Minwoo feat. Yoo Bin – Honey + Assorted Wonder Girls News

Shinhwa member, Minwoo or more popular known as M has released his 4th album “M Rizing” after a long hiatus of a year and three months from his previous. And surprise surprise, Wonder Girls member Kim Yoo Bin is once again featured rapping on one of his tracks off his album, track no.9 titled Honey. Not to be mistaken for JYP’s Honey. It’s alright since it’s not his title track.

Yoo Bin’s Rap Lyrics

Yea Uh C’mon it’s the wonder girl 유 빈 on the M-I-C
That’s right with PlayDog on the Beat uh
And you know who it is Let’s go M Rizing

That’s right (that’s right) alright (alright)
From side to side to the left & right
That’s right (that’s right) alright (alright)
Fom side to side left & right it’s time
I see you looking at me & I’m looking at you & I ain’t going
Nowhere so wutcha gon do
Just move (move) just (move) now break it down for verse 2

Ayo M Yea I can see that
You’ve been looking for a girl like 유빈
내게 첫 눈에 반한 느낌
그러나 쉽게 생각하면 big mistake boy
네 맘을 보여줘 I don’t want no playboy
You can’t-tell me I’m so hot
But 아무렇지 않아
‘Cuz I hear that a lot 날 원하는 거니? 날 사랑할 거니?
Then you gotta do it right if you wanna be my honey

I like the spunk that Yoo Bin offers with her rapping. This is Yoo Bin’s third collaboration following Andy’s Irrelevant Imagination and Kim Bum Soo’s Do You Know That?. Almost like Big Bang’s T.O.P, acting as a freelancer (?).

Assorted Wonder Girls News:
• Currently #1 or almost there on major music charts with “Nobody”

• The Wonder Girls was mentioned by American celebrity website Perez Hilton.com for their recent “Nobody” MV and how much they loved it. But the comments by visitors are somewhat derogatory. Just ignore that.

• Wonder Girls comeback stage on “Music Bank” and “Inkigayo “this week. Will they get #1 on “Music Bank” immediately on their comeback just like “So Hot”? DBSK comeback stage is on Inkigayo, should be interesting since “Wonder Girls” also making an appearance. No mention of “Music Core” comeback yet.

• Korean blogger jstarclub has made reference to my Wonder Girls Wonderland blog because he/she was interested in the news and comments made by overseas Wonderfuls with regards to the Wonder Girls comeback with “Honey” and “So Hot” topping the charts in Thailand & Vietnam. Not only did he/she translate the article but also some of your comments. So those of you who got your comments translated, how do you feel? Article #1 | #2

credit: Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com + wonderkid


58 thoughts on “Minwoo feat. Yoo Bin – Honey + Assorted Wonder Girls News

  1. LUV DIS SONG!! along with Do You Know That?…i think she made those lyrics up…AWESOME!! GOO YOOBINNIE!!!

  2. aww wee!??! ayo !? yo0 bin unnie ish great?! her rap ish thee d0pest!? i l0ve her best in WG?! she is terrific!? heard thee song i liked it. its kute and h0t h0t 😀

  3. Yo Lina.
    Since this is the net, there’s really no guarantee that all of the people commenting on perez’s site are americans. Also it’s been my experience that you shouldn’t make assumptions about particular cultures/races, etc. based off of comments on the web. People tend to be much ruder and more unkind here than they would anywhere else.

  4. Yoobin sounds great in the song. I like her English. It is good that Wonder Girls aren’t just getting recognition as a group but as individuals too. Yoobin, Ye Eun and Sun Ye have all featured in other songs while So Hee has acted in a movie. Hopefully Sun Mi will get her chance soon.

  5. i think the people in perezhilton.com ( Americans) are very racists. they are just generally racists to asian. very few exceptions though. i love WG.

  6. OMG!!! I hate how people are being so racist and mean on Perez’s Hilton’s website. People have said that Koreans are the meaniest people they’ve met. well that’s not true, I know many koreans and they are nice people. Someone said that” oh why is the title in English shouldnt it be in Korean?’ so what now, because they used some english words its not meant to be directed to koreans? some people can be mean to other cultures music. I mean, im Indian and I love korean music and I don’t care what people say about that. There nothing wrong about liking other cultures stufff. So to all those people being mean on PerezHilton..”UGH!!!!”(cant spell my reaction sorry)

  7. i just went to check out perez’s site and wow, i saw the racist comments coming from the whiteys that think they the best but wat shocked me the most was the 2-3 comments from KOREANS, me being chinese and following so much korean idols, watchn so much shows etc is honestly now embarassed to open a korean related thing in school now just cus wat ive read, and heard from friends….

    “for those that said ‘koreans are racist,’ it’s true in some cases. but it’s only because we know we’re the best. sorry. ”

    like honestly, can anyone here thats korean tell me how u feel about other asian cultures? cus the quote i just posted is just the tip of the iceberg the rest r just so disgusting its sad, and one person ( korean ) even posted singular ataks to japanese and chinese ppl ( trying to make an example to explain korean racism )

  8. i have never been so PROUD with any celebrities in this world. But those comments on perezhilton are so racist.
    Korean aren’t racist.

    WG jjang<3

  9. Yoobin sounds awesome, the track is really good i like the song.

    I ‘m supprised theirs a korean blogger trnslating our comments, i always though it was us translating Korean Comments into English, i feel a bit closer with the Korean Wonderfuls.

    I hope they get number one on their comeback! that would just be amazing. i know they can do it.

  10. haizzz… don’t care about the comments on perez’ site! they are own opinions of many people, maybe they like WGs, maybe not, it’s normal.

    just think about perez’ uploading our WGs! that’s so surprising , so proud, right?


  11. ooOH! i wanted to hear this soo bad!! thanks~
    i love it! did yoobin write her rap on this one too? she’s fierce.

    i’m not a big fan of perezhilton BUT i love his taste in music. he helped launch the careers of M.I.A, Amy Winehouse, and etc. so this is HUGE exposure for the girls! i’m happy for them. and proud

    i think it’s awesome how the korean blogger is ref your blog and our comments… i feel like your becoming famous ^^

  12. Yet another awesome collaboration featuring Yoo Bin! 😀 With much super collaborations, Lee Minwoo’s new album is a stunner and something to look forward to listening to!

  13. coolsmurf, the girls will be on musiccore too. just checked their schedule so yup, three straight days of comeback

  14. yoobin is amazing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she never fails baby

    love that perez, the biggest celebrity blogger in america, who receives more than a million hits a day posted and LOVED the wonder girls!!!!!!!! dont worry about the negative comments, most of his comments are negative, what matters is that wonder girls are now getting sooooo much exposure on the site!!! =] wonder girls has mad potential to make it in america i swear… im not lying, the american execs are not lying, russell simmons is not lying, virgin media is not lying, perez hilton is not lyingggggg

  15. yeah min and bin together:)

    my comment got translated but it wasn’t correctly translated… but still, its all cool.

    nobody nobody but wonder girls:)

  16. @Eebabo

    Yoobin lived in California (San Jose) for a couple of years. She went to my school for a while ^^ Her English is pretty decent

  17. WOw.. yoobin is singing in English a lot these days huh?
    i think her English is improving quite a bit.. she must have been practicing a lot. 🙂 Yoobin fighting!!

    can’t wait for the WG comeback!!! Inkigayo should be really interesting!!! *_* one of the biggest boy band and biggest girl band will make their comeback!!! ❤ i look forward to that!!! Anyone think there’ll be a special stage with both of them in the future? i wonder what that would look like?

    thanks for all the updates, coolsmurf! ❤

  18. hey they’re number 4 on the most emailed articles on perez’ blog! Despite the harsh comments, PEOPLE ARE SPREADING THE WONDER LOVE!!

  19. The comments on Perez.. I think it was expected. They really don’t understand.. -shrugs-.
    Anyways, congrats on who got their comments translated. Let Korean readers take a look at our WG crazy minds xD
    Yoobin’s voice in that rap.. aahhh, soooo smooth.. the beat and everything.
    Lol, I’ve always loved Minwoo, (but Andy more :D), funky tune~ Haha.
    Yeah, go Yoobin, let your career sky-rocket <3.
    Yoobin is love. WG is love. Fighting~!

    Oh yeah, before I forget, those Stages had better be superb, I’ve been waiting since August for September to wrap up and for the comebacks to commence..
    I can’t even envision what their stage will look like, costumes and etc. Time will tell <3.

  20. alvin! can you feel the love?!
    hehe i can. it penetrates through to all Wonderful

    i really wish we can make it to number 1 again for their comeback at inkigayo. im keeping my fingers crossed
    and i will vote if i have too!

  21. This song is on repeat right now lol I love Yoobin’s voice in this song so much <333

    Minwoo’s music is always awesome ❤

  22. I want nobody nobody but you!

    song won’t leave my head!!

    It was awesome seeing them on Perezhilton.com

    but yeah……. NEVER read any of the comments. The people that comment on there tend to be like that.

    wonder girls jjang!

  23. i love yoobin’s rap in M’s honey song…sounds refreshing. Yes, I’m biased 😉

    Wonder Girls are getting recognized more and more and that’s so so so greatttt!! Topping charts and all, woo hoo.

    I’m so addicted to Nobody it’s not even funny lol. I have watched the MV like crazy and walking around campus listening to Nobody. Watching MV before class starts lol. Obsessed much? I would say hell yea!

    I can’t wait for their comeback stage >_< Really looking forward to it. I wanna see their outfit, dances, and how the stage will be set up for the girls. Oh, and not to forget, how they will showoff their vocals!!

    Thanks for keeping all of us updated!

  24. Thanks for posting!
    Minwoo is love!! Yoobin is love!!!
    Minwoo never dissappoints with his music and Yoobin is so sassy too! I’m so happy that Yoobin gets to do so many guest appearances on songs!!

  25. been going around looking to hear yoobin’s featuring in minwoo’s song, phew, thanks so much for posting it!!!
    binnie sounds GREAT btw! go binnie =)

    congrats on your blog!

  26. BINNIE BOO!!!
    keep working it!!! people want you cuz you got the goods!!
    It would be nice to have Miso feature on someone else’s song, all the unnie have already done it .. 😛

    I would go nuts if the girls won on Mubank! making history once again!

  27. LOL Mine too Kathy xDDD
    He/she didn’t use the same excited and loving tone but it’s alright xD.
    Really good translations too!
    But anyway, collaborations are HOOOTT!
    and I cannot WAIT to see Inkigayo with WG and DBSK..
    DBSK had to move back their albums official release since they had wayyy too many preordered albums.
    I heard its record worthy. like over 30000 just in preorderings.
    But grats to WG we all know they deserve it. 😀

    and thanks coolsmurf
    All that you do is always so much appreciated.

  28. WOW! I friggin love the beat for this song. Funky ❤

    MINWOO ❤ My man!!! I’m definitely getting his new album.

    This is honestly a match-made in music heaven.

    I wonder if Yoobin took part in making her rap for this song =] Her rap is really smooth in this song.

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