Wonder Girls Stepping Up Promotional Activities

The 5 member girl group Wonder Girls have departed to Los Angeles before they commence on their 3rd single “Nobody” promotional activities.

Wonder Girls will be in Los Angeles and New York from 16 – 25th September for a fan-signing event and a special performance for overseas Koreans at Flushing Meadows. While in America, they will practice the “Nobody” cheoreography with producer Park Jin Young and complete the last checks for their concepts.

The group have already started gaining widespread interest by uploading their concept photo to their homepage that displayed shimmering outfits and a 60-70’s Motown look. Also released by JYP Entertainment was a teaser clip that increased anticipation even more among fans. Already reactions have been hot, “There’s already a toxicity to it”, “I am anticipating the music and stage”, etc.

“More than ‘So Hot’, ‘Nobody’ has a larger retro feel to it, and the members’ images have also changed a lot. Even though the response was good for ‘So Hot’, we have the confidence that this time, there will be a bigger performance than that,” said JYPE representative Jeong Wook. The Wonder Girls will make their comeback on KBS “Music Bank” next week, 26th September.

credit: isplus & newsen (sources) + Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com


32 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Stepping Up Promotional Activities

  1. i m really excited to hear the new single. sorry to nag you but do you happen to know what time they will be performing in flushing? or what part of the park it is being held in because the park is the 2nd largest park in ny and i just want to get better seats. thanks.

    its great that they ll have a song to showcase their amazing vocals =)

  2. @charmainex52
    i 100% agree with you…they will be exhausted as their comeback is a day before their arrival from America… hope it doesn’t effect their vocals.. hope they will be great cuz DBSK is having their comeback on the 22nd … i’m sure wonder girls will rock the stage.. WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!



    they seem to have a really tight schedule, so I hope theyre getting some rest X__X this is like crazy.

  4. ohmygosh. when and where exactly are the fan signings?? i totally wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!

    I KNEW IT! Nobody is a fast track, but there’s a slow one, too!

  5. JYP…and Thee Wonder Girlss…WE’re FINALLY BACKK!! xD
    lolz..okay.. this is getting mee sooo excited that i couldnt sleep O___O !!
    hope its really sth that everyone can learn and dance too..sth easy and wont exhausted wen u sing =)
    thatt would bee great!!! lolz
    hm im kinda worry for the wonder girls tho…wont they be a little tired wen theyre back to korea then do their comeback on the next day?? maybe they shud make it Sept.27 just in case..most time for them to rest is always a good thing for their Comeback!! =)
    well.. GOODLUCK WG!!! <33333

  6. omg! that’s so cool ; NY AND LA!
    same places we went to on our school trip 🙂
    anyways… i hope they don’t get too tired out… D:
    JYP may be rushing things… just a little too much ><

    and i agree with iknewthat : it would make more sense to do NYC then LA then korea. (that’s what we did for our school trip, but not korea… but yah you get what i’m saying)

    i’m really looking forward to this!

  7. I’ve seen the Teaser at 0:20 to 0:22 and it only flashes a while I still think that there’s the catchy song. Because In 0:20 to 0:22 the dance don’t really fits the song ‘Nobody’
    There might be a catchy song too! I’m Sure JYP is still hiding it to making us surprise. =( There’s always a slow song and Fast and Catchy song. I’m thinking that ‘Nobody’ is like ‘This Time’ with MV released early?! =)

  8. They’re going to LA AND NY?!
    They’re so HOT!
    Going anywhere and everywhere!
    I hope they have fun and get loooove from allllover. :))
    I cannot WAIT till they comebackk!!

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. i ‘m not sure …hmmm … but I don’t think the song in this teaser is THAT song. In this clip i see WG have some fun moves, some dances; while this song is a ballad .

    I hope what i guess is right, because I want to see 70s’ WG in punk- cha cha cha – disco dance! That’s gonna be great!

    But … whatever, Wonder Girls is number one! fighting!

  10. YAY!! so theres going to be a fan signing event in NY??

    i really hope i get to go to Flushing if the plans dont screw up >.<

    Sunday’s approaching!!

  11. ending on the 25th then comeback on 26th. the girls needs some rest. i dont want to see them all tired and drag like their “So Hot” comeback. wish them lots of luck. Wonder Girls fightin’!

  12. O.o wtf?

    The chuseok festival hasn’t even came yet!!!

    HELL NO!

    After I begged and bribed my parents into letting me go I know they better be there T.T; GRRRRRR…>.<

  13. so they’re in LA right now? then they’ll have to fly back to NY for chuseok? and then back to Korea? i think it would make more sense if they stay in NY right now and fly to LA after Sunday and then back to korea ….hmm so weird lol

    anyway good luck to our girls! wonder girls fighting!
    take good care of your body and let’s have
    a wonderful comeback together!

  14. “While in America, they will practice the “Nobody” choreography with producer Park Jin Young”

    Hopefully a dance everyone will want to do. But also wont tire them out while they sing.

    I’m excited by the few days we have left before their comeback.

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