So Hee’s Acting Career to Be Given a Push at 2008 PIFFF

JYP Entertainment will be represented at the 2008 Pusan Int’l Film Festival (PIFF) with Park Jin Young, Wonder Girls and former G.O.D member Park Joon Hyung which begins on 2nd October. JYP Entertainment is hoping to use the opportunity to introduce some of their members to the film industry.

A PIFF rep expressed, “JYP, So Hee and Park Joon Hyung will step out on the red carpet together and are expected to participate in a variety of events.” So Hee has dreams of becoming an actress and therefore she will be formally introduced to people in the film industry at an event called the “Star Summit Asia.” The other Wonder Girls members are expected to attend this event.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Sung received a plaque today as one of the ambassadors for the 2nd Seoul Int’l Family Film Festival (SIFFF). So Hee is the other ambassador but she couldn’t receive hers as she is currently touring the States with the Wonder Girls. But they played a pre-recorded message.

credit: wonderkid (translation)


28 thoughts on “So Hee’s Acting Career to Be Given a Push at 2008 PIFFF

  1. alvin
    Please do something about this page…
    i dont want a fight amongst wonderfuls…
    As Wonderfuls, we’re going to support WG
    in everything they do

  2. i thought “so hot” made sun ye’s voice sound as bad as sohee ‘s at times in performances. = X

    yaaa please promote a ballad for this album. = [

  3. Ah she’s going for her true dream. I’m happy for her and I’ll support anything she comes out with. I loved her acting in ‘I like it Hot’ freaking hilarious movie. Her parts were ‘WOW’ for a young girl and do something that serious takes guts.

  4. I heard that when sohee signed with JYP, she actually wanted to go into acting, not singing. but jyp thought that she would be a better singer. so on her contract, it says singer and actress.
    I think that she’ll become a pretty good actress. 🙂

  5. That’s awesome!
    I’m so glad for her.
    I agree with sunmi and yeeun fan. I would love to see her in other acting stuff since I like it hot is one of my favorite movies because of her. :DD
    She was just so cute and awkward and it portrayed real life problems so I thought that was good.
    And how do you know she originally signed an acting contract? :O

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. I’m sure she’ll do well in acting, but I hope she continues to be a Wonder Girl as well ^__^ but that’s gonna be twice the work X__X

  7., No,she originally signed a contract with JYP Entertainment for acting,but JYP thought it would be best to put her in Wonder Girls,so she would get publicity,and be known before she acts,instead of just putting her out there and being an actress nobody will know you get me?

    I hope we do see more acting of So Hee,I mean she did really well in I like it hot,I think that’s what it’s called,I mean I bet she practices a lot her warm ups cause i saw her auditioning video for the movie and she acted like it was all real,of course that’s what your suppose to do,and i support her! =)

  8. So Hee is awesome in ‘I Like it Hot’ ^^

    So it will be exciting to see her in more movies!

    (She’s really cute on the pic ^^)

  9. i’m so happy for sohee..i mean she is so passionate in acting and i’m glad JYP is giving her the opportunity to widen her acting for others, they will attend the festival too, so if they are interested i’m sure they’ll find a way, but i never really heard of the girls talking about acting in a movie except for composing their own songs and musicals.. & i hope they get to see Rain there too..its good for them to see the senior they respected..

  10. well so hee have been chosen in WG mainly because of her acting skills unlike the others. she’s the actress of the group! the others don’t seem interested by an acting career they are interested by other things they have different dreams (act in a musical, composing, MCing..)

    anyway, i hope so hee will soon act in a movie or a drama!she’s talented

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