Wonder Girls Nobody Album Photoshoot Pictures (3P)

3 hot pictures from Wonder Girls “Nobody” Album photoshoot.

Super weekend ahead as confirmation came today that the Wonder Girls will make their comeback on Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo. Stay tuned!

credit: wonderholic


50 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody Album Photoshoot Pictures (3P)

  1. @prer > Don’t worry. Sunye is the most popular after Sohee. She is always on the side maybe because the center fit the concept more than her.. Sunye still rocks anyway ! I hope Yoobin get more rap part.. šŸ˜¦

  2. why is sun-ye always on the side though?..
    is it cuz they want the others to get more attention ( cuz they dun’t usually?)
    or that she isn’t as popular?….I thought she was one of the most popular šŸ˜¦

  3. they look so gorgeous!
    and if Sohee wasn’t adorable enough I have to admit with that wig on her eyes become even larger >.<!

  4. xD SunMi’s face in the second picture looks like she needs to go poo, like JYP in the MV. she’s so pretty ā¤

  5. Sorry for the late comment!
    But yeah I agree with alot of people THEY’RE SO GORGEOUS.
    I like all of em’.
    I can’t wait till they officially come back!!
    It’s gonna be epic.
    I cannot stop listening to Nobody it’s just wayy too wonderful and addicting.

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. love the first one!!!
    sun mi is soo skinny now!!!
    ye eun is going the wrong way, but now looks like the main point (:
    but it seems like they are showing less & less of sun ye ):

    but theyre all gorgeous & the song is WONDERFUL!

  7. Lol @ comment 21.
    It looks like she does, eh?
    But Sun Mi is already very thin, and So Hee’s a little plump, haha Mandoo. So I say So Hee would have the better S-Line.
    Hawt~ xD

    Lol, I love how Ye Eun is the other way, brings attention to her.
    And I like how Yoobin’s in the middle and not on the outskirts usually. It’s different.

    My favourite picture would have to be the second one. Just because Sun Mi looks so funny & cute, and Yoobin looks so SEXY in a cool demeanor.
    ~Spazzes over Yoobin~

    Haha, anyways. Good Luck to them~ I’m anticipating it wholeheartedly. ā¤

  8. Well, even if that’s their own song it doesn’t mean they should show their faces all the time. Just like their This Time MV.
    anyways, i so love wondergirls forever<3

  9. Sun Ye seems to like to pose tilting her head up, lol

    the girls look amazing!!! ahhh, can’t wait for their comeback <3333


    The girls look fab in the pictures, their definitely rocking the wigs.

    I think JYP’s part in the MV was funny, he was poking fun at himself so it was fine. Its not like he was showing off, i mean come on the guy was doing a shit!

  11. Ahhh, lovely pictures! But they all look so skinny, like on the CD cover picture. I hope our girls get some rest before their big “comeback”.

  12. i like the first pic. but why did yeeun have to turn the other way? it would be nice if it was all the same way. love it. thanks.

  13. all of them look SO RIDICULOUSLY HOT!
    but ye eun’s expressions are killer.
    & somehow sohee seems to have a better s-line than even SUNYE in the first picture O_O

  14. The song’s great and I’m glad to hear they’re gonna be doing some live performances soon! Can’t wait! I just hope they don’t wear those outfits/wigs. They don’t look that appealing in my opinion. I’m much more inclined to watch them when they’re in all their sexiness (i.e. normal). šŸ˜‰

  15. Ye Eun, you’re losing too much weight =/ People said she was like a stick at the festival.

    Either way, they all look nice in the photos. At first I was like “Why is she in the other direction” but then I guess they are trying to making Yoobin the middle focus so the two inner girls face in her direction. But it still looks awkward.

    Oh well, more attention on Ye Eun. ā¤

  16. i feel sad when seeing WG standing behind like “nobody”..
    first thoughts is feel like slapping jyp away from the mv…lol

  17. ermm but this time jyp is too much i think…
    jyp should just stick on his successful producer post than trying so hard to get the limelight through the front stage..

    the only thing i respect about him is he produced wonder girls!!XOXO

  18. wait. why is Ye Eun in the opposite direction?

    they look SOO HOOOT!!!

    and Sun Mi looks mad tall in the second picture…. but i like the second pic the best too.

  19. haha, seriously, jyp never fail to include a piece of him in the girls’ videos/songs. šŸ˜

    anyway, the girls look fab! i love, very very much. and random, but i got my friends hooked on “so hot” and then today when i showed them “nobody” mv they kept singing to it throughout the whole day. so addictive! i love how half my school knows (and are in love with) the girls, haha.

  20. same here!!! while i was watching the mv i was thinking why is jyp including himself? he’s already pretty famous, how much more famous does he want to be?!?!?

  21. firstly,i love wonder girls and nobody song..
    but then,
    i doesn’t really feel well with the mv..
    it is too emphasizing on park jin young!!
    the whole mv i can see the clear face of jyp lots of times compared to WG…
    it’s rather difficult for me to see their faces actually…
    and it’s like jyp’s mv…
    all the focus is on him..do you all feel so?
    althought WG’s time is much more than his but it still give me the feeling jyp is stealing WG’s show..
    jyp is just trying very hard to push himself on top of the cover through his artists like rain and WG when he couldn’t sell himself to the market…
    it’s like using WG’s fame to publicize himself…
    shame on you jyp!!

  22. FIRST PIC IS AWESOME ā¤ It’s like “YAY COLOR!”

    ahah Plus, it’s the “Nobody” pose!

    last one looks like the one “So Hot” dance with different outfits XD

  23. WOW!! i love the 1st pic!! i must say, i think Yeeun fits this concept the most.
    >>WONDER WEEKEND! yay!

    as always, thanks for the updates!!

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