Final Revised Track Listing for Nobody Mini-album + Short Review

This is the revised track listing for the Wonder Girls Nobody mini-album that has been spotted at various online music websites and vastly different from the earlier. This is final as the entire album has been released (leaked?) online.

1. Intro – This is the same as the MV teaser.
2. Nobody – Same as the MV without JYP.
3. I tried – Didn’t like the repetitive beat in the background.
4. Saying I Love You – Easily the next best song on the mini-album.
5. Nobody (Rainstone Remix) – Ballad version with slightly different arrangement and lyrics (Yoo Bin gets a different rap part). Stands out on it’s own.

Tracks 6 – 9 are just instrumentals without vocals.

For international fans, the mini-album can be pre-ordered at, known as Wonder Girls: The Wonder Years – Trilogy with the release date set at 2nd October. Please do buy their album to show your support.

The Wonder Girls will be making their comeback via KBS Music Bank tomorrow evening. They will be performing the ballad and original dance version of “Nobody”. Routine will be repeated on Music Core and Inkigayo.


51 thoughts on “Final Revised Track Listing for Nobody Mini-album + Short Review

  1. justme:
    i totally didnt notice does sound like sunye, especially 1:58- 2:00.
    now that i listen to it, it totally sticks out.

    but then again,
    sunmi has proven on music core that she can sing those notes from :56-59.
    so this is not abt sunmi’s singing ability,
    but JYP’s skills as a producer/mixer

  2. I have to say this song and the rainstorm remix is not a bad trade off for cutting out the ballad version of nobody. Actually all the songs are great!I’m pretty sure we’ll have the complete ballad version eventually, maybe in there new album? Considering it was going to be released and was removed last minute means that song was already recorded. So don’t worry bout it!

  3. @lina
    lets just hope that is true… and lets hope JYP concentrate on his artist that he has now be4 debuting any groups… i mean, if he does debut another girl group, he would have to make sure he doesn’t forget about the wonder girls… so many groups are debuting lately…

  4. ^^ are u the person on youtube who also said that? to me it makes no sense to do that because the studio can make the voice as high or low as they want, why would they need sunye to sing for sunmi for 2 seconds.

  5. if u listen to the Rainstone remix …at :57-59 where Sun Mi goes up its not her voice its Sun Ye taking over for her for 2 seconds.. and also at 1:58- 2:00 Sun Ye takes over

  6. uhm. where is the song with junsu? wasn’t there supposed to be a song that was named something along the lines of walking at night or something?

  7. Wow. Their whole album was leaked? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ YooBin sounds so good in Saying I Love You. <333 Everyone sounds awesome x]

  8. @wondergirls4ever_94

    I heard the ‘A-chicks’ were Chinese?

    So maybe they’ll just stay in China and out of WG way >.> lol
    Thats a bit strange he’d debut a girl group now though, he still has WG to focus on and already he wants to shift his focus???

    JYP is starting to bug me, this is exactly why ALL of his artist leave once their contract is up.

  9. SunMi’s voice is so <3…I love her husky voice goshhhhhhh so unique..I’m addicted to her dorkiness/prettiness/huskiness haha

  10. Yoo Bin’s singing really improved (and I’m so glad she got more singing parts *-*)
    same for So Hee’s

    loved all the songs >.>

    I Tried souunds so cute .>

    it seems that now JYP realized that Yoo Bin can also sing
    the only songs que she does not sing are Nobody, but she still has her rapping part on both songs, so it’s okay

    Sun Mi, Sun Ye and Ye Eun did amazing as always *-*

  11. HOLY FECK!!! The rainstone remix is just AMAZING!! I’m gonna learn this one on guitar now ^__^ It’s got such a sexy, sensual sound to it. LOVEEE!!!

    Saying I Love You is beautiful โค

    I tried is nice and mellow. Yoobin’s got a lot more singing parts for this mini album.

    All in all, you can definitely feel the music of the times has affected the sound of the album. There goes JYP staying true to his retro ways ^__^ I CANT WAIT FOR MY ORDER TO COME IN!!!!

  12. A little late on commenting but better late than not right?
    That’s pretty awesome. For a mini album that’s quite a few songs which is a good thing.
    And yeah some songs didn’t come up to my expectations but nevertheless I still love them. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait for their comeback and album release!

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. I like the original nobody better. I wish the Intro was longer. I was actually anticipating that the ballad was like the intro ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m sad now…but I guess I have to take what I can get right?

    LOVE THE ALBUM btw ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. After listening to all the songs, I must say I’m a bit disappointed. I love the Wonder Years and So Hot albums a lot so I was expecting the same for this trilogy album. =\ I must say I love “Nobody” very much though =).
    Anyway, I’ll still be buying their album for sure, no doubt about that. Gotta support them!

  15. i wanna buy their album but can’t coz i’m broke… i love Saying I Love You and Nobody (rainstone remix) the most.

  16. @iloveyoobin
    theres this korean store in korean town in manhattan,nyc that has wonder girls’ so hot album. i always see it when i go there.

  17. dude, they should include yoobin’s rainstone rap into the original nobody version as well. her part was so short plus it was at the end =(

  18. The “ballad” version of “Nobody” is just the 30 second intro from the teaser. That version isn’t an actual song. However they will be performing that along with the original Nobody.

    The raintsone remix, is just a remix. So if you ever get tired of the fast paced version you have this one to listen to. XD

  19. question now is…is the rainstone remix of nobody the supposed “ballad” version? because it’s different from the preview of nobody/track01 esp the accompanying music and ye eun’s bridge/solo. if it’s not then we don’t get the “ballad” version on the album.

  20. the rainstone remix to me is so so so slow
    lol . but it sounds really good tho! i love their
    voices it sounds so soft and sweet . and i
    like yoobin’s rap. im so excited for their
    comeback! i can like never find wonder girls
    album anywhere! i went to chinatown in
    new york this summer went to like 1000
    stores and couldnt find wonder girls. but
    they have all the other korean artists.
    then like my aunt went to hong kong i told her
    to buy it for me at this really popular cd store
    forgot the name. hmv i think ? and they said
    they didnt have it so she got me big bang instead.
    :] bb and wg albums are like so hard to find lol. im
    gonna like order it online somewhere lol.

  21. i love the rainstone remix version … it sounds really relaxing from the original. Maybe JYP thought ppl might get a little bit tired of the upbeat dance beats of Nobody, so he created a remix to make it more soothing to listen. LOL.

    But yea… remix version is awesome! LOVIN IT!
    Just like less than 24 hours, they’ll do their comeback. GO WG!

  22. Saying I love you is also very very good.
    I love it, Yoobin So hee and Sun Mi singing a lot more is also a bonus point.

    Can’t wait for their comeback

  23. And SYN I doubt that is real, probably just a fan site ๐Ÿ˜€
    JYP would have that site as his top friends if it was real because he has a real Myspace with Min, jlim and g-soul~

  24. i think ye eun didn’t write this song
    idk but i notice her name is in track 8 not in track 4 that have vocal maybe in inst. track she might play piano or something
    sorry if i’m wrong – -”

    if its her song i’ll so proud of her and i hope JYP give the chance to the girls more in future
    they’re hav many talents !!!

    i like intro “nobody v.ballad” the most but its too short !!!
    other song sound not catchy much

  25. What????? NO JUNSU???

    Awww come on T.T;;

    But this is more songs which is good ^^
    I cant wait to hear the ballad version with yoobins new rap o__o;

    def. buying keke^^

  26. YAY THEY’ll be performing BOTH version. ~ Comeback tommorow~ 4:30AM for me ๐Ÿ™‚
    oh my im going to preorder this.. tommorow if i can lol. no money today.

  27. excited for the new album.. XD and they’ll be performing both ballad & dance version????
    cant wait!!!tanx for the news!

  28. oh, and what about the song titled Goodbye that features Junsu from 2Pm? i guess that’s a rumour huh?? anyway, so excited for the new album.. and they’ll be performing both ballad & dance version????cant wait!!!tanx for the news!

  29. O.O
    You sure they will be performing the ballad and original version of Nobody tomorrow evening?!
    OMG… This is so anticipating!
    I pre-ordered their album already ^^

  30. whoot! more songs lol i like the tracklist (9 songs!) i was hoping for So Hot instrumental but oh well we are getting a lot of other instrumentals~

  31. I heard Yeeun WROTE “Saying I love you” from wonderholic!!!
    I’m so happy she got to have one of her songs on the album!! i’m so excited!! can’t wait!!!

  32. yesss im buying their mini-album definitely.NO DOUBT.
    i wonder if there’ll be a poster available too?
    and thanks for the update! โค

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