“I’m So Hee’s ideal guy? I’m a married man”, says Park Hae Il

When actor Park Hae Il heard that he was Wonder Girls’ So Hee ideal guy, he replied by saying, “If she meets me, her dreamy image of me will crumble.”

On KBS 2TV “Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date”, the interviewer told Park Hae Il that out of all the “uncle fans” So Hee has, she had specifically picked Park as her ideal guy. And to that, Park Hae Il replied, “I want to meet So Hee. But I’m a married man. If she meets me, her dreamy image of me will crumble.”

The Guerilla Date with Park Hae Il airs 20th September on KBS.

credit: 선미짱@wonderholic + wonderkid


28 thoughts on ““I’m So Hee’s ideal guy? I’m a married man”, says Park Hae Il

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  3. haha americandude u think u can meet her??? she is really busy…
    sohee u should be fall in love with jiyong – and he too- great couple

  4. Hey So Hee do you like american dudes? lets talk someday. I’m independent and 23. 🙂 I’m going to visit South Korea for some time next year, hope to meet you around. 😀

  5. are you kidding me? park hae il IS famous, he’s one of the most talented actor in korea, just watch ‘jealousy is my middle name’ or, the recent ‘the host’,
    i admire the guy too so i practically rofl of what so hee said on ER “i dont like guy who’s too handsome’ and the text is going ‘park hae il? he’s handsome! what are you talking abt’ XD

  6. Honestly, I think Sohee picked this guy because it’s some guy. First, he’s older, so she doesn’t have to worry about crazy teenage fangirls backlash, and because he’s older it’s less likely that there would be news of scandals. Second, he’s not that famous so not a whole lot of people will be affected by her choice.

  7. o ok thanks for enlightening me 🙂 hehe
    now that i know he’s an actor, my opinion would be similar to vertigo’s.
    she probably admires him for the acting.
    maybe more, idk haha

  8. sohee likes him more for his acting than anything else… i would like them to meet; she admires him so much…..

  9. ^^ “Park Hae Il Sohee” is one of the MOST searched keywords right now in daum (it got over 300+ hits)

    Park Hae Il is an awesome actor. I recommend you watch him in “My Mother, the Mermaid” w/ Jun Doe Yeoun…you too will fall in love with him!!

  10. The reason SoHee and other celebrities will choice uncle celebs is because if they pick younger celebrities they’ll get bashed from fans on both side probably.

    Anyways, his response was funny.

  11. she mentions him in almost all her interviews so i think she really admires park hae il and his acting! she said she watched all the movies he is in!! i’m happy that he would’ve loved to meet her if he wasn’t married hihi


    yes he’s a famous actor in korea

  12. lolz..>< hes Sohee’s ideal guy?
    i thnk he was shocked..and maybe Sohee was only the best uncle fans outta all..so hes the best one she thnks.. =)

  13. Lol, I doubt she meant she was interested in him in particular. She just wants to meet a guy who’s on the same level as Park. Cute, though.

  14. Aww, I don’t think she’ll be crushed if she found out or anything xD She seems to be more realistic about these sorts of things. ahha

  15. Awww!
    I hope Sohee doesn’t read this.
    She’ll be crushed!
    But then again I would love for her to meet her idol..
    Well anywho this is pretty cool.
    I might actually watch it xD

    P.S that pic of Sohee from the 2nd fan meeting is SOOO HOTTT!

    thanks coolsmurf

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