Wonder Girls Nobody MV Released

I don’t have time to do anything else except this. Anyone tried counting the number of times “Nobody” appeared? They really want to make it the word of the year huh? It’s a really catchy song which definitely focused more on their vocals and I see some addictive dance moves but the chorus is kind of repetitive like a certain “Tell Me” song. The acid test comes on Music Bank this Friday.

The latest hit single from Wonder Girls 4th Project, Nobody. JYP is actually starring as himself in this MV. The Wonder Girls are his backup dancers. But after JYP gets stuck in the toilet, the Wonder Girls performs his new song Nobody for him and becomes an overnight sensation. Talk about bad timing.

This is with english subs by the way. Courtesy of my good friend, gomdorii.

Download (UU) | password: song title is? (this is a hint question)


168 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nobody MV Released

  1. the video has been removed!!!please can you upload it again..thank you very much.these girls are so good.

  2. Anyong Haseyo!

    Im totaly big fan of yours!

    And sohee and ye-eun have cool voice!

    well all of u have all cool voice



  3. I love both groups! No bashing pls! just take a break all anti’s! just love em both I know I do! Wonder Girls are the best and SNSD too! HWAITING!

  4. hi there.. thankyou for the dl link.

    love the information on the site!
    keep up the hotness on your site!

    Theresa ^^

  5. Lol~ I can’t tell you how much this is addicting..
    I LOVE Sun Mi’s dance little thingy at about 3:40.
    Shake it Sun Mi~ Lol.

    And So Hee’s cute little hand dance thing.. she sounds so cute xD

    Can’t wait, can’t wait~

  6. Awww I love it so much!!thanks for taking so much time to sub it!! It’s great and I agree with all the comments it shows their enormous vocal talent it’s a very good song Yoobin is WOW like always I love the way she raps ^^

  7. Love the song… It’s stuck on me no matter how many times they sing ‘nobody, nobody but choo’… Thanks for the MV!

  8. ahha so cute and that song of JYP’s is quite catchy too!
    I really LOVE the MV and song though so catchy I’ve been singing it over and over again!
    HAHA I just doubled over laughing watching this it awesome that JYP would be so open and funny =D
    “Nobody” really will be the word of the year LOL =) ❀

  9. i agree… i like all wonder girls songs but not really this one..

    the lyrics are kind of boring and repetitive and its a little musically boring too

  10. I might be the only one here saying this: I don’t like this new song. I love almost all of Wondergirls’ other songs but I don’t like this new one. Maybe i’ll change my mind after a few more listens but right now, i find the song a bit boring both lyrically and musically.

  11. What makes Nobody is so different from So hot and Tell me is..
    It’s already catchy from the start and i didn’t need a long time for liking this song.

  12. haizzz… don’t care about the comments on perez’ site! they are own opinions of many people, maybe they like WGs, maybe not, it’s normal.

    just think about perez’ uploading our WGs! that’s so surprising , so proud, right?


  13. i think the word nobody was said around 65 times, but its a realy catchy song! sang it at school with my friends during class :]

  14. OMG… i sound stupid with that comment i just made right… please don’t bash me, i know its a waste of writing all that… i’m deeply sorry to make a comment that has nothing to do with this article… i’m terribly sorry if any of my words are annoying or stupid… i’m so sorry if i’m an annoying wonderful… please don’t hate me or think of me as bad tempered person…. i hope u guys understand… the statement i just made can be ignored….

  15. i went to perezhilton.com… it was really good how some people are praising them.. but some are just so racist, urgh!! it made me so mad that they bash asian people… i’m asian and i’m VERY proud to be one… I’m use too this racist thing cuz i lived in England… but thank God i have many friends that understood my culture… some racist people are so sad, they don’t realize who’s the bad ones and most off them are those stupid people who are have never had proper parent guidance… if u know what i mean… those who have no religion nor respect and moral values!!! i’m so sorry wonderfuls, i’m just so mad!!! although i’m not korean i hate it when people are not respecting other people, show racism the RED CARD!!! nobody is perfect!!! those racist people are people who don’t use their brain to think about the reality of this world… they just want to judge anything that they hate!!! they are not perfect, and if they (racist people) were to have a debate about this topic, they would loose cuz they don’t use their heads to think logically. I HOPE SOME DAY THERE WILL BE NO RACISM, AND PEOPLE CAN HAVE THE RESPECT WITH EACH OTHER, CAN’T THOSE RACIST PEOPLE THINK!!! RACISM IS WHAT MADE WARS HAPPEN!!! CAN’T THEY SEE RACISM IS WHY SOME PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE ASHAMED OF WHAT THEY ARE!!! can’t they see if things like this happen it makes this world violence… are they dumb enough too think this through…

  16. this has got to be one of the best mv’s ive ever seen
    seriously, this mv deserves to be seen by everyone in the world!

  17. this video is simply awesome !
    and this song is a HIT FOR SURE !!!

    I just can’t wait to see their comeback stage to see their new style !!!


  18. That was a pretty catchy song…
    I’m going to sing/hum it all over the bus ride to school tomorrow hehe ^^
    I love how JYP can bring back 60/70’s music and make it a hit wonder, what a genius.

    I really hope they can compete with DBSK ^^

    All in all i really love this song! WG Fighting!!

    oh btw… To the user name Lina… do you happen to be Lina Truong?? LOL

  19. Something funny was me spamming z100 with online requests for Wonder girls- Nobody.

    XD I’ll try the phone lines next. But I know I wont get anywhere with all of this.

  20. Yeayyyyyy….finally…!
    Nobody but Wonder Girls!
    But, I thought they will release the ballad version…expecting something different. This dance ver is so good though.
    Thanks coolsmurf!

  21. i love the music video! i wished yoobin
    rap part was longer tho! but she looks
    so smhexy! all of them were stunnnnning ❀

  22. this song is amazing, i think i’ve just mentioned that be4… i keep singing it, its so going to be huge… its stuck in my head… i showed it too my sister, and she said its so good that she keeps singing it… love the nobody, nobody, nobody but you part… so addictive…

  23. I always thought …if every “BIIIG” Fan need to learn the dance steps cause he/ she is that “BIIIIG” Fan lol

    I am big fan and never thought of learning the Steps ~ means I am not a BIIIIG Fan now XD?

    whatever just thinking of it already long time and now I read comment number 117 and it made me think of this again haha

    so what I wanted to say is thanx alot for sharing the subbed Video
    I watched it already in the morning on youtube but I had no time to write on your Blog already (mum visited me today waha)
    so then thanx alot ~
    was really fast subbed : )

  24. OMGOSH!!! I WAS SO EXCITED.. its like i was literally SCREAMING SO LOUD wen WG started to sing!!! omgosh…><
    nice job GIRLS!! xD
    I want nobody nobody but YOU! =)
    need to learn the dance and the song too cuz im BIG BIG BIG x9999999999999999999999 FAN OF THEM!!!
    GO WG!!! <333333
    and..everyone sounds so nice on the song!! such a surprise!! its soo addictive x.x im gonna die of excitment!!

  25. i LOVE the song and the MV
    but for some reason i dont see this becoming as big as Tell Me or So Hot

    but hopefully it does.

  26. i dont really like how they sound singing together…it sounds kind off key
    and i think its too repetitive its get annoying..

    BUT I STILL LOVE WG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. thank you thank you thank you
    everybody wants nobody lol
    nobody but the wgs its so much hype
    because of the long wait
    wonder girls fighting

  28. OMFG!!!!! WONDER GIRLS! ANOTHER HIT! i think i love this song the most <3. i cant wait forthe live. i think this song has been on replay for the past 6 hours!
    Sunmi& Sohee. waaah, luv it!

    The vocals are just YUM!
    And the dance? FREAKIN ADDICTING! :D:D:D

  29. OMG this is ahmaziing i love it
    thanks for the video.
    gahhh cant wait for music bank and music core!

  30. Omg, that was waaay more than I expected!~
    Thank you so much Alvin, This is a good way to end my school day.. I was so down and tired, but, this song’s really catchy, eh?
    Oh, I love Yoobin’s part.. I guess the english lesson’s are paying off? She sounded so clear in one part.
    Sunmi’s and Sohee’s part’s are so nice <3. Hopefully, when they do this live, it sounds as lovely as they do here; just asking that they aren’t so over-driven and sleep-less when they perform. Ye Eun and Sun Ye are amazing as ever.
    I believe 100% this song will be another massive hit.
    Wonder Girls Fighting~ ❀

  31. For people who just want to download NOBODY mp3, theres one on 4shared. Just google Nobody mp3 4shared. And it should be the first one. =)

  32. thanks a lot coolsmurf and gomdorii for subbing and uploading the girls’ MV. =D

    ive been spazzing way too much.i have no energy left to spazz. lol No worries, once i get my nap, imma be spazzing like crazy once again hahaha

  33. does any body no where i can download this son cause z-degrees.net is not working 4 some reason but some one plz tell me:) iluv this vid its so flippin cool:)

  34. The girls didn’t miss at all!! again JYP created another hit and the girls did an amazing job. The song is really catchy and it be hard not to be singing along to “nobody nobody but you” I know I can’t stop myself. ^______________^
    Thanks so much for sharing the video with subs.

  35. Beautiful!!!! MV!!! <333

    And you guys gotta hear the song Yoobin did with Lee Minwoo!!! It’s hot and her English is crazy good! ^^

  36. wow, thanks coolsmurf! you’re really fast!
    SUPERB work by our girls & jyp, i’m loving this song so much!
    love the song esp the rap though it was too short
    can’t wait for them to perform it live!!!
    we wonderfuls, let’s just keep supporting them and give them the credit they truly deserve!!!

    “i want nobody, nobody but -chu”
    Wonder Girls all the way to the TOP baby!

  37. “nobody” is really good…the song does show off their vocal well…the song is classic WG (GOOD)…i dont think we should compare them with the other boyband bcos the other boyband debut a lot longer then WG and ofcourse their fanbs is biggr and plus they r boys but WG have their own kind of fans. and im sure wonderful will support WG all the way. i will support WG all the way.

  38. LOL I can’t stop watching/listening to this..
    Did anyone notice at 4:14-4:15 when YeMi couple embraced into this ecstatic hug and Sohee’s at the side like what the heck are you guys doing?
    Hahahha I love them.

  39. wow! you subbed the video really fast this time~thanks! (you’re probably going to get a million views by the end of the week ^^)
    I’ve been watching the video non-stop!! haha
    I can’t wait for their comeback perf at music bank~

    >>Nobody but the Wonder Girls!!

  40. so amazing!

    oh my god!

    it’s so wonderful!

    their moves when “but you” are so cute!

    and the MV is so funny!

    not to mention … perfect!

  41. dangg,
    i’ve watched this over and over, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

    this more addicted than ‘so hot’

    go Wonder ‘Dream’ Girls

  42. I LOVED IT!!! JYP is a genius, the song is so addicting!
    ye eun’s “solo” dance = PURE HOTNESS
    i love the beginning with yoo bin~so sexy!
    omona!!! so hee did GREAT! she is amazing
    i’m so happy that sun mi got more lines!!!finally!
    sun ye was charismatic and sexy as usual and her
    voice is<333

    I’m a little bit worried for their live perf coz sun mi & so hee never had so many lines and i hope that ye eun & sun ye’s voices will be okay cause they have to reach many high note but i trust them! i’m sure they will do great for their comeback stage! can’t wait^^

    nobody nobody but you~~~~

  43. I LOVED IT!!! JYP is a genius, the song is so addicting!
    ye eun’s “solo” dance = PURE HOTNESS
    i love the beginning with yoo bin~so sexy!
    omona!!! so hee did GREAT! she is amazing
    i’m so happy that sun mi got more lines!!!finally!
    sun ye was charismatic and sexy as usual and her
    voice is<333

    I’m a little bit worried for their live perf coz sun mi & so hee never had so many lines and i hope that ye eun & sun ye’s voices will be okay cause they have to reach many high note but i trust them! i’m sure they will do great for their comeback stage! can’t wait^^

    nobody nobody but you~~~~

  44. I LOVED IT!!! JYP is a genius, the song is so addicting!
    ye eun’s “solo” dance = PURE HOTNESS
    i love the beginning with yoo bin~so sexy!
    omona!!! so hee did GREAT! she is amazing
    i’m so happy that sun mi got more lines!!!finally!
    and sun ye was charismatic and sexy as usual and her voice is >333

    I’m a little bit worried for their live perf coz sun mi & so hee never had so many lines and i hope that ye eun & sun ye’s voices will be okay cause they have to reach many high note but i trust them! i’m sure they will do great for their comeback stage! can’t wait^^

    nobody nobody but you~~~~

  45. OMGGG!!
    the mv is so funny! haha i’m starting to love JYP more…xD
    the girls are just gorgeous!!
    i love their voices^^ (especially sunmi’s. i always liked her husky voice n.n)

    and omooo… this song is so catchy and so good^.^ the dance and the whole thing is just PERFECT. whoooot<3

  46. i woke up singing this song LOL
    so far, its starting to be an awesome week…i saw them yesterday, got home to the new MV..!!!!


  47. Its only on Allkpop where they are fighting, lol. who the hell cares about allkpop, that site is full of pedo fan boys of snsd anyways. and you know allpop tries to stir shit up half the time, half those people arguing are probably not even going to pay any attention to WG or DBSG, who cares. cass isn’t paying wg any mind on their fan cafe and wonderfuls are just paying attention to wondergirls. just the damn international fans that cant get it together LOL.

    girl bands and boy bands in korea never get compared in the media as badly as wg vs. snsd did.

    WonderShinki!! ^_^

  48. the MV is so funny! i love the song ! i love the MV! i love the choregraphy! i love the wonder girls! they are truly the best girl group in korea they’re so original and different! their outfits are awesome and i really love sohee’s voice! can’t wait for their comeback stage!

    i’m so happy! our girls are back!!!!

  49. the MV is so funny! i love the song ! i love the MV! i love the choregraphy! i love the wonder girls! they are truly the best girl group in korea they’re so original and different! their outfits are awesome and i really love sohee’s voice! can’t wait for their comeback stage!


    i’m so happy! our girls are back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I doubt cass is even going to worry about dbsg, dbsg fan base is so huge, it’s not worth it even hoping for WG to win any big awards with DBSG running for them too, it’s alright though, you can’t expect to beat the big timers when you still need to claw down nine bitches from hell one last time! then they worry about the big time groups haha XD

    Not even BB is going to try to compete with DBSG, their fan base is so huge, the only group that DBSG gets compared to, to the point where fans fight each other is SUJU lmao..hence Elf and cass once hating each other XD lol

  51. wow i love this song i love this MV i love the wonder girls!!!
    they are truly the best girl group in korea!!! i can’t wait for their comeback stage!!!
    their outfits are awesome and i love so hee’s voice ! wonder girls are always so original and different! i love them!


    ahah our girls are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Yeah I agree their comeback is at the same time as DBSK OMG o.O

    But I hope Fans can make the difference lol and maybe a special stage together ? OMG I’m dreaming too much lol

    I want nobody nobody but you~~~~

  53. thank you so much for uploding and eng. sub
    finally ….. full lenght new mv
    the song’s very cathy and the moves look fun
    can’t wait for live perf.

  54. me lurrrviiinnggg this new single!
    ive heard it some 100000000000 times already…

    ❀ sun-yea…

    wonder girls jjang…

  55. I think wonder girls are in a dangerous possition right now… i’m so scared if they are being compared too dbsk cuz their comeback date is like so close meaning they will be facing each other… if you go to some websites wonderfuls and cassies are already fighting about who’s better… i hope wonder girls don’t get antis… i’m really begging right now to every1, (i’m stupid to do this, i know) but please don’t compare them, i don’t want this rivalry to happen… please every1 don’t let any bad things happen between cassies and wonderfuls… it would crush my heart if wonder girls get antis…

  56. thank you so much for subbing this MV! ❀

    looking forward to their comeback stage, wonder girls hwaiting! nobody is really nice ❀

  57. I think the difference between this song and So Hot and Tell Me is that I loved this on first listen! Tell Me and So Hot took a little warming up to.

    Nobody is really fresh, everyone’s really improved πŸ˜€

    (I’m not a huge WG fan but this song is really good)

  58. THANK YOU very much!!! for subbing the MV.
    really really like this MV!! and the SONG!!!

  59. Where’s the Part That Ye Eun solo dance? I like the song!! Its so addictive! I hope the song can surpass Tell Me!! =) The Song has reached over my expectations! I like it!! WonderGirls and JYP!! YOU DID IT!

    WonderGirls Hwaiting!

  60. HaHa!JYP is genius!
    Really find the song very addictive!
    Like the part when ye eun solo the dance!
    finally jyp let her shine!
    Like Sunmi cause she really did a good job!
    but find that yoobin rap is redundant in this song!
    I think we should listen to this song with MV!
    Anticipating their comaback on music bank!
    ye eun fighting!

  61. DBSG’s MV is already out o.O;
    They’re probably performing….today, or sometime this week ^^

    They’re serioulsy right in line with WG comeback lmao..this isn’t fair -.-; LOL

  62. That was cool song. I think Nobody can surpass “tell me” and So hot” and the ending of mv is so funny. now in good mood….. la la la la la..

  63. i know this has nothing too do with this, but when is DBSK’s comeback??? just wondering, please don’t bash me… i’ve been listning to this song like 100 times, its very addictive and makes you wanna dance… WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!

  64. Finally heard the song!! I love it, the dance routine looks very catchy (i still remember parts of it now). JYP’s appearance in the MV was funny. i liked the whole story line in the MV.
    The chorus show cased Ye Eun’s and Sun Ye’s vocals well, The rap at the end was love- its good its at the end because it ends up being the thing you remember the most. SunMi and Sohee had so many lines to sing which is great to.

  65. Thanks for the subs! I’m addicted to the song already. Can’t wait for their performance. The toilet part got me laughing so hard. JYP is awesome!


    OMG. I am in love with this song <33 Wonder Girls stepped their game up! Woo~
    And it is a lot like Tell Me, the structure is the same ^___^ but …. Nobody is 100x better than Tell Me lol
    Wish we could have heard more of Sun Ye and Ye Eun though… Yoo Bin’s rap at the end ended the song perfectly πŸ™‚
    Hahaha, JYP is hilarious in this vid xDD

    As i thought, the song made me like the concept more lol

  67. The song is great and REALLY addicting!

    I’m a little worried for Sohee’s live performance though. I hope she can pull through! Wondergirls fighting!

  68. i love it so much!!! i can’t wait till they do this live… and i’m super excited too here their other amazing songs!!!

  69. VEry addicting. show casing their vocals, is diffidently a plus! & of course Mr.JYP is too humorous. but i cant even tell who is who with the same outfits and wag on. i would love to see the ballad version…

  70. omg! im dying here…rofl. jyp, you just so funny.. the girls are so pretty. they didnt appear as much as i wanted them too but its okay. it made my day go by faster after seeing their mv..

  71. lol i love this MV
    some how i feel sorry for JYP haha
    but yes the Girls are so hot in this MV
    i cant stop watching it

    and thx coolsmurf, you’re so nice


    LOL…seriously though I can’t get this song out of my head >..<;; lol
    SunMi and Ye eun impressed me with their voices here =D

    I cant wait to hear the full ballad^^

  73. Yeah, I noticed that too. It’s REALLY repetitive. Really catchy song though. I’m glad it’s not a ballad…I doubt that would ever caught on but I guess I should have known better. Anyway…gogo WG!

  74. i hope they don’t repeat the chorus as much during live performances…it risks getting old real fast if they repeat it too much. but great song!

  75. today was one of the best days seriously
    seeing the girls live and then this mv!
    i love wonder girls!
    wonderful forever!!!


  76. just to answer your question coolsmurf.
    in the song itself, “nobody” comes out 62 times.

    if you include the video (only when it is clearly understood) it’s an additional 11 times

    so in total 73 “nobody’s” in the video and that doesnt include the amount of times the word appears as text πŸ˜›

    haha, seriously you’re one dedicated wg fan despite having a hard time now, you still sub the mv and did not fail us wg/coolsmurf fans! you posting links for the mv with your sub? i really want it if possible. haha..i’m greedy when it comes to the girls

  78. yesss finally! cant wait for their comeback
    steph im with you cannot stop replaying its too addicting!!
    hate it how people started comparing both dbsk and wg. i love them both so no bashing!. anywho wg fighting, wonderfuls will forever support you

  79. ohmygoshhh
    this song is so addicting and yes i agree the dance moves are a little addicting lols
    thank you for uploading and sharing with us !! and the eng subs too man youre totally awesome !!
    when i saw the teaser i was like ohgosh i cant wait and now its out ! now i definitely cant wait for their debut performance !!
    jyp is hilarious lols the parts with him stuck in the bathroom i was dying lols so funny i love it ^_^

  80. thank you for the subbs!
    we really appreciate it! i really doo!
    im sure WG in some way will too.
    don’t give up. we are here!

    NOBODY is awesome! ^^
    i can’t believe how cool it was.
    humor is a must! thank goodness JYP is cool enough to make fun of himself! FUNNY!

  81. omg!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! I love this! thanx so much for posting all these great things and keeping us updated with wondergirls! this song is amazing!

  82. There’s only one thing I can say about this song….


    From start to finish I loved it!

    But now I start to wonder…was “Tell Me” really meant for the Wonder Girls or was it really for JYP but due to a “lack of paper” he wasn’t available to sing it? hahahaha J/K!!

    I totally dug the storyline. WG and JYP have grabbed another song and turned it into gold!!


  83. I love this song
    Like the first time I heard it I was hooked.
    More than tell me.
    And yeah it is a little different cause this song does show more vocals.
    Anyone notice how Sohee improved?!

    thanks coolsmurf

  84. Aww. The song’s so catchy!!
    The Video is very well made too~~
    I have a feeling Wonder Girls are going to do really good.
    And Park Jin Young is so funny!

    Thanks for posting so quickly CoolSmurf!!

    μ›λ”κ±ΈμŠ€ ν™”μ΄νŒ…!

  85. Thanks for taking time out of your day, and putting subs to the music video for us, coolsmurf! I actually understand the lyrics and music video now!

    Even though it’s a bit repetitive, it does showcase their vocals more than So Hot or Tell Me did. (Well, I think it did). I don’t think they have to change their voices into that cute, princess-y voices in Nobody. The beat of the music and the dance are both great. I can’t wait to hear the full ballad version.

    By the way, nice logo! (:

  86. Thanks for the English subs ^^
    Can’t wait for your link. What I have is blurry ='(
    I think I have been repeating the MV for the past 30mins. . .
    Its too addictive…
    First was release of Mirotic MV then now Nobody MV.

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