getting wonder girls publicity…talk about jealousy!!! and i think he’s becoming a kpop lover since every1 is recommending him to other kpop artist, lee hyori, big bang, younha, dbsk, suju and manay more… hope he does likes the wonder girls and every one in America enjoys their songs too…

  9. This performance was better than Music Banks!!! it was amazing!

    and did u guys hear So hee….did u did u!!! aahahhaha I lUv THat girl! ^^

  10. they were awesome! i hated their wigs in the MV but they actually looked really gorgeous in music core!!!

    off topic but just wanted to say that the girls are featured in perez hilton blog! AGAIN!!!!! ahah perez hilton is such a wonderful lol SO HOT is his latest obsession^^


    oh and he made an article about lee hyori too! hehe thank to wonder girls perez hilton became a K-pop lover! that’s cool

  11. Wow! I am recently getting into Wonder Girls. I’m glad they are new to the music stream so now I can keep up a recent fan based info log in my head and not have tons to catch up on. They are awesome! They’re all gorgeous and swimming in talent. I love their new single and both of those 2 performances were awesome. I loved their letter chairs and want one for my room x)! I also love this blog; very organized w/ lots of entertainment.

    Alright, now that I put my 2 cents in I’ll press submit. If there’s anyone who’d like to e-mail me just to chat about them or give me info or whatever, please do! I check it regularly. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Thanks! โค

  12. Music Core perfs were amazing for sure! Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with their Music Bank comeback b/c it didn’t have the charisma that is so WG. But that changed with their recent perf. I hope that they continue this trend. Good job WG!

  13. The girls felt as if they stuck out on the first perfromance…


    Again there’s nothing I can say that has already been said. Wonder Girls owned the stage like only they can.

    Again this is only the 2nd time they have performed this live and it’s unbelievable. I can’t wait to see what’s to come when promotions really go into overdrive.


  14. I was trying to decide on whether I would just keep my comment to myself since I already commented in the beginning.
    But I can’t do it!
    Everyone sounded flawless!
    And I’m so happy that people are starting to see that Sohee CAN sing. She just had to work on it some.
    DEFINATELY the best comeback.
    Now I hope they get some rest cause they totally and completely deserve it and I also hope that they have more self satisfaction than last time cause these perfs were just really amazing.

  15. I liked the ballad version to be honest. Sounded good and Yoobin’s rap was great…not to mention they look a lot better without those ridiculous outfits in the regular version.

  16. @ Mari – it’s gonna be a huge collection of outfits neh? One for the remix, one for the actual song. But oh baby, they look supa flyyy XD

    THIS PERFORMANCE DID NOT DISAPPOINT! ^__^ I hope they’ll be less harsh on themselves.

  17. i love sun mi and so hee
    though they look too young for the concept but glad to see that finally so hee get the song that match her voice range

  18. This is indeed the best comeback they’ve ever had. Vocals were hit right on notes, choreography was splendid and I love how they were able to put Yoo Bin’s rap in for the Rainstone remix version. Two thumbs up to them.
    Nobody but the Wonder Girls! b^^d

  19. finally got to see without the weird sounds on livestreaming last night … indeed this is better than music bank although i enjoyed their performance there but the pink outfits tonight are soo girly and classy totally befitting of wondergirls … same here there are times when i thought they were lipsynching but i was looking at them closely they r definitely singing live …. im so proud of sohee she has come a long way and this is how i like it (kinda like the irony days) … every single one of them are gorgeous =)

  20. Someone should start making a collection of the outfits for “Nobody” because we all know they’ll go through so many. XD

  21. @Mari, I agree. I think the “breathy” style doesn’t do their voices justice, but it’s sexy/cute and sexy/cute sells. Likewise for So Hee.

    And I *totally* agree on letting the girls rest. I was amazed that they attempted Music Bank just a day after a ~12 hour time zone change and 14-hour flight. My body takes two days to adjust to changing time zones just within the US. They did two twelve-hour and at least one 4-hour time change in a little over a week. That’s gotta sting, even for our mighty WonderGirls. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. this is awesome!! SOO PERFECT! xD
    seriously..you can see the expressions on their faces wen theyre singing the ballad version..esp. Sunye she looks so serious and “into” the song >< so pretty too !
    I like it wen theyre in their long hair wig they look soooo PRETTYY!!! omgosh ..im not even joking i was like WOW!~! theyre so prettyy. lolz anyways..the perf today was REALLY REALLY GREAT!! so much better than ytd no mistake at all.. i thnk xD well i cant see any mistake soo.. yeah =)
    Support WG!! <333
    i hope Sunye and Yoobin will rated their perf today higher..at least like a 80-100%! cuz they did really good! GOODLUCK GIRLS!!

  23. I love this music core performance compared to music bank’s.
    They don’t look that tense and nervous ^^
    Good job girls!
    Thanks for the streaming video ^^

  24. ii wanted to cry when i fell asleep. and missed the live streaming.

    but the girls were awesome! they were much much better!
    and the pink look much better on them! its awesome!
    sooo hott!
    WG fighting!

  25. i think our little wonders, grow! XD
    sunmi look like her baby fats are gone hehe.. ^^

    omg.. my faviote, SUNYE, sexy+hot+voice+emotion+charismatic=sunyethewonder~

  26. they were amazing. so much improved.
    so much improved that i even questioned if they lipsynced. which is a compliment. omg…i love wonder girls!! yeah, sohee is getting better, i hope the haters eat it. ๐Ÿ˜› all the girls looked gorgeous today & @music core ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is why I love the Wonder Girls, you never know when they’ll surprise you. I’m so so happy that they are using their singing voices instead of the freaking “breathing” technique he makes them use so often. *Of course there’s still a bit in this song but not so much <3*

    So hee, about damn time. I know she had a voice when she used to sing in Irony and when she sang parts of JYP’s song. What the heck happened after? I’m glad she’s back to normal and will stay like that.

    Sun Ye seemed much much happier this time around, and her intro was just amazing. I though they were playing the track at first. XD

    Ye Eun, will remain my favorite forever. And this song proves it even more. Heck this entire mini album does. But did you notice how much more girlish she sound in the “Rainstone” remix…weird. lol

    Sun Mi, why the long face? We all love her husky voice and corkiness. Maybe she’s been very depressed lately.

    Yoo Bin, don’t care what anyone says, I love her deep voice, Love her dark skin, and I actually like when she gains weight. So blah to the haters.

  28. this performance was almost perfect ( theres always room 4 improvement). this is definitely live rite?!…Wonder Girls sounded AMAHZING!… the ballad version of nobody is sexier thn the original one…but both version is good…im very proud of WONDER GIRLS!

  29. okay just got done watching the original one…and they were better than yesterday…they i’m so proud of them i feel like crying lol….and ye eun didn’t messed up when she hit that high note either….and the wigs are actually cute…all of them did a good job can’t wait for the next perf ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. I’m so happy!!! they improved so much!!! i loved the performance and the costumes!!! its so much better than yesterday’s comeback on music bank!!! i was smiling as i watched it… i’m really glad that they have improved their vocals, but i think sunmi needs to work on her facial expression… other than that, it was fabulous!!! can’t wait for tomorrow, hope it gets better cuz dbsk will be there… i’m too excited i can’t sleep!!! WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!

  31. oh my god…i just got done watching the balled version and i have to say it was so much better than yesterday….and yoobin….she done made me hecka happy when i heard her rap…she killed it i was like HEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol ๐Ÿ˜€ now i just have to watch the original one…

  32. Today was so much better than yesterday this performance was great. Not one of them over sang which is what they have a tendency to do and then it only kills the song.

  33. AHHHH!! now THIS is what i’m talking about!!
    WOW! i really got the chills this time!!
    as expected their 2nd perf was better than the first.

    since it was music core, the WonderFuls were super loud
    and Yoobin got to do the longer version of the rap! yay!
    Yeeun…she really shines in this ‘nobody’ concept!!

    thanks for the link!!

    >>>NOBODY but the Wonder Girls>>>

  34. Better than yesterday !!!!!!

    I love the ballad one !! Yubin rocks with her rap !!!
    And I love Yeeun’s hair krkrkr

    The original one finally we can hear the fans clearly ๐Ÿ˜€

    I can’t wait to dl the performance !

  35. i love this perf. than music bank
    THEY ROCK !!!!!!!!
    i give 9/10 ^^
    SUNYE !!!! i really love her in ballad ver. SO EMOTION SO CHARISMATIC SO PRETTY <33333 and her long hair is back hehehe love love ^^

  36. they did awesome!! and the wig is not bad at all..i actually love cos the girls manage to pull it off somehow..and the perf today was 100/100!!!hope that’s what the WG feel too..and Yoobin’s rap in the rainstone remix is love!!WG fighting!

  37. OMG, I used to love Yoo Bin, but I think I am starting to love Ye eun now as well. She has improved a lot. All of the Wondergirls have. I love how Ye eun says shi-reu~~~

  38. oooh i just read on youtube that one of them was out of sync’d ahaha someone else noticed too!

    omg but i cant get over how sohee sounded, ESP during the ballad version… i’m so in love with the ballad version, i dont care what anyone says, but this IS their best song. NOT tell me, NOT so hot. This one shows their charisma, vocals, AND dance, what more can we ask for?!?!?! :)~!!! *cheers*!

  39. i love sunye in this wig like the one in the MV and for some reason Sunmi looks like audrey hepburn to me hehehe, a very gorgeous prima donna..all the girls are

  40. Music Core’s performance was really good also.
    Sohee was so awesome!! She has really improved! ๐Ÿ˜€
    And I think Yeeun hit her high notes better than yesterday.

    I like how they were in their own little room for the ballad version.
    And Yoobin got to do her rap! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Music Core’s performance was better ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. wow it was really much better den ytd, dey sound so confident! sohee did amazing, all the other members also pulled it off. i would rate it 9/10.

  42. WOW! they did extremely better here,I’m so proud of them,they are one of the best girl bands out there right now,well personally for me the best actually.Everyone did good and looked alive if you know what I mean

  43. love them so much! so proud of them! XD sunmi and sohee improved alot in the musicbank perf.

    cant wait to see this one

  44. They blew me away yesterday with their vocals, but today was a whole different level. I LOVE IT. i literally was so happy specially during the ballad which Sun Ye definitely rocked. Yoobins rap was to die for, absolutely amazing! Ye Eun as usual nailed EVERYTHING, Sun Mi improved so much from yesterday and Sohee i am speechless. Great Performance.

  45. agreed, not a disappointment at all!
    they looked more composed and i prefer today’s stage compared to music bank’s.
    yoobin rapped in the ballad version!!!
    i think every one of the girls did great today!

    the wigs made an appearance! can’t wait for inkigayo =)

  46. omo its was sooo perfect that sometimes I thought they were lip synching. but its a good thing if its not the case. Sohee improved so much :’]

  47. this perf was nothing but completely flawless and perfect.
    i’m so proud of the girls. they proved that they are worthy of the best female group title!! sohee singing is absolutely great and sunye had the charisma yeeun killed and worked her vocals. Sunmi was absolutely great and beautiful. Yoobin yay for her raps. i love her voice.

    i’m so happy now. can’t wait for inkigayo

  48. um that was BEYOND AMAZING!!
    that all segment was amazing! i loved everything about it
    seriously, once again, never seen anything hotter
    and i love the vocals there, soooo sultryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    i really love the ballad version

    SOHEE WAS AMAZING!! SERIOUSLY, EVERYTIME IT WAS HERE TURN I WAS LIKE BOUNCING LMAO, Sun Ye charisma is back in full force and she really shined tonight, Ye Eun is hotter than ever and that girl always delivers! Sun Mi was amazing too but she needs to fix her facial expression a lil, the steps were fixedddddddd and the camera angles were great!!

  49. ^and i also liked their black outfits today better today than yesterday, sohee and yoobin’s outfit looks smoking hot @@~! not thatmuch of a fan of the pink, but def better than the red… i hope they wear silver or gold :)!

  50. They lip synched during the chorus of the dance version and sung along with the chorus of the ballad o.O they always play back the chorus though.

    But if you compare Sohee’s sound during the ballad with the track on the CD theres no lip synching during the verses.

  51. it’s out its out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maQ-70SKjKM

    omg its was sooo awesome! i thought yesterday their vocals were awesome too but the remix had some odd moments when -_- their voices got cut off and its so obvious its just the tape playing in the background during the chorus

    it was just love love love today sohee is sooo awesome โค this is the first time i LOVE her singing โค and ye eun nailed her vocals as usual, sunmi sunye and yoobing were awesome too!

    the only thing i have to say is that they seemed like they lipsync’d some parts, not sure if its just that video or what… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    And I have to give sohee props, she sounded perfect.
    they all sounded perfect actually, I would of have thought they were lipsynching if SunYe didn’t add extra “ohhh” in the remix lmao.

    But damn they sounded amazing ๐Ÿ˜€
    I hope sunye is proud of herself ^^

  53. OMG it is DEFINITELY better! YooBin’s rap in the ballad one is LOVE too. YeEun’s vocal was so good today. Overall, this was a much better performace than yesterday in my opinion! Cant wait to get my hands on the HQ download

  54. Whoops. I accidently pressed enter.
    Uhh. I actually haven’t seen it yet so I can’t really say much about the perf but I’m taking your word for it!
    And the review that Sunye and Yoobin gave themselves really seemed like they would put their all today and make it maybe 80 from 100 instead of the 30 from 100 that they thought it was yesterday.
    I’m glad they’re finally coming back! but I’m also a sad that they didn’t really get to rest.
    So I hope they get TONS of rest now to reenergize and then come back feeling refreshed for their next performance.

    thanks coolsmurf.

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