Sun Ye and Yoo Bin Rates Their Nobody Music Bank Comeback Performance

While most people saw the Wonder Girls comeback performance as a success, the Wonder Girls expressed dissatisfaction. On the 26th, the Wonder Girls had their comeback performance on KBS “Music Bank”. After their performance, they went to their dressing room to reflect on their performance.

Leader Sun Ye expressed, “I felt like a load has been taken off my shoulders but I still feel dissatisfied somewhat.” Sun Ye said that when “Nobody” was released, she was overwhelmed at how well-received it was by the fans that it gave her the confidence to perform on stage today. Sun Ye expressed her thanks and said, “When I heard the supportive cheers from our fans in the audience today, my tense shoulders were instantly relieved.”

Sun Ye added, “All the members were nervous because they really want to give it their all. The performance was not that of a bad performance that we can’t evaluate ourselves. We prepared a lot but it was not easy to show it all at once.” With a bright smile, Sun Ye said, “We are not going to be hasty, we are determined to show how Wonder Girls have steadily improved.”

Yoo Bin on the other hand rediscovered the joy she feels as a singer.

She said, “I was somewhat nervous when I went on stage, but then I heard the fans and their loud cheers and I was so happy. In that moment, I realized how lucky I was to be given a good song and to even be standing on stage.”

Yoo Bin went on to explain the ‘Nobody’ concept, “With ‘Nobody’ that has a 60-70s retro concept, we wanted to get the concept perfectly right. Our costumes and hair was not the only point we focused on. We also thought about the stage direction because we wanted to show a more mature performance.”

Both rated their comeback as 30 points out of 100. “We worked hard. We were greedy and wanted to show a lot of things, so we can only give 30 points for our performance. Please look forward to our future performances.”

credit: + wonderkid (translation)


42 thoughts on “Sun Ye and Yoo Bin Rates Their Nobody Music Bank Comeback Performance

  1. Wow, it’s good to read about their self-rate 🙂
    That implies that they are serious at this ^^ I can’t rate them yet… well, I give them 75/100 ^_^ Y really watched effort in the ballad version live ^^

  2. both perfs were great ^_^
    dunno whats up with the too harsh rating lol
    both leader min&binnie have sky high expectations

    YOOBIN <333

    p/s is anyone still clickin for the naver voting thingy? i just saw it 😀

  3. Ah wah~
    They’re so harsh on themselves..
    Lighen up~ It wasn’t even bad at all~
    I’d give them a 55-60 out of 100..
    Shoot >__<
    -Insert Randomness-
    -End Randomness-
    They’ll be even more superb with later performances..
    Wonderfuls got their backs xD

  4. IMO, they did an awesome job on their comeback…it was a little off at times but still good^^

    Wonder Girls Fighting!! whoot whoot *is trying to click* lol

    i still gotta watch the music core perf

  5. well,

    as much as i love WG, i really like ‘Nobody’ much more than ‘So Hot’
    but i think they should be professional already by now, come out on stage with their best with less and less excuses

    even they give themself 30 out of 100 it means to me that they didn’t work hard enough

    they should be a professional/good entertainer, not a shaky rookie…

    keep it up, my WG

  6. Maybe its their first CB performance that’s explain their nervousness.. But it was a great performance after all ^^
    Since it was a highly anticipated group to all media so it also adds on to their burdens…
    WG Fighting~!

  7. it wasnt sunye who messed up… ye eun was a step late while stepping down…cuz you can see sun ye looking to see where ye eun is..and she is like a step after yoobin and sunye..

  8. dont worry WG! it was cool! x]
    just dont overstressed yourself and we ll all be here and support you guys no matter what.. (:

  9. well, if they didn’t feel so good about their first performance, I’m sure they’ll be working hard to make better performances in the future! good luck WG! ^_^

  10. Glad to hear that Lina lol. But yes she really did good. Love YeEun’s vocals though and YooBin’s rap in the rainstone remix was hottttt

  11. Whoa I just watched on music core keke.

    Sohee is winning my respect back, she actually sounded decent two nights in a row. =D

    The rest sounded great as usual, sunmi looked alot happier o.o; and the pink dresses were gorgeous,, ^^

  12. keke the click battle is a just game I think, since its on Naver junior, lol. XD

    Those are some smart ass little kids, they’re using auto click as always lol

  13. They did good,and it’s nice that even themselves are not so show offs to be saying they did like 100 out of 100,you know what they say it’s a good character trait,when admitting your faults.

    Go Wonder Girls,I know they will do so much better,and look so much more happy with their next performance.

  14. how to tell if sunye’s the one messing the timing when coming down the steps? cos i thought sunmi and sunye had the same timing…i was under the impression that ye eun lost the timing?

    p.s its gonna take a miracle to win dbsk…for the clicking thing. i bet they set timings for groups to click every hour or sth. dbsk’s numbers are going by hundreds by seconds and jumping by ten thousands every 1 minute…

  15. What they didn’t show in their Music Bank comeback they showed today! I think this performance was better the dance seemed less rushed and their voices sounded way better. Their modesty is touching they wanted to do so much they became greedy in trying to please fans. To me it was still a good performance. ^____^

  16. OMG!!! the girls totally ROCKED music core today!!!!! im speechless!!! yoobin gets her rap in the ballad version!!! ❤ ❤

  17. 😦
    They’re so modest. Which even though is one of the many reasons on why I love them so much, makes me sad. They deserve alot more recognition and self satisfaction than what they have now.
    I mean I get the whole they wanted success and worked hard for it and how they thought the outcome didn’t match their expectations but it DID match just about the majority of all the Wonder fans!
    No matter what we’ll be there and happy for them!
    I hope that in the future their performances will meet their own personal expectations so that we can all celebrate together with their successes.

    thanks coolsmurf

  18. 30 out of 100 is pretty harsh isn’t it? x_X;; i would have given the girls a B performance. Man, that picture of yoobin is smoking hot!!! she makes a HOT assassin. XD

  19. i’m clicking!!! hmm… i hope they will improve, so that their comeback on inkigayo and music core will be better than this… they need some rest, and i hope they don’t get stressed out… i’m always praying for their health and success… i sure they will never disappoint us in their next performance!!! wonder girls fighting!!!! and hope they get the no.1 spot!!!!

  20. i believe their future performances will be greater!

    they are so cute because of their caring about us (fans)

    everything will be okey!

    WGs go go!

  21. DAMN THEM..

    lmao them and their millions of fangirls clicking away!!

    theres no catching up at this point lol DBSK is nearing a million fastly haha -.-

    cass wins this round 😦 lol

  22. I just want them to get the rest they need. Because we all know if they don’t they will eventually crash. And JYP doesn’t seem to freaking realize that. >.>

  23. Sun Ye did look a little shaky while singing.. i think she was upset that she messed up the timing for coming down the steps


    lol okayy ^^

    I don’t see the point in sunye being hard on herself over one bad perf. shes the one who is usually on point, if not her then ye eun & sunmi, and yoobin Im not sure whats going on with her voice lately but shes been sounding as if shes not well? I dont know how to describe it, but shes starting to remind of how hyunah sounded, out of breath I guess.

    keke I cant wait to see them on inkigayo~

  25. yes agree..please don’t overworked…!! and it’s awesome how they critique themselves it shows that they care to be one of the best not just some singers.

  26. i would have rated it 50 out of 100 .there is always room for improvement and usually their comeback stages aren’t so hot for me. i know they can do better. i can’t wait to see inki today!!

    wg ❤

  27. aww.. reading YooBin’s comment make me all teary
    you should’ve seen me when i first saw their performance, i was clapping like an idiot and say “YEA~”
    I think they did an awsome job and ‘Nobody’ will be another huge hit.
    the girls just being too hasty on themselves, they did great~
    looking forward for more future performance.
    I’m exicted to see them on Music Core today

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