Battle Begins as Wonder Girls takes on DBSK

After battling it out with Big Bang (group and Tae Yang) over the last year or so, the Wonder Girls have moved on to their next challenge, DBSK.

The Wonder Girls achieved online success with their fourth project title song “Nobody” yesterday. The 60-70s retro-looking video and poster-like poses, the Wonder Girls have again sent a hot frenzy with their new song’s release.

After just one day of release, the response to the new song was so good on online sites that it climbed to number one almost at once. This is their third hit song after their past popular releases “Tell Me” and “So Hot”.

This hit-song machine maker Wonder Girls are predicted to have a “bloody” battle with the returning DBSK. DBSK have also released their fourth album “Mirotic” with much success. At Seoul’s ShiCheongAp Plaza this past Sunday, DBSK held a comeback performance for 20,000 fans after a 19 month hiatus. Their title song “JuMun-Mirotic” are also ranked highly on the charts.

The two ‘best female’ and ‘best male’ idol groups are approaching the moment of challenge – and everyone is eagerly awaiting that moment.

Already, the Wonder Girls have rivals in male idol group Big Bang in which they have met in direct challenge before with the Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” and Big Bang’s “Lies”. Both groups ascended to their thrones with those two hit songs, and the score was tied at 1:1. “So Hot” was also released at the same time of Big Bang member TaeYang’s solo debut. Many fans gathered to watch the battles between the two with Wonder Girls sweeping #1 in most cases.

Although Big Bang was a big obstacle to the Wonder Girls, they were able to confirm their status as one of the best female idol groups.

Now it is time for the girls to face the idol kings DBSK. Can the Wonder Girls after their battle with Big Bang take on the undefeated DBSK? Fans and viewers alike are watching with keen eyes for the results of this challenge.

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168 thoughts on “Battle Begins as Wonder Girls takes on DBSK

  1. No one seems to realize that it really depends on your taste in music. If you’re more into catchy tunes, then obviously you’d think Nobody is a “better” song/album than Mirotic. Honestly though, if you look at it directly, WG’s vocals are nothing compared to DBSK’s. If you go through all of DBSK’s songs in their new album and listen to each one carefully, you pick up all these subtle details that enhance the song in each members’ unique way. Just throwing in a couple of vocalizations here and there like WG does is not proof of talent. DBSK’s harmonies and vocals are unrivaled in the K-Pop industry. I’m not saying this for each of the individual members, but as a whole band–they are unrivaled in their overall image and talent. There’s a reason why DBSK became popular so fast, and why their popularity never decreased since their debut.

    I’m speaking not from a fan’s standpoint (since I’m not a fan of either) but from a singer’s, when I say that each member of DBSK has raw talent that surpass the vocals WG can bring to their songs. Without the catchy tunes, I don’t think WG can be where they are today. DBSK, however, is something else entirely. Besides all this conflict about WG vs. DBSK, what I’d really like to hear is a full acapella album from DBSK. It would be beautiful.

  2. Ehh, don’t like Wonder Girls, blargh.

    DBSK Hwaiting <33.

    And they are legends, don’t say they aren’t.
    I don’t care about them not being international.
    In Asia, they are legends, that’s that.

  3. ^ I like your comment. Nicely written.
    (can’t help myself to comment about this) lol

    “I think it is unfair to put one group on top of the other and say harsh things about it just because you are such a hardcore fan of one group.”
    I agree with that 100%

  4. Geez I’m so late commenting this, but the battle is still on, right?
    I am not a fangirl of any particular group out there, but I really like DBSK or at least I like them as DBSK and not as THSK.
    Anyways, I got both albums from both groups and obviously the styles are totally different, but I have to say that Nobody is 10x catchier than Mirotic.
    Even though Wonder Girls still has to work on their live performances, I think they are really good and just to let you know, DBSK still has little problems when they sing live. Not all of their performances are excellent, just watch their performances of Doushite in Japan. Believe me, as much as I like them, they are not THAT GREAT yet and they still have to grow and mature as a group just like Wonder Girls.
    I think it is unfair to put one group on top of the other and say harsh things about it just because you are such a hardcore fan of one group.
    To end, I really enjoyed WG’s album more than DBSK’s. The songs were just boring and repetitive while WG made it catchy for your ears, even the ballad version of Nobody was catchy.
    With all the respect to the DBSK fans, I think this time, it should be WG’s time to shine.

  5. Lol this is the worst set of wordpress comments I’ve ever seen.

    Not only is the person blogging writing from a WG fanboy/fangirl point of view, 99% of the replies are too. DBSK old news? No way. Nobody can match them on raw talent, live performances, Ballads, Harmonies, heck even their upbeat tracks (E.g. Mirotic) are awesome. Some 70s retro-themed song with hot girls in short skirts besting the greatest boy group around (Heck even if you dislike DBSK as a whole for whatever reason, NOBODY has a voice like Jaejoong!)? I Don’t think so.

    DBSK hwaiting. WG can sit atop all the other would-be-new-best-groups out there, but until it becomes time for DBSK to serve in the army, They’ll reign supreme; not just in Korea, or Japan (only non-japanese artist to ever have 3 numbers ones in japan!) but around the world.

  6. Instead of arguing about whose being around more, whose got the larger fan base, whose songs are catchier, who lipsyncs and all that.. Shouldn’t you give the girls the benefit of the doubt that they’ll win this year? After all, you guys are fans of them. Shouldn’t you concentrate more on voting for them and supporting them by expanding their fan base by introducing them to your friends rather than arguing with the DBSG fans? I understand that everyone has their own opinions and will try and argue about who will win so that you’ll feel better, but at the end of the day it’s the votes that count.

  7. you guys have to think

    dbsk have been doing this for 5 years

    wonder girls just 1 year

    of course dbsk would have more fans and of course they

    sing better live cause they have so more much experience

    but if you gave wonder girls time i bet they will be so good

    they’ll blow you guys away. if they are this good and

    sucessful now, think about how good they will be in 4 years


  8. fighting wonder gurls
    all the way
    fighting dbsk
    all the way
    i cant choose between them two
    as they r my fav idols..

  9. I’m sorry to say I’m agreeing with YeEun ._. I actually just ordered the MIROTIC and Nobody the other day. I agree 100% with YeEun.

  10. @Lina

    Also about the international fan thing, shouldn’t you be happy your favorite artist or group is being loved by people from all over the world? Is it such a bad thing for them to become popular outside of Korea? I don’t think so. That will help speed along their break into the world market if they decide to do so. And who says we just download songs? Many of us order albums aswell. So overall, I believe it’s a win-win situation. Why you’re getting so worked up over it is beyond me.

  11. Lina by that redneck comment I think you’re forgetting that not every international fan is white. -_- I for one am not.

  12. @Casey
    I don’t like comparing groups for a reason. I think every group has their own special point. I’m a fan of the Wonder Girls, and I’m also a fan of DBSK. If you’re saying that I was trying to start confrontations, I’m sorry. But I really wasn’t, and I was just trying to express my own opinions. I think some people should really stop taking things personally. Of course, others can respond, but I really didn’t see a need to be mean. Not that you were, of course, Casey, but I really don’t get why Lina has to be. I never once was mean to her, was I?

    I hope there’s no hurt feelings. If I said sometime that really made you pissed off, I’ll say sorry. Let’s stop fighting and start going back to neutral, okay? =]
    But can you please stop saying bad words to others? I know you have the power to say whatever you want, but why can’t we talk about things calmly? Even if I’m both a DBSK and a WG fan, DBSK hwaiting has certainly gotten me angry as well.
    Let’s start back neutral and get along, okay?

    @ DBSK hwaiting!
    Please don’t think every single fan of Korean artists are rude. I believe every single one of us here are fans of a Korean band/group, and believe me, not everyone is like that. l agree with how you said that Korean groups these days are trying very hard to break into the international market, and I’m proud of them for doing that. At the moment, DBSK is still lingering in Japan and Korea, and I think it’ll be a while until they decide it’s time for them to come to the International market. Sure, you can buy their CDs and whatever, but please remember that not every single Korean fan is like that. There are some that are, but all in all, not every single one is.

  13. @Dbsk hwaiting !

    DBSK isnt wanting to break into the world market though are they? 😀

    Until an artist is actually trying to, then you guys really don’t matter, you DL their music, and you’re the biggest assholes and you’re disrespectful, just respect them or don’t post their shit on ANY international website, that goes for WG and DBSK pictures, videos, ect.

    you guys are the last people to ever insult any group or artist from KOREA. stupid ass rednecks.

  14. I can get your point on why you wouldn’t want to compare DBSK to Wonder Girls for many reasons..
    But I tend to gravitate to the reasons why people compare WG to DBSK..
    To even compare someone to DBSK, sure, you risk insults or arguments.. But isn’t that a compliment at the same time?
    As far as saying “I hope WG could amount to the things/popularity DBSK has” or “I hope WG become successful as DBSK when they maybe seek to promote internationally”.
    Sure, there different in style, singing etc. That’s why they’re 2 different groups.. I don’t think anyone was trying to be mean except the ones starting confrontations.. Open your mind a little, I suppose. Just a suggestion.

  15. I wasn’t meaning anything bad at all by my post. I’m overwhelmed by some of the responses. I, first of all, don’t think WG n DBSK should even be compared in the first place. They are different in style, singing, and image, even gender. There was no need to be mean.

  16. ^ I get your point, but I feel you shouldn’t assume all Korean fans are exactly like her, just like all international fans are not the same. Don’t behave like her. You’ll just feed her hatred and there’s no need for that. Say what needs to be said without resorting to “your stupid” and “asshole” to get your point across. Take the highroad.

  17. I seriously hate how you korean fans (or more like Lina) are so racist towards us international fans when your artists is trying wayy hard to break into our market, what you’re doing is simply telling us to “DON’T FREAKIN LIKE THEM AND DON’T BUY THEIR MUSIC BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT A FREAKIN KOREAN, GTFO! IDC IF MY ARTIST DON’T GET REGCONIZE IN OTHER COUNTRY! THEY CAN STAY IN KOREA FOREVER ! ” yes, thats how is it. Well guess what ? you korean fans are annoying as hell. Go get a life. Stop thinking you are more superior than others. asshole.

  18. And as for international fans speaking for Korean fans.. It’s the speaker itself, not the whole group.
    Don’t blame international fans as a whole, because I think some groups wouldn’t be as big if it wasn’t for international exposure do to international fan supporting them through buying albums and etc.

  19. ^ I agree.
    Sorry we can’t be in Korea, I would sure love the experience. You are lucky for that reason.
    But we can’t really help or try to not express that we like a certain group. If they’re good, they’re good, and WG are damned good… as well as DBSK.
    Sure, certain individuals try to lump themselves as “Cassies”, I think that it’s an expression of how much they like the group..
    I mean, music doesn’t have a language; it’s lovely that people can love songs without understanding it fully.
    Though, I stick myself as one of those people who like a bit of everything. I think I wouldn’t call myself a Wonderful or Cassie, but I’d sure love to be one. I’m just a person who sits back.. I don’t think mere observers should be lumped into these so-called wannabees or “fakes”.

  20. “Just shut the fuck up, or goaway. lol plain and simple.
    international fans gross me out when they try to speak to fanclubs full of people who probably can’t even stand americans LOL.”

    And that was aimed at just international DBSK fans aswell right?

  21. Yes Kathy I did mean you international DBSK fans here. =D

    Simply because the american scum was on here trying to speak for the Korean cassies, LOL.

    Just shut the fuck up, or goaway. lol plain and simple.
    international fans gross me out when they try to speak to fanclubs full of people who probably can’t even stand americans LOL.

  22. @Lina

    Well I agree about the threats and stuff that’s definitely true. What irritates me Lina is your saying international fans are the problem. I’m an international fan and I’ve done nothing. This time you were referring to Cassies but still. It’s not fair to bunch idiots with actual intellectuals who do nothing.

  23. @Kathy

    Not in this post no. In prior posts though she has called out international WG fans as being posers(posts were deleted). I’m just fed up with her assuming or implying all problems are coming from the international fans.

  24. @ YeEun

    “International fans are seriously wannabes LOL

    seriously stop strying to talk for korean dbsg fans, YOU MORONS you idiot americans are the only retards bitching at each other lmao.”

    hmm i don’t see it saying stop talking for dbsg AND wg fans.

    = O so no she is directly referring to dbsg fans in this post. hmm anymore facts you’d like to point out?

  25. @Kathy

    She was referring to international Wondergirls fans aswell. Get your facts straight before you start typing something stupid. ooOOOOooh snapz -_-

  26. @YeEun

    I dont hate you guys, I just hate you guys acting as if you’re apart of the Korean fan clubs and as if you have ANY say in what they do LOL.

    It’s kind of corny, esp. international anti fans thinking they have a fucking say in what korean antis do =P

    But nothing is worse than a fake cass trying to make threats LOL you’re in the fucking US, get over it.

  27. @ ur Charisma

    thanx =DD

    @ YeEun

    uh it doesn’t matter if Lina hates international dbsk fans. Lina spends her time here because this is an international WONDER GIRLS forum. : O ooOOOOooh snapz

  28. I’m looking forward to wg. oh yeah. I knew they can surpass dbsk, someday, maybe this time? nah~ Who knows? Calm down everyone. Kpop fighting!

  29. Lina shut up. Seriously. This is an international forum. If you hate us so much, why spend your time here? Anyways, I personally just want WG to win because DBSK have already proven themselves. WG FIGHTING! 🙂

  30. @Lina:Oh yeah, saying that TVXQ are like a legend was a bit…^^
    WG to be compared to TVXQ means that WG are AMAZING!
    Cassiopeia supports WG for sure but TVXQ is our number one.
    I didn’t know you were korean ^^
    Hope korean Wonderfuls don’t bash TVXQ. Cassiopeia is scary… And E.L.F is standing next to Cassiopeia…These sisters together are even stronger…
    But Wonderfuls are too nice ^^
    So these little wars on international websites don’t affect our angels at all.
    I better don’t say anything next time here if its not about WG cause everyword I say about another artists seems to bother Lina…Sorry ^_^
    WG and TVXQ Fighting!
    Wonderfuls and Cassiopeia Fighting!

  31. @kjpop..
    I agree with you 100%.

    And why are Wonderfuls asking for a death wish?
    We clearly didn’t do anything, just because you have some North American DBSK fans who can’t control themselves when the see the word “Battle”.
    I mean, its a friendly rivalry.
    Why is this turning into a war zone where people are asking for death wishes..
    Everyone clearly needs to catch a grip.
    I’m routing for both but at least I have enough sensitivity to say, “Hey, I like DBSK, I like WG, I wish them both the best of luck with the exciting comeback stages.”

    This really got out of control.. and no one is asking/looking for a death wish, so please stop trying to create more drama and inflate people’s minds.

  32. hello all ^^
    thank you for the comments zeihh and lina

    Yeah I do understand they do lip sync their more dance orientated performances like rising sun and purple line but they STILL CONTINUE to sing live for other songs such as Tonight, Love in the Ice. (you can not deny the power of Love in the Ice! which was written by Chang Min <3). I guess one argument is that they have a concert long enough so they can show their acapella/vocal strengths. Wonder Girls only had enough time for one performance on M-Net or Inkigayo.

    I believe when Wonder Girls get their own concert (hopefully this year) they will sing songs that will further show their musical talents than their just their new image.

    It would be nice to see a wonder shinki ❤ I wish both groups the best of luck ^_^_^_^ DBSK HWAITING! Wonder girls hwaiting!

  33. wow, i’m really looking forward this “battle”…i hope we get to see some collabs and wondershinki interaction <3;;

    i don’t think you can compare both band with each other..first the gender and age, then the experience on both sides and last their genre…it’s all completely different!!

    when you REALLY want a battle, wait till snsd comes back xD

  34. btw : SNSD fans please get the the hell out of here and don’t try to provoke dramas by insulting!!! we know what you’re trying to do

  35. wow calm down people! DBSK and WG didn’t even make their comeback yet!!! let’s wait and see what happens! why are you all so agressive? since when a competition is a bad thing? WG and DBSK will make their comeback in same time so what? if DBSK win the #1 without fighting for it their winning will be sad and senseless!
    i can’t understand why some cass came here in a WG blog for insulting our girls! you don’t have any reason to do that…unless you’re scared by the competition!
    but that doesn’t make any sense since dbsk is talented and have a huge fanbase!

    we know that there is no “real” competition due to the fact that DBSK’s new album is already the best selling album in Korea this year because of the 300,000+ preorders butWE WILL STILL SUPPORT WG so please don’t bash them and let’s have a sane competition between the best female group in korea and the best boy band!

    at least the wonder girls are brave enough for making their comeback now! (unlike some other girl group xD)

  36. @noV
    Then, what are you?

    That is a great challenge for Wonder Girls, indeed.

    Anyway, of course, the number of fans will win. lol and that’s the reality.

  37. ^ Can’t we all just get through ONE article without bashing one another? =__= this is just stupid.

    Support who you want to support without bashing the other side of this! It just makes your fandom look bad.

  38. Also Cin, WG compared to DBSG is new you idiot, DBSG has been out …5 years? and WG just a year.

    You american dbsg fans are the biggest retards ever. stop making us look fucking stupid and GTFO.

  39. International fans are seriously wannabes LOL

    seriously stop strying to talk for korean dbsg fans, YOU MORONS you idiot americans are the only retards bitching at each other lmao.

    just shut the fuck up and stop trying so hard.

  40. and whoever who said DBSK is old, what’s wrong with u???

    Isn’t Yoobin and Changmin are of the same age???

    So that means Yoobin is old too???

    death wish~~~~

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  42. @ amy: DBSG isn’t old. Their age is +2/3 to the Wonder Girls, and Wonder Girls are still called ‘girls’ so DBSG must only be young men, isn’t that right?

  43. I think DBSK will be #1.

    I like WG, but their new song gets old, fast. There shouldn’t have been so many choruses of “Nobody but you”..

    A lot of you called WG newbies.. They are NOT new -___-” Irony, Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody.. Well, it has been a while so don’t use that as an excuse..

  44. @Amy, please just stop kidding your self. Sun Mi can sing okay, So Hee just needs more practice,and your right(well other people are),you can’t compare these groups,I mean in my opinion,why wouldn’t DBSG sound better, I mean they don’t have school to worry about,they are not going through puberty,can someone say that is the reason why they sound good….Well yeah,I mean the school,thing was just to show they don’t have much to worry about except promote or record. Now,the puberty was a BIG downside to the wonder girls,Yes of course they can all sing good,I mean personally I think it’s just them going through puberty which not only changes their hormones,but also has to do with the voice,even for females,their voice doesn’t get deeper but these are young crucial times for them. I don’t understand why haters don’t give them a break,and how many times do i have to repeat myself.

    2. DBSG has been doing this for a few more years than the Wonder Girls,not to mention they have entered many different markets in Asia, one being the Japanese music market,which in turn is the 2nd largest music market in the world(the 1st being America). As far as we know the Wonder Girls have only officially entered the Taiwanese market(Well as far a I know at least),so of course DBSG’s sales would be higher!

  45. YIKES this is one battle.
    though I love Wonder Girls AND Dong Bang Shin Ki as DBSK are the seniors I think that we know who will come out on top ^^
    all i hope for is an Wonder Girls – Dong Bang Shin Ki encounter from this! <3333

    to amy: DBSK OLD?!?!! omg no way! their still so awfully young!

  46. seriously do people thing wg who cant sing live well sohee and sunmi at least beat dbsk who sing perfect !? i dunno thats my opinion DBSK ALL THE WAY ! but than again how are thoes to even compared there so different in so many ways at least go for
    wg and snds than we all know wg would win

    its so obvious dbsk may be old but so many people waited but them if you guys dont know older 20 thousand people already pre-ordered there album

  47. …I don’t really care. Ultimately, I think we should support whoever we want to support and we’ll see how things turn out. I don’t think it really matters who becomes number one because both groups are obviously going to do well. I’m just going to wait it out and see.

    I personally can’t stand the idea of music rivalries. I mean, it’s music, not politics, you don’t have to pick a side – you can support whoever you want. So WG and DBSK fighting!

  48. wg are really good now but i think dbsk will win because they been gone for such a long time and they been in the business longer but i wouldnt mine if wg get 2nd (:

  49. This is a big challenge for WG but i believe they can do it.~~!!!!
    it’s always good for the girls to have challenges if they didn’t have them they wouldn’t be as good as they are right now.
    Weather they beat them or not we wonderfuls will still support them~!!!
    Although i must say this is going to be one hot competition~~!!!! 😀

  50. Actually no it’s just the stupid international fans all hype over the previous WG vs. SNSD battles.

    DBSK fans in Korea couldn’t care less about WG and WG fans, they only care about other fan bases if an artist insults DBSK or if a fan club insults them in some way.

    Actually Cass is the more civil fan club while ELF is more violent and mean to random people, Cass and the wonderfuls aren’t even thinking about each other, lol.

    Just the international fans trying to over hype two groups that couldn’t be more different.

  51. ^^ I didnt’ know PEOPLE = DBSK FANS.

    hmm strange..i’m pretty sure I will love wg even more not hate on them if dbsk fans go crazy over their win. :\

  52. Ugh another rival thing…
    People are gonna start hating the wondergirls cuz the dbsk fans will go crazy if wondergirls win…

  53. @Casey

    I’m a WG fan and DBSK fan -.-; and I was replying to full moon for being one of the more retarded dbsk fans.

    I’m going to be buying both albums obviously,, but as far as awards that invovle voting Im going to have to vote for WG, dbsk has already made their spot in kpop and have a solid fan base, they can do without my vote, WG isn’t going to slip under the radar =P

  54. Wondergirls….
    beats DBSK….
    DBSK is soo old…
    their song is kinda just monotone…
    until the chorus… 🙂
    wondergirls… ppl like girls…
    so they win 😀

  55. wg ftw. they are getting recognition from other continents besides asia. so kudos.

    love the new dbsk song, hate the vid. that vid is one of the scariest videos i have ever seen.


  56. I love WG+DBSK. tho wg more. i gotten over my dbsk phase a bit.
    Best of luck to the both of them.
    but hey, finally Ive been waiting like forever for DBSK to make a comeback in Korea~ so yay.

  57. ^ We don’t need no end up swearing at each other; but I do agree… if DBSK has a big ass fan-base, why aren’t you Cass’s up on their web-blogs?
    This is clearly a WG blog.
    Even though the Title of this one article talks about a possible head-to-head clash, I don’t think it’s time to be typing up notes on why DBSG is better. DBSG fans are loyal, yes, but so are WG.. I’m a fan of both, but I’ve nothing against either one, so stop glorifying DBSK over WG and just hope for the best.. anyways, wonderfuls should be glad about WG anyways.. it is a WG blog.. where we belong -__-”

  58. And PLEASE stop makin us DBSG fans look bad full moon.

    WG and DBSK have nothing similar to even compare, they’re both groups and from big name labels and that’s it, they shouldn’t be compared because DBSK is returning from a year and 19 month time and WG is returning simply with a mini album before going to record their second full album.

  59. You wannabe cass members need to stop telling yourself these lies, first of all DBSG is not world famous, DBSG isn’t even apart of the world market, Cass is only the biggest in Asia yet SUJU has beat DBSG so many times.

    Get a grip, fuck off, goaway, get over it.

  60. Before I say anything, everybody, please understand that these are my opinions only. I have absolutely no reason to completely despise the Wonder Girls.

    Moving on, even though I’ve never really LOVED the Wonder Girls, I must say their songs are very addicting and easy to listen to. However, in terms of vocal ability, I must say that Ye Eun and Sun Ye are the two most capable. Compared to DBSK, who are all capable of singing, I must say I want DBSK to win. I have no reason to hate against Wonder Girls, but I listen to songs where the people actually sing it. DBSK, to me, has much more talent.

    Nevertheless, good luck, Wonder Girls, but you should know, DBSK is going to win. Just like Sandy said, Cassiopeia is the largest fangroup in the world. Last time when they went against Big Bang, I voted for the Wonder Girls, but this time, I must say, DBSK fighting.

  61. wow. I have a feeling this challenge will be harder than with Big Bang.
    but still, best of luck to Wonder Girls! I’ll be rooting for them! ^_^

  62. If I didn’t know about Wonder Girls, well then yea I would pick DBSK. However after listening to Tell Me, So Hot, and now Nobody.

    I’d never thought I’d say this, but I choose WONDER GIRLS over DBSK.

    Even if I vote for Wonder Girls FOR SURE DBSK WILL WIN.
    Why? haven’t you guys seen there fans
    Cassiopeia is the biggest fan group in the world

    So for sure they will vote for DBSK whether or not they like the song or not since it’s DBSK.

    I find it mess that they are about to vote just because they like that group more than the other instead of voting for the song they like best. Cause everyone knows that Nobody is better than Mirotic (opinion).

  63. This is a losing battle. While I’m more a WG fan but DBSK song is quite stronger for a comeback (and too sexy).

    Okay enough about battle, finally saw the MV and I totally love the song and the JYP parts are quite funny.

  64. Honestly WG fans and DBSK fans fighting doesn’t work for me, sorry but I wont let SNSD fans get the joy of thinking their skanks are off the hook..LOL

    Cass in Korea supports WG and DBSK first of course, but as far as girl groups go they’re very pro-Kara and pro-WG.

    Anti antis is probably a bonerific trying to stir shit up.

    WG & DBSK fighting. ^^
    defeat the nine demons!! 😀

    thankfully korean media doesn’t compare girl groups and boy bands so harshly 😛

  65. I think in the talent field, WG doesn’t loose to DBSK in ANY WAY.
    but it’s just that DBSK have like.. huge and crazy fanbase.
    but I believe the girls can beat them
    I’ll be watching their comeback performance this weekend, i can’t get “Nobody” out of my head ever since I saw the MV the other night, while DBSK’s new song… i stop watching after 16 seconds, so WG FTW!!

  66. i checked again TODAY and both wondergirls mv form jypentertainment and wondersmurf have dominated the top spot with 128,000 and 85,000 views. ALso nobody mvs have dominated the whole south korean youtube most viewed videos list. how awesome is that? and the mirotic mvs have dropped.

    hahahaha wondergirls forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. I think Wondergirls will win cause i saw on youtube YESTERDAY and wondergirls’s nobody mv had 93,000 and reached number one video in one day in south korea and dbsk’s mirotic mv only had 50,000 🙂

    hwaiting Wondergirls~~~~~~ forever 🙂
    P.S.haha Lina, DBSK has the biggest fan base in the world but hopefully us Wonderfuls will be able to change that 😉

  68. We’re also forgetting that a lot of Wonderfuls also happen to be fans of DBSK and vice versa.

    Just stating that. I mean, hey, support can go both ways =D

  69. ^ That’s so true. Don’t forget that virgin mobile(I think that was it) mentioned them in the top 100 girl groups to watch. 🙂 I really hope they win. I never really was that impressed by DBSK. Rather disappointed really from all the hype they get. Either way good luck to both groups but I’ll be cheering for Wondergirls ^^

  70. I think the arguments xnanodax made can be justified, but some of them are just too harsh. Yes WG are fairly new, they’ve had ups and downs, but DBSK is another thing with the lip-syncing, at least WG TRY. They’re living up to the fact that sure, some times they’re getting a lack of sleep, some of them are still earning an education, and in the next day they’re performing live for their fans. I think that’s the best and absolute most we can ask from the WG, that they try and we’ll honestly still love them. They’ll get better, they’ll practice, I’m sure JYP is aware of that and not just the concepts.
    Just stop comparing them, the both have loyal fans and they’re both great in my eyes; doesn’t matter if DBSK have an expanded fan-base in other countries, etc. Given the time and work, I’m sure and hoping Wonder Girls could be as strong as well.
    ~Then again, WG are hitting up America with a strong force, as you can see Perez is blogging about. DBSK haven’t done that yet ;). Haha.

    I do believe DBSK aren’t legends, they’re just more known, and that’s just Asia, so whatever.

    I hope Wonder Girls stages are fierce, I want to see Sun Mi sing her lines~ Ahh, can’t wait. And Yoobin’s smooth English at the end. Can you say LOVE? xD

    I’m sure DBSK won’t displease their fans, and me :D, we’ve waited too long for the to return to Korea.

    All in all, let the battle begin, but deeply inside, I’m hoping for the WG’s Nobody~ To catch like wildfire.

    Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls, Fighting~!

  71. xnanodax

    Don’t make me start comparing DBSK lip synched perfs to WG live perfs.

    JYP artist always win on the performance level just based on that, you know as well as I do that DBSK would be laughed out of America as soon as anyone found out they lip synched even once or twice, for no good reason.

  72. xnanodax: wait you’re being harsh, cause DBSK always lipsyncing especially on their rising sun and purple line days.

  73. ihhhhhhhh dang.!!i love both but please DBSK are already old. But i hope WG wins. DBSK new album is like their rising sun while WG is like their tell me.
    ihhhh whatever WG got my support.<3

  74. OMG! they both rock!! ii hope the WG can beat DBSK tho, ii luv DBSK but it’s time for some one new ^^)

    oo like A L D I said ii thope they battle each other

    but YooBin and YooChun and Jaejoong with YeEun xD that wud BE HAWT

  75. I’m sorry, wonderholics D:!

    Even though I love the Wonder Girls, they are NO competition when they are compared to DBSK in live performances.

    DBSK are the real performers with stable, consistent voices.

    Wonder Girls definitely have new ideas and many interesting new concepts that shook the Korean music industry for the next five years! The “Nobody” video was fantastic! BUT their live performances do not support they are experienced performers/musicians.

    Wonder Girls have a lot more “bad days” in concerts than DBSK. Sometimes as I watch their performances, I am double, triple crossing my fingers that Sun Ye’s or Sohee’s voices arent cracking. In an interview, JYP told the Wonder Girls it is more important to bring out their concept than their music talents!

    It also doesnt help the Wonder Girls that SO MANY PEOPLE have been WAITING for DBSK for almost two years. The Wonder Girls only stopped for about a month or so.

    Another argument could be made that DBSK does not perform their lives as much in Korea. This can be counteracted because they performed many lives in Japan! Regardless of which country, they are still performing well in their live performances.

    The argument that they are just beginners is not a good excuse anymore. Even though they have at least one year of experience, I think even SHINee performs better their lives better than Wonder Girls.

    In conclusion, I think Wonder Girls would be a better competitor to DBSK if they worked on their vocals like they did for Irony (which I loved ALL their performances on ::melts at Ye Eun’s high notes:: )

  76. obviously WG got my vote, just cuz i’m effin biased!
    i’ve never doubeted them before, i’m not about to start!
    Wonder Girls, you make me sooo proud!!

    jypfamily i’ll be sure to visit your blog!

  77. Not bashing DBSK btw,, Ive been their fan for awhile..just telling the truth 😀

    Those who break the world market and DO WELL are legends, DBSK is just popular mostly around Asia and most of their US fans are asian as well.

  78. DBSK is hardly a legend, maybe in Asia but a legend is someone more like Madonna and American boy bands who have dominated every country they’ve ever performed in, and inspired mister LSM to make DBSK and all his other Korean versions of 90s American boy bands.

    Until an Asian artist dominates the World market, they are no legend.
    Even some american artist can’t break the world market, but the majority of artist that have owned that market are american.

  79. Hey Cassiopeia here! Mmmm…It’s really esay to see that i’m bias hehe but Wonder Girls have been in the music industry like one year and some months while the TVXQ boys debuted a while ago and now they’re like a legend.
    Group with the largest fanbase
    The first Korean group able to top the Oricon chart 3times..
    A group that broke so many records….
    I think WG have gone really REALLY Far already…
    Maybe they didn’t sell many CDs but their popularity is really high and they will do even better in the future. ^^ Wonderfuls are working hard right? =)
    Cassiopeia won’t bash WG. Don’t worry too much.

  80. I love WG but i love DBSK too. Hahahaha ! Wow 5 vs 5 ? Sunye Vs Yunho
    Yoobin Vs Jaejoong
    Yeeun Vs Yoochun
    Sunmi Vs Junsu
    Sohee Vs Changmin

    It will be very interesting !

  81. I only like wonder girls so it obvious who gets my vote kekek. I think wonder girls can do it, this song will be loved by people of all ages since WG’s are Korea’s little sisters, where as DBSK songs are only love by their fans (which is HUGE i know).

    I think since Nobody is so addictive, their will be many parodies on K TV (like the police officers and tell me) and this will make the song even more popular. I mean i can’t see people on variety shows singing MORTIC but i see comedians like Kim Shin Young (who is deffo a WG’s fan) and Heechul (the biggest Sohee fan boy) doing their own versions of ‘Nobody’ like with ‘So Hot’.

    I can also sense a special stage happening between WG’s and DBSK since they’ll both be active at the same time. That should be interesting.

  82. actually I’d love to see both groups to do a special stage together…
    but I’m afraid that wonder girls become the 2nd SNSD just because DBSK’s fans are too jealous to see both groups together >_<
    no offends for cassies…

  83. DBSK fans are already fearing “their” (<.<) boys losing on charts.hahaha For me it’s Wonder Girls all the way but DBSK just for being DBSK ‘might’ win. DBSG’s new MV doesn’t offer anything new always in suits and dancing around their song is okay to me but a few fans were disappointed as it did not live up to the hype.

    Wonder Girls are the best and I do hope they win though it will tough competition.

  84. i like DBSG.. and i like Wonder Girls too..
    which group should i support???

    good luck to both of them,

  85. after seeing DBSK’S mv, it didn’t have a “Wow” reaction. I know Wonder Girls is top notch. I’m getting a feeling they’re going to be #1. Wonder Girls, Hwaiting!

  86. although i really enjoy listening to wg’s song, but still i am a die-hard cassiopeia…this seems so wrong to say it here.

    oh well, i hope there is a win-win situation between the two groups who i really really admire.

  87. Wow Wow Wow! All we have to do is just to continue supporting them ^^ There’s no competitions =)
    JYP and SM Entertainment, both companies produce great artists ^^
    But no fans can beat Cassiopeia, they are CRAZY!

  88. this is going to be one crazy weekend… i wonder if Inkigayo/Music Bank/Music Core have tv ratings? if they do, i bet the ratings are gonna be sky high. DBSK AAANDD WONDER GIRLS! it can’t get much better than this~

  89. i’m hoping WG gets a fair share of awards. OMG i can’t wait for this weekend to come! i’m way too excited~~~~ i’m a DBSK fan too, but for some reason, i want WG to overtake them at least a couple times… cuz Nobody is sooooo catchy O.O…..


    In the MV , the girls (newbies) make a splash whilst the established star(s) ( ahem..a certain boy band>?) is off somewhere ( land of the rising sun) and then they DOMINATE!

    hehe… 🙂

    love wg and dbsk!!

  91. i LOVEEE wonder girls
    but dbsk fans are tooo strong to beat
    i feel bad
    i hope they dont get their feelings hurt if dbsk does better

  92. i think DBSK might still come out on top especially because they’ve just returned to Korea and also they have soooo many fans, the world’s most REGISTERED fans so that isn’t even counting the people who aren’t registered!!! But Wonder Girls’ songs is sooooo addicting. Oh and Kari I agree with you on the first part, just not the second part…

  93. lol…to tell honestly…nobody is soooooo much catchier and nicer than mirotic…but since TVXQ have already made it big in Korea it will be hard for WG to get the no. 1 awards…but i DO believe in WG! I know they can surpass this challenge! TVXQ has to make way since they are already big enough haha give WG a chance! nyahahah

  94. I’M A FAN OF WG!!!






    *even if you don’t vote for dbsk, they will still WIN

    my point is it will be very sad for WG if they see the large gap of votes


    DBSK– 98%
    WG —- 20%

  95. i love both groups …so no comparisons … i’m hoping for a collab like how jyp n yg got wonderbang going last year i hope they have wondershinki this year but too far fetched … wg is my fave girl group n dbsk is my pick for the boy group ….=)

  96. U-go-girls! It’s totally fine if the boys win you or anything of the sort… You’re still number one to us Wonderfuls! We love you!

  97. well dbsk has been around for longer, almost 5 years.
    and guy groups have generally reigned the kpop era before last year :/ so i dunno.
    i’m supporting both groups, nonetheless ^-^

  98. they’re facing off DBSK hahah
    i know this day will come soon
    WG just debuted last year,and now they are up to DBSK’s level
    desipte the large fanbase DBSK has,i will support WG no matter what
    WG can do the wonder,WG all the way!

  99. my two favorite groups x]
    lol WG will be the #1 GIRL group, while DBSK will be #1 BOY …band? lol but it’s really hard to see who will come out on top cuz theyre both the best groups in kpop right now.

    I’m hoping for a WonderShinKi collab too 😀
    Wonder Girls and DBSK fighting~!

  100. in my honest opinion wonder girls PWNED dbsk, its not even funny! that song, that mv, that concept is bigger than asia lmao… it deserves world attention!

  101. I’m happy for both and it’ll bring the best for both groups!! ❤
    It just makes all fans even more excited!!! 😀

  102. “Now it is time for the girls to face the idol kings DBSK. Can the Wonder Girls after their battle with Big Bang take on the undefeated DBSK?”

    lol it’s like a video game with the obstacles to overcome until you get to the boss or something.

  103. i love both groups! doesn’t matter who gets #1, they are still the best male group and female group out there!

    but i gotta say, WG are really something to have achieve so much success (quick that is). Big bang and DBSK have debuted longer and it took them awhile to get really big.

  104. i don’t really wanna argue with cassies who’s going too win in this battle, and i hope every1 doesnt… some cassies are really sensitive about their idols, so i don’t want wonder girls too be compared to dbsk and get bashed… i like them both… they cannot be compared!! its unfair… WONDERSHINKI FIGHTING!!!

  105. Wondershinki collab WOULD BE AWESOME!

    but I think the girls are a worthy adversary to the shinkis

    wg hwaiting!

  106. Woah.
    I usually read a few comments to compare opinions and such before I myself comment but SunMi and Yeeun’s fan is HUUUGE!
    Anywho, I think it’s first of all AMAZING and wonderful that WG is being compared to DBSK.
    I mean DBSK is HUGE with it’s ridiculous crazy fanbase so that’s a pretty big accomplishment for WG who’s only been out for a year to two.
    Of course we would want the best for the WG which would be #1 on eveything surpassing DBSK but whatever happens for them they are still #1 to me(us). Corny I know but it’s true.
    Nevertheless I cannot wait to see the show when these 2 king/queen groups come face to face!

    thanks coolsmurf

  107. Oops, Before I forget, If any DBSG fan comes on here saying DBSG’s new album has even made it on to both Korean and Japanese charts, I have to say I understand if it’s on a Korean chart,but I keep checking Oricon,and it’s not on their,so that means whatever Japanese chart it’s on it doesn’t really matter if it isn’t on Oricon.

  108. I know that it’s wrong,and unfair,but just thinking about this rivalry get’s me so hyped ! I’m sorry I have to scream AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! lmao! I love the Wonder Girls,and I’m pretty sure they will get a lot of awards,but I mean DBSG is doing really good so who knows,but they are not my cup of joe if you know what I mean. …Also,before or if anyone wants to start anything I want to state a few things:

    1. Please,if you say that DBSG’s album has already sold more,I have to say you are right,but lets take into account why,….not only are they one of the best boy bands in Asia,they have a large dedicated fan base(Who by the way overrates them by a ton).

    2. They been doing this for a few more years than the Wonder Girls,not to mention they have entered many different markets in Asia, one being the Japanese music market,which in turn is the 2nd largest music market in the world(the 1st being America). As far as we know the Wonder Girls have only officially entered the Taiwanese market(Well as far a I know at least).

    3.If anyone here is gonna hate on the Wonder Girls(just in case) please state a valid reason,I swear if anyone comes up with a stupid thing to say which makes you hate them,you are seriously pathetic. I don’t want to hear ”The chorus is to repetitive so I’ll hate on them”, ”They suck at their live performances,so I’ll hate them”, ”They are nothing without JYP,so I’ll hate them”….Let me tell you this JYP is nothing without his artists,unless he represents himself. They actually sound good live until promotion starts to strain their vocals,I mean you try singing a song and dancing to it 5 times in one day, each day for a whole month.

    4.Wonder Girls has become one of the best idol girl groups,although their sales are not relatively high,I think it’s very amazing how they have been in the business for two year,yet they are already widely known.

    and that’s all sorry for the ellipses and run off sentences,but I get really into it,if it bothers me,but I mean everyone has their own preference so it’s okay,but we still need to respect the artists we love,I know I sound like a hypocrite calling DBSK, DBSG,but I said respect the artist ”we love”,I’m not much of a DBSG fan,but they do deserve where they are right now,and they definitely know how to sing.

  109. WG can do this! Wonderfuls can do this!
    we can make things happen!
    WG fighting!
    put WG up agaisnt Michael Jackson and they’ll still shine throught!
    ^^ hehe.

  110. GO WONDER GIRLS if not #1 at least #2 behind DBSK
    man it would be soo cool if both groups have a special
    stage togeher….. i think it would be cool

  111. LOL I like DBSG a bit jj IS HOT XD lol and I wouldnt mind Wondershinki collabs haha although DBSG fans would go nuts..

    But honestly WG vs. DBSG…no one better take this as far as they do with SNSD vs. Wg crap because thats just unfair. =P

    DBSG has one of the biggest fanbases in Asia. and WG is still coming up ^_^
    DBSG needs to not impede WG’s progress now, its not fair to them T.T ; lol

    Plus they probably wont do as much promotion, there is no need for them too whne their fans buy anything they put out >.<

    I want WG to dominate again keke^^

  112. wg hwaiting. not to offend dbsk fans, but i think nobody is more catchier than mirotic.

    nobody nobody but the wondergirls will dominate!!!

  113. oh & please visit my blog people I’ve basically just started a couple of days ago so share some JYPE love

    Wonder girls ❤

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