Wonder Girls Are So Hot in Thailand and Vietnam

The Wonder Girls have occupied the number one spot on Thailand MTV’s international charts for three consecutive weeks and possibly more.

With promotions impending for their fourth project album and music video release for their title song “Nobody”, the Wonder Girls have held top spot on Thailand MTV’s international Chart with 3rd project album “So Hot”.

The Thailand MTV International Chart is part of the nation’s most popular music channel. The songs on the chart chart are the results of totaling the number of viewer requests each week. For three consecutive weeks in the month of September, the Wonder Girls have held the #1 spot against the likes of Pussycat Dolls, Mariah Carey, and other entertainers around the world.

Wonder Girls received Thailand’s love call in the middle of last year and released their first project album for sale. Since then, “Tell Me” has earned huge amounts of love from Thailand fans. For their fans, the Wonder Girls also held an informal music video release and held a performance in the country.

“In view of the Wonder Girls’ comeback (in Korea), we are happy to hear the good news that (the girls) have held #1 for 3 consecutive weeks on foreign charts. At home and overseas, we know that both ‘Tell Me’ and ‘So Hot’ have received lots of love. Please anticipate the retro-reborn Wonder Girls’ new and splendid ‘Nobody’,” said a JYP Entertainment representative.

Not just in Thailand, Wonder Girls are equally famous in neighboring Vietnam with them notching the No.1 spot on their hottest music chart “hot 10 at 10” with “So Hot”. A remarkable achievement as they are the first Kpop song to be there and becoming a winner after less than a week on the charts.

credit: Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com + i_luv_wondergirls@soompi


63 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Are So Hot in Thailand and Vietnam



    Guys go watch it on youtube.

    JYPEntertainment channel.

    Until we get the subbed.

  2. ALVIN!! THE MV IS OUT kekekeke I will wait for your subbed version ^^ you always sub fastest 😀

    I have to watch the MV now ^^ lol

  3. Woo they’re #1 for sure!
    go wonder girls!

    Hey people visit
    jypfamily@wordpress for jype news reviews!
    anything JYPE!

    WG ❤

  4. JYP supposedly said that it will be released at 8pm NYC time.
    Sadly I couldn’t go to the festival because it’s my father’s birthday. Completely forgot. XD

    I heard they performed:

    Ee Babo
    This time
    So hot
    Tell me

    And dun dun dun A PREVIEW OF NOBODY.

    Very sad I couldn’t go, but I got to celebrate my father’s birthday and have fun here.

  5. Lina. thats what i thought too. but the WG website says theres 1 more day (like 13 hours somthing)

    But just now the user put his/her vid on private…
    Just ashame that the other user should do that too D=


    GRRR…What is going on >.< no one is uploading it!!

    @WGLuver I think JYPE leaked the mini version, it sounded way too edited and done too well to be an “accident” XD lol the full song is out now though but the MV is also suppose to be out but I cant find it D:

  7. That’s awesome. Wondergirls are ❤

    The full version is already out….only a few people know. Sad that they keep sharing the links with so many people though.

  8. WTF???

    Who the hell keeps leaking their shit like this, anyways it’s only a Minute and a few seconds long…that can’t be the full thing…it was way too short.

  9. The nobody nonballad version is leaked out. 😦
    I’ve heard it but I’ll refrain myself from commenting so that when you guys hear it you’ll still have expectations for yourself.

  10. i want the wondergirls to be known here in the philippines too.. my friends like them too.. and there are SO many koreans here but still… they are unknown here… what should i do????

  11. omg*.* i’m soo proud of them. it’s cool that they’re very popular in other Asian countries too^^
    but they deserve it.
    i hope they’ll be popular soon in europe too=)

    i can’t wait for their comeback in tomorrow!! so excited~
    Wonder Girls Hwaiting!!!

  12. woah!! see? asians are awesome!!!
    WG totally deserves itt!!
    omg!! i see taeyang and BB there too! hahaa
    so so so hot hott

  13. @ PalmPanda
    thanks for the info… now i understand. wonder girls are going too be huge stars… they will be like the hottest girl group in Asia, lets hope for it… WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!

  14. cool 🙂
    i wish they come to the Philippines too, like thailand,
    or make an Asian tour~!
    SO cool 🙂
    good for them 🙂

  15. Congratulations! with minimal promotion they manage to get number one. It would be great if they could perform live to all the wonderfulls in Thailand and Vietnam.

  16. @wondergirls4ever_94

    GMM is one of the biggest record labels in Thailand and also a representative of various Korean labels, such as SM Ent, JYP and YG. Basically, they’re those labels’ agents here in Thailand. But DSP Ent set up a branch here to oversee their own artist so that’s why SS501 is still listed under DSP.

  17. whoa congrats to making it in the vietnamese charts as NUMERO UNO!! and what the heck viet ppl please don’t listen to jonas brothers!! their squeaky voices are just..ugh.

  18. seriously i hope wonder girls perform in vietnam i think bi rain was the only one vpop needs some decent songs ! im not even kidding i hope wonder girls perform there and viet artist change there style in music not like korean but they get ideas im surpise they got to the viet charts though

  19. Congrats to the girl!!!….So Happy to see lots of Korean up there…Wonder Girls & Big Bang on the chart,yay!!

    WG mania has hit the SEA hehehe!

  20. hey! i’m Vietnamese too!

    it is the FIRST time there is a KOREAN hit on “hot ten at ten” !

    so proud ^O^

    WGs fighting!

    Wonder Girls have just about stopped promoting So Hot and they’re still #1 on Thai and Vietnam charts?
    That’s freakin awesome.
    And they’re JUST about to come out with a new mini album!!
    I heard theres a leaked song!?
    Ah well I’m SOOO proud of WG!!
    Not only #1 in Korea. But also in neighboring Asian countries.
    THAT’S wonderful.

    thanks coolsmurf

  22. i’m not surprise about Thailand, duh that song is amazingly addicting… but vietnam?? since when did the people back home start listening to real music??? I’m proud of my people then.

  23. why is wonder girls label labeled as UMG??? and SHInee too… but if you look at SSO51 its DSP entertainment.. can any1 please answer my question???

  24. i’m so proud of them!!! and i’m so thankful that wonder girls are receiving alot of love from other contries too.. this is an amazing achievement, and i hope this news is going to make wonder girls and jyp happy!!! hope they can continue succesfull with their new songs… I’m so proud to be a wonderful… WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!

  25. yay they are doing so well !
    im vietnamese so im glad to see that vietnam likes them too hahah
    and im so proud of them to be beating artists such as pussycat dolls and chris brown and mariah carey. its such an honor. i cant wait for their comeback =D

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