Wonder Girls Nobody Comeback Stage @ Music Bank 080926

The Wonder Girls made their comeback with KBS Music Bank today. And unlike “So Hot”, Wonder Girls did not make it to the top 3 for K-Chart due to stronger competition from Big Bang (2 songs) and Shinee. In an episode dominated by comeback stages from returning artistes, Wonder Girls with their high popularity was the last of them to perform and 2nd-last overall (Big Bang was last).

It was a short but grand stage somewhat. They appeared in slinky black outfits, reminding me of female assassins. They all looked so smexy and good-looking as they performed the Rainstone remix of “Nobody”. This was then followed by them singing a bit of the intro track before they launched into the original version of “Nobody”. They wore sexy red outfits which was like those you would see in the 60s, inspired by “Chicago” musical. Stage looked cramped.

Vocals-wise, but I thought they did okay with a few hiccups here and there, it was not really flawless honestly. So Hee was sometimes incredible and then average today. The chereography needs to be worked on especially the transition. But on the whole, their smexy outfits made up for it.

Wonder Girls performing Nobody with the “love bullets” dance.

This routine will be repeated on Music Core and Inkigayo this weekend.

166 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody Comeback Stage @ Music Bank 080926

  1. I love the ballad stage, but I don’t like very much the dance live,
    I was bored watching all these same outfits 😦 I liked when they wore different outfits, like in the ballad live -_-

  2. oh my did they really not make it to the top?
    thats’ BEYOND surprising but then again as big Bang’s comeback stage I think it’s right they get an award for their last ha-rah =)

  3. @Frisco – From what I’ve read, the fast version was pre-recorded. There’s a fancam on YouTube of them performing part of the fast version for the audience with long hair and the red dresses. That may have affected their performance – they always do better in front of fans.

  4. how the hell did they transit from the slow version to the fast version so fast? I mean they were wearing skintight black outfits, and there hair was even different, despite there must have been many people backstage helping each of them, but regardless a process like that would have taken about 3-5 minutes.

  5. yeah i thought i was the only one noticing how sunmi and yoobin looked sad… usually sunmi is always smiling… probly cuz their tired… i hope their next performance will be better… to be honest i thought that the first song was a bit too sexy… for sunmi and sohee… but i guess thats how some fans like it… i don’t really care as long as they are happy and don’t get bashed… ye eun didn’t really reach the high note, so i hope she reaches it in their next performance…still good though, just hope they can do even better! WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

  6. yeeun was the best

    she sang so well!!!

    so hee was better but………i still don’t like her vocals that much.

    i thought sunmi did well.

    sunye’s voice cracked here and there

  7. to be honest, i think So Hee is better than Sun Mi in the Remix part! this part is quite good, but the chereography in this part is such a kind of sick! Over- sexy and non- energy!

    in the second part, both Mi- So did better. It’s not fair for So Hee if we said that she is not improving! she did even better than Sun Mi and Sun Ye!

    Ye eun did very well, and Yoo Bin sang too little

    they were a litlle bit confused, it’s first time. next on music core will be better. Sun Ye stepped too early on downstair ^^

  8. I will have to agree, that that was not one of their better performances..

    Yes, they did seem tired out and it looked like that Sun Mi and Yoo Bin looked quite unhappy. I wonder what is bothering them??

    In my opinion, i think they have to work on their facials expressions for when they do there solo parts… Sun Mi and So Hee looked kinda did funny/weird faces on their solo parts

    Other than that, it was done quite well!


  9. I guess sunye and the others don’t think they did well, Im not surprised sunye was the one speaking up here despite being one of the three who are carrying this group..=P

    Anyways she seems sad 😦

    They are about to perform again in like an hour?
    So hopefully sunye can impress herself and everyone will sound good^^

  10. Awww

    Did you read what Sun Ye and Yoobin said about the performance, I knew they were going to feel like that. They all looked so nervous and sad for some reason.

  11. omg!! i love the way so hee sings now!!! she doesn’t use her breathy fake voice like before ^^ yay! go so hee! now that’s wat i call a singer

  12. LMFAOOO.
    Biiiitches. hahahhahahahahahhahaha
    Oh my god. That was amazing.
    Extremely late reply but I haven’t been home all day.
    They were HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT during the ballad version with their loong ponytail black outfits and then retro HOOOOT with the original nobody song in their fire hot hotness.
    Sohee sang WONDERfully!!
    And yeah they need to rest. That’s insane how they had to perform a day after coming back. If normal people jetlag forever they must be EXHAUSTED.
    Power to them they pulled off an amazing comeback.

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. sohee is better now her voice is very great good job sohee the first verson of nobody is great and the secode too!!!i like the dance when they beginning!!!i like when sohee dance she dance so clear!!!

  14. i was really impressed the sohee is actually trying these days.
    she’s coming out of her shell.
    but i think they didnt get enough practice.
    they messed up the walking down the stairs and the singing was relatively hurried.

    i’ll put the blame on JYP for taking them to the states a few days before their debut =T

    looking forward to their weekend performances

  15. u know where can i dload the HQ of this??

    anyway to me it was way better then so hot comeback, let see what they got for tomorrow performance =]

  16. To me it was their best comeback so far! Granted it wasn’t ‘Perfect’ it showed much improvement and that’s what I mainly wanted to see. I was waiting for Sohee’s part hoping that she would pull through and to tell you the truth I was blown away by her being able to reach her notes. ^______^ Overall great job there’s always room for improvement and they will succeed. I was upset they didn’t win but it’s okay soon they will.

  17. dang.!!that is so sexy.
    sohee really did great but some of them i think cracked but it’s their first live comeback.
    they’ll gonna make it<3

  18. The stairs could’ve been better definitely.

    I actually thought the sexy ballad intro was awkward. It just didn’t feel right for me. I feel like it was too sexy for WG. I’m just not used to it. That kind of sexiness is something I would connect to Jewelry. =/ It just didn’t feel right.

    But the original was good for a comeback. I didn’t expect anything perfect really. The choreo could be cleaner.

    But man, those aside, I was so happy to see WG performing again I thought I was going to cry. ToT I missed WG!! They looked gorgeous, but they also look tired…? Golly, they just started promoting this one, and they already look tired! Then again, didn’t they just get back from the US?

  19. yoobin lookked really hot in black lol.
    her and sun ye kinda look alike when
    they were performing the dance version
    of nobody. i used to always get those
    two mixed up lol. i think sohee did such
    a good job!! ❤ all of them were smhexy
    and i like those chairs lol

  20. Does anyone know what time they’re going to perform on Inkigayo?

    DBSK is performing that same night keke, there should be alot of viewers just for that show also,, I hope WG does great,, ^^

    SunMi didn’t look very happy during this comeback…she also didnt look very happy at chuseok :O

    I wonder whats wrong with her lately ._.;; maybe school is stressful keke.

  21. Ah.. at a loss for words..
    YOOBIN. FTW. Shmet.. she was HOT AS HELL.
    -calm down xD-
    Ah.. I loved the intro… All I saw was Wonder.. And I was like, “Oh, that’s pretty, but where will they come from? Kinda small for a stage”, and then the letters moved. Haha~
    I love the black outfits.. and long hair..
    It’s nice to see Sun Ye with long hair.. she’s puuuurdy. xD
    Yoobin needs to grow her hair again xD
    I agree So Hee was a bit shaky.. the transition could have been better walking down the stairs..
    Um, But the outfits suuure make up for it, like a billion times over.
    I think the ending, with the wrap arm around the Mic stand, genius.
    As for vocals.. Sun Ye, props. Ye Eun was nice, except that one point where she ran out of breath. Sun Mi did look mad at something eh? Lol.
    But overall, awesomeeeee comeback.. Too bad they didn’t win, they deserve it.
    Hope Music Core and Inkigayo are just as amazing and possibly even better with the minor adjustments, like stage accommodation perhaps.
    Ten thumbs up, if I had that many xD

  22. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!i completely agree with wad u guys are writing here……… all of u completely read my mind…..aisshhh….great mind tinks alike… 🙂

  23. i didnt like the camera angles =.=
    the rainstone part was kinda….shaky.
    but the nobody one was OH BABY. yoobin rocked her part especially.

  24. I love this performance,they did so great,I’ve been on like every site just sharing my opinion,and I was like seriously yelling my head of and doing the fan chant I was so happy to see them perform.

  25. Wonder Girls were awesome! the red outfits were just O.O seexayyy.

    whatever happened to DBSK’s comeback? i thought it was the same day?

  26. For a first time performance, I thought they they did very well. Totally smexy vibe from each one of the girls. It sucks they didn’t make top 3 but considering who thier competition was I feel they gave Big Bang and ShiNee run for thier money.

    Remember boys and girls this was only performace #1. We’ll be seeing a lot more of our girls over the next few months and things will only get better and better.


  27. Wow! i cant believe it, Sohee’s vocal is great..the music is low and i think that’s the reason why they’re so out of sync. i know they will eventually do well the next performance. hey gotta give them credits. remember they just got back from the US. Wonder Girls Hwaiting!

    Besides, i so love their outfits. especially the black ones. they look fiercely. Sohee is sexmy!

  28. even though ye eun was covered up she still looked the hottest for me, maybe because of the hair. sun ye also really matched the first outfit. ye eun looked incredible in the second perf with her hair like that. she performed so well and so did all of them. coolsmurf is a big sun ye and sohee fan lol

  29. ommona!!! i missed this because i fell asleep 😦

    sunye i didnt recognize her….but the girls look amazingly beautiful in both outfits..they sang it very well

    cant wait for the next ones
    this surely is going to be better than the previous song

    wonder girls saranghe

  30. Wow, so much skin is revealed in the remix performance. But I’m glad they covered Sunmi and Sohee. Ye Eun! Wow!

    I hope they get 1st next time!

  31. omo I think Sohee improved a lot on vocals *o*
    and it was a really really good performance, I think? (about vocals)
    the ‘slow’ version is… strange to me haha.
    (and SunMi is soooo skinny! wow)

  32. OOoo… i loved how they look during the rainstone remix! OMGah… sexxxxxxyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Dude, yeeun looks deadly with the black and the red hair goin on. I think they did an amazing job! Altho they weren’t that synch walking down the steps. I don’t know who, but it’s between sunye, yoobin, or yeeun. But overall i liked it!

  33. it wassss sooo awessome!!
    i love WG. im soo proud!
    it was worth it waking up early and losing sleep for them
    hehe thanks! ^^

  34. omg lol
    the girls did such a amazing job
    :3 yoobin did very well i must say

    the remix was uber uber sexy~ *drool*

  35. OMG the first time that we can hear So Hee not off key…

    I’m still mad Yoo Bin only got few lines because her part is really great in that perf (and I was a lil nervous concerning her english but she got it !)

    Sun Ye sounds just amazing and the same for Ye Hun too (but it’s bad she was out of breath in the middle of her bridge @ the end)

    Sun Mi looks tired and she doesn’t sound really good, especially during the chair routine… I hope she get some rest because I don’t want her to be sick like during the beginning of the “So Hot” era.

    the whole thing was really impressive… they really grew a lot since Tell Me OMG. but yeah their was some imperfection like the stairs and during the second part but come on : OVERALL IT WAS MORE THAN GOOD !!!
    GO WG !!!!

  36. I hope they get number 1 the next time!!
    Anyway, im just curious what are their position currently in music bank?

    ❤ wondergirls!

  37. i liked it (: sohee voice was good hehe yay there black outfits were stunning the than the red was fabtastic overall it was great

  38. Why improving? When they first debuted with Irony So hee actually sounded just about like this. I don’t know what happened afterwards but yeah.

    Other than that, good performance…you could see how tired they were. And I think Leader and Yoobin were a bit pissed off.

  39. ooooh first part was nice, yoo bin looks really nice long hair
    So Hee is improving! yay =]
    If this was their first performance, i cant wait till their next few ones!
    Well Done WGs!

  40. i think it’s a pretty good perf=)
    i like it. they look smexy in the first ballad song and the dance is also good^^

    Nobody is nice performance too.
    i dunno what you think about sohee… but i think she improved a lot. i think..
    yoobin looks so hotxD
    sunye & yeeun’s voice is amazing*-*
    ohh & i just love SunMi<3 she is adorable, hot and has a cute husky voice at the same time^.^

  41. so hee is amazing!!!the others tooo!!!that’s why i love wonder girls……………they did a great job!!!kamsahamida!!hahaha…..love their outfit too…..!!!-^^-…

  42. that’s right.. i don’t think they have enough rest
    they just came back from us
    it’s must be tiring for them plus they have to do it live
    anyway, they are hot and pretty, smexy too

  43. It was a good, solid first live performance – especially just a day after a 14-hour flight and time change. They’ll get even better as they get more relaxed. The headset mics may hamper their ability to sing along with each other’s parts – that’s always been a sign to me that they are enjoying themselves.

  44. i’m still happy cuz they did well!!! i wish i was there too vote for them… i’m kinda feeling useless at the moment… never mind maybe they’ll be no.1 soon… lets just hope for it!!! wonder girls and wonderfuls hwaiting!!!

  45. i just saw their perf,


    i had the chills when they first came out~all the tiny hairs in the arms rose~ haha!!

    i LOVED the perf! I LOVED the new hairstyles! their first perf of noboyd (slow version) in all black was jawdropping! they all looked so sexy! the 2nd perf was….WOW! i LOVED their red sparkly dresses!! ❤ >> WONDER GIRLS
    if they don’t win this year, the shows are all rigged

    oh, and i love Sohee’s pac man dance ^^

    i saw the HQ links up at bestsarim>> here are one of the links

    i kept drooling at the 3 unnies bare flesh (LEGS!)
    hahahah! the 2 young ones wisely had to wear pants! lolz!

  47. love their comeback … the chair dance was awesome .. very sexy … and the red outfits are hot … im glad the girls are back … sohee sounded soo good.. all of them did overall it was FIERCE….

  48. @JEWELZ
    no until now falcior is the only one who uploaded a part of their perf ! what are you guys doing? I can’t wait to watch it in HQ

  49. ahhhhhhh idk why its out of sync!! 😦
    anyone have a link thats in sync?! its so diff when its out of sync!.. gahh i cant wait to watch it!

  50. Ok, straight up. Wow, I had to comment again.

    THEY WERE SOOO HOT DURING THE REMIX! I knew I loved MoTown. Always so sensual and passionate. I loved that the magnaes were more covered up than the unnies tho ^__^

    I have a theory. The wonderfuls were just too stunned by the hotness to properly vote XD

  51. Yowza…not as good as I was expecting but not sure what exactly I was expecting to begin with lol. Good performance though. The girls looked amazing…some more so than others. Can’t wait to see their future performances! And a better version of this one because the video above was wildly out of sync…yikes.

  52. OMG! They look gorgeous! But slutty at the same time (don’t really like..) … I need some time to calm myself down now..

  53. Keke I just got a good look at ye eun when she turned to face the camera, her eye makeup was the hottest thing ever, she looked like a sexy red hair ninja LOL. XD

    Yoobin lost alot of weight it looks like o.o; she looks almost as thin as sunmi >.< but her hair looked gorgeous!! ^^

  54. HOLY CRAP!!!

    It’s a shame they didn’t win =[ Competition is pretty rough, but MY GOD O__O Those outfits XD I’m gonna die O__O

    so hot ❤


  56. WGs in red are very attractive.

    I really love this show. their show’s quite perfect and i think it’s better than SO HOT.

    Wonder Girls Fighting!!!

    hope u r NO.1 soon!

  57. their perf was awesome..pity they didnt win..but there’s a lot of time for them to catch up..WG fighting!!!and yay, all WonderDay members are there!!

  58. awesome perf!!! seriously they were SO HOT in the beginning with the chairs and in black! and in red for the non ballad version they were amazing!!!

  59. weeee watched it~~!!
    Yep wonderigrls lookng good.~
    Tho when i first heard the song i liked it a lot was more catchy to me than so hot. but aww didn’t make it there because of big bang and hyori i could understand. Vocal wise wonder girls still seems abit weak compare to other current big groups so I hope they will improve on that. otherwise their songs r just *thumbs up* performance was great streamed it live XD

  60. ah, i got to watch it finally…
    dang, their perf was awesome!!
    pity they didnt win, but there’s a lot of
    time for them to catch up..
    and today all WonderDay members are there…keekekkeee..WonderGirls fighting!!!

  61. ah, i got to watch it finally…dang, their perf was awesome!! pity they didnt win, but there’s a lot of time for them to catch up..and today all WonderDay members are there…keekekkeee..WonderGirls fighting!!!

  62. ah, i got to watch it finally…dang, their perf was awesome!! pity they didnt win, but there’s a lot of time for them to catch up..and today all WonderDay members are there…keekekkeee..WonderGirls fighting!!

  63. man…the minute i finally figured out how to work it…i missed the wonder girls lol oh well can’t wait to see it on youtube 😀

  64. that was stunning!!!!!they rocked the stage but i can’t say if their perf was good because it’s really bad quality

  65. Woooow!! Red dresses were stunning!! I think it was a great performance. The ballad part was a bit awkward for me, but overall, the whole comeback stage was amazing!

  66. The vocals weren’t the best but definitely not as bad as they been. I liked it. I think if they had more rest before-hand it would have been better. 🙂

  67. dang! it wokred and soon as it started playing WG was on already.. wooo i’m so lucky^^ i get to watch it before i go to work.. YAY! bigbang haru haru is on now..

  68. Big bang is on now keke^^

    Wonder girls did great!!! sunmi sounded amazing,, and ye eun OMGGG…T__T; AMAZING 😀

    Yoobin did better than I thought she would for some reason lmao.

  69. dang…its not working for me 😦 i’m just gonna have to wait…or else someone knows how to work it….and what do they (kbs site) mean about Social Security Number for foreigner people that don’t live in korea???…..but instead of doing that time zone converter if you have fire fox you can use an add on called FoxClocks its a good add on 🙂 here’s the link https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1117

  70. streaming it right now XD!~~~ must get HQ HQ~~!! of this performance omg so exited about it.~
    It’s like 7:30pm here XD~~ so just perfect time to watch kekeke

  71. God, i cant register..it said an error occured..and i’ve registered 5times already..guess i have to wait for YT…gah, i so envy you guys…

  72. Yay I got KBS Able to work. 😀 Now.. can I stay awake another 3 and a half hours until 5:30 AM my time when it is on? Haha.

  73. Lmfao.
    Oh man. People these days are hilarious.
    This is pretty epic.
    I hope it does get #1. They completely and totally deserve it. That would be amazing like to the fullest extent.
    I wish I could say that I’ll be staying up to watch it live but sadly I don’t think I would be able to.
    I’ve been EXHAUSTED lately and I would have to stay up until 4:30 a.m with school 4 hours after that. 😦
    My love and joy are with them though!

    thanks coolsmurf

  74. wow! i will be definitely staying up for this. so whoo cares if i have class tomorrow morning. i will stay up for this!

    i cant wait! WG fighting!

  75. dang…if i want to watch live i would have to stay awake until 2 am….and i have school tomorrow…i guess i’ll just have to watch it on youtube….

  76. i hope i get to watch it in yt before i go to school. if not, i’ll have to wait when i get back coz my school blocks youtube!

    i’m so excited! also can’t wait for the wonderbang moment!

  77. Thank god they’re keeping the other versions shorter, lord knows one member doesn’t have the stamina to perform one song well, nevermind three full songs..

    can’t wait to hear the rest =D
    I guess we wont hear yoobin’s new rap since its around the 3 minute mark.

  78. OH MY GAHH!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!! Thanks for uploading it on youtube for us all 😀 I’ll have to wait for it to go on YT and watch it after work. Wow can’t wait to see everything. Their voice, their dance, their songs, their clothes, their hair.. LIST GOES ON!!!!

  79. M’hm.. I’ll do the same, and rush back home from school.
    Luckily I have a last period spare, so I can rush to take the bus xD
    Though I start working at 5:00pm..
    I guess I’ll go fiddle with that time converter xD
    Thanks again~
    Can’t wait ^^

  80. aigoo i really cant wait. Thanks for the info once again. i guess ill b watching from your youtube channel in school haha. and then rush back home to download super high quality if there will be one. =D
    good luck to the girls!!

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