Wonder Girls The 4th Project Nobody Mini-album Track Listing

The track listing for the Wonder Girls 4th project is out on Wonderful Daum and likely to be official. Translations are as it is. Title track is indeed Nobody.

Following on the heels of Tell Me (Dance Pop from mid/late 80’s) and So Hot (Synth Pop from early 80’s), Nobody will complete the 3-part retro trilogy with a Motown girl group sound from the 60’s and 70’s for their 4th project.

The title track Nobody is inspired by songs from Motown girl groups in the 60’s and 70’s like Supremes ‘You Keep me hangin’ on’, Martha & The Vandellas ‘Dancing in the Streets’ plus girl groups from New York City in the 60s like The Ronettes “Be my Baby’ and The Crystals ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’.

the Wondergirls of Love 4

1. Nobody (title)
2. Goodbye (feat. 2PM Junsu)
3. Nobody (ballad ver.)
4. So hot (inst.)
5. That night on that street…

D-Day is set for 22nd September, 9am (KST) where MV will be released. Pre-orders for Korean fans starts now till 22nd and the album would be released on 30th September. For international fans, the mini-album is now available for pre-order at YesAsia.com and is known as Wonder Girls: The Wonder Years – Trilogy with the release date set at 2nd October.

Please do buy their album to show your support.

credit: Wonderful Daum + WG China + Lazenca0

50 thoughts on “Wonder Girls The 4th Project Nobody Mini-album Track Listing

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  3. when will the mv be out??? it’ll be before their comeback right?? i’m too excited that i can’t wait any longer…. oh well guess i have to be patient…

  4. wow! an instrumental version of so hot! 🙂
    and 2 versions of nobody??
    i cant wait to hear it!

    lol the last song’s title is kinda funny xD
    “that night on that street…” hahahah

  5. I just realized JYP mentioned the vandellas =D
    They did that famous song “dancing in the street” like he mentioned hahah I had to go look that up to be sure it was the original one Ive heard recently xD

    I love that song lmao..the vandellas were amazing >.< much better than the supremes. xD

  6. i’ve JUST pre-ordered this through yesasia. the girls look FANTASTIC and though i’m not digging the song off the teaser (i’m hoping it was just the ballad version)– i’m still supporting these girls!!!

    thanks for the info!

    I cannot WAIT for them to officially comebackk!!!!
    Nobody sounds GREAT and I cannot WAIT to hear the non ballad version!!!
    JYP IS a freakin genius.
    WG couldn’t do half the things they’ve done or will be doing if it wasn’t for him.
    Power to JYP AND THE WG!!!

    thanks coolsmurf
    I’m so excited now!

  8. oh so this mini album is where the retro concept stops? and then the full album will be another new concept? whoa jyp u is a genius i didn’t even understand what was up with the retro until now. it’s a trilogy. ok ok. but man now i wonder what the full album concept will be

  9. Ok so wait does the song get released first then the MV? Or will the MV be shown to the masses before there comeback performance and release of the digital single?

  10. gah, i cant wait for their new album…it’s going to be good for sure..JYP is a freakin genius..there’s so many WonderDay interactions…cant wait for JaeBum’s appearance in the mv & cant wait for to hear track 2..i am so excited for their comeback…tanx for the update Alvin!!

  11. I already pre-ordered my copy ^__^

    Hmm, I’m totally diggin’ it. So perhaps in the the MV teaser, the “Nobody” ballad version was the one being used. TRICKY TRICKY, JYP =D

  12. hopefully they will perform “Nobody Ballad” too. i want to see their performance so badly. gosh! this is so exciting. cant even sleep lol.

  13. X___X arghhhhhhh!! i really cant wait till Monday morning!!!
    *escape school* or *sneek into school library* hehehehhe
    only yesterday 35seconds of the MV teaser.. im going crazy!!
    “nobody nobody but u” stuck in my head!
    anyway.. i love this concept! Wonder Girls FIGHTING! 😀

  14. OMG! i really like the tracklist! Nbody has 2 versions!!! :))))) lol WILL def. pre-order this!…..quick random question; wat do they mean by Nobody “will complete the 3-part retro trilogy”..idk there was a trilogy or smthing lol (im jus a bit confused by that..?)

    Nobody Balled Vers. WOOT~ + Goodbye song Ft 2Pm member..
    yay. Im so excited for this album.
    Definietly Preordering this!!

  16. Considering who their inspirations are, I already have an idea of what the original “Nobody” will sound like. And it will be upbeat but awesome. Just imagine the chorus going a bit faster with the feeling of back in the days.

    If that is what the Original will be. XD

    Can’t wait.

  17. ooooOOHH!! so their influence was The Supremes and the motown era!!! i’m totally anticipating this album~~~thanks for the info!!!

  18. AHH!!! I wanna buy their album!! =)
    ill use it as my bday present..ill try to find a way that i can buy it! x]
    this is so GREATTT!!!
    and..Nobody..the first song..its titled..and the thrid song is ballad…does..does..does that mean??!! DO THAT MEAN THEY GOT ANOTHER VERSION OF THE SONG JUST LIKE TELL ME AND SO HOT??!! omg…this iss soooo exciting..idk if i can sleep in tonight! ><

  19. @ Lina,

    I dont think track 2 is going to be the song they’re promoting because the 2PM member u see in the ‘nobody’ MV teaser is jae bum, not Junsu.

    Gah!!! can’t wait to see the MV!!! i wonder how the fast version will sound like. *-*

  20. Ew.. I wonder what it looks like with the speed-up version of Nobody. LOL!

    I guess I’m right? about the teaser at 0:20 – 0:21 should be the faster version of the song!!

  21. oooh if Nobody has a ballad version then that means that the other version might be like Tell me and So hot? I mean dance craze worthy songs… ^0^
    man I can’t wait for this!

  22. Theres going to be a full second album early next year, which is in just a few months actually since its almost winter and all they’ll most likely promote this song for months and then take a break and go to recording the full album finally^^ theres also suppose to be a Wonder girls concert, just for them =D

  23. Wow can’t wait seriously.. Though its a mini album I’ll prolly constantly play it till the end of this year. So is it true there coming out with a full album in Jan? Off topic sorry T.T

  24. wow!!! i’m so excited!!! i can’t stop thinking how huge this song is going to be!!! WONDER GIRLS & JYP FAMILY FIGHTNG!!!

  25. Track 2 featuring Jay is the song they’re going to be promotig, Jay was in the MV singing for a small clip XD Nobody was indeed misleading haha, and goshhh thats so little songs =/ why couldn’t they just do a full album -.-

    Ugh,, oh well..full album will be out early jan. hopefully =D
    I can’t wait to hear jay and the WG<333

  26. if there is a ballad version of nobody it means that the original version is not a ballad…so it’s going to be an other hit like tell me and so hot!
    yay WG is gonna make it again!!!

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