Wonder Girls The Fourth Project Nobody MV Teaser

The MV teaser for Wonder Girls possible title track “Nobody” from their fourth project was released just over a hour ago on JYP Entertainment YT. Well, it’s definitely not a poppy dance hit like “Tell Me” or “So Hot”. It’s more of a ballad song and heavy concentration on their vocals. Nobody but the Wonder Girls. Ye Eun and Sun Ye were incredible with the belting which usually do. JYP and some 2PM member also makes an appearance. The Korean Dreamgirls anyone?

And the mushroom wigs are part of the MV indeed. KBites News report.


78 thoughts on “Wonder Girls The Fourth Project Nobody MV Teaser

  1. it remind me so much of the movie Hairspray
    like the clothing… kinda
    and especially the hair… kinda too…
    and the wig thingy… ==lll

  2. YeEun’s voice is the beginning was so awesome! She really hit those high notes well. SunYe…what can I say about the leader. Just too cool. I keeping singing her part. Even to my sisters. lol. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the song!! 😀

  3. maybe its slower in the beginning and it gets catchy… thats what most 70s song are like really… just a guess, i could be wrong though.

  4. anyway (lot anyway ^^), I like sunye’s part so much!

    Is it “I wanna nobody,nobody but you! I wanna nobody, nobody but you!” , right?

    so touching! so energetic! so strong!

  5. after watching 10 times I REALLY think that “nobody” is not this MV! In this clip they have a lot of funny moves, adorable dances in punk, cha- cha- cha or something like that! It ‘s so cute and lively, not soft like the ballad of “nobody”!
    just guess… haizzz… can’t wait to see their comeback ….HURRY HURRY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the scenes in this teaser looks more funny than the song!

    i ‘m not sure THIS song is THAT song or not!

    anyway, the song is so touching and lots of energy! Ye-Ye did it very well!

  7. yoobin and sun mi! ❤ yoobin looks
    smhexy! and sun mi looks like one
    of those rich lady in her hairdo lol.
    im so excited !

  8. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THISS!!!! OMG THEY LOOK SO DAMN AWESOME!!! Although there is a chance this may not be their comeback song, I still love the song!!! It’s in my head already~~

    Can’t wait til their official comeback!!!!!!

  9. When it takes only 30 seconds for the world to become hooked on WG, then you know you got something special going on.

    I totally can’t wait for the release not only of the album but the debut of the MV.

    This is something totally different from Tell Me and So Hot. It shows the girls are really maturing and trying out new things.


  10. woww*.*
    it’s looks interesting! they’re soo pretty=)
    i love the song and also the new image^^
    i can’t wait for the whole MV..

  11. I love the Wonder Girls and all but honestly, I don’t know if I could get into something like this. The video looks interesting but if their new top song is a slow ballad, I’m not sure how popular it will actually become. I know for me, it’s gotta be fun and upbeat or else it doesn’t really stick to my mind. Don’t get me wrong, they do have good vocals and I would definitely listen to one of their ballads but as for becoming a new number one? Not too sure about that.

  12. OMG! i luv the whole concept!! im so excited for this! and i agree with wat u guys say about JYP isleading us 😉

  13. i love the teaser!!

    i really think this is THE song..probably the intro or the bridge..

    WG’s songs MUST have addictive beats,rite?

  14. ahhhHHH~~!! OMG! I have goosebumps! i love the song, concept, and everything. but i do agree with Jamie, I think JYP is trying to mislead us..i think their title song is going to be another dance song ? in any case, I can’t wait for their comeback!! D-4~

    thanks for the constant updates!! you totally rock~~!

  15. The Song ‘Nobody’ sounds so nice! Thanks Wonderful for telling me who is singing!

    Ye Eun’s voice is so cool! Sunye’s too!

  16. The Song in the video fits SunMi Singing @ 0:37.

    I guess the catchy song would be in the Old TV shown @ 0:20 to 0:22

  17. ye eun sung first then its sunye.
    love their voices!
    and ye eun’s high voice is the best!

    so the mini album’s title is “Nobody”?

  18. Damn, that teaser was really a teaser.
    There was a dance that looked ‘poppish’ in there aswell.
    And yeah, lol @ So Hee’s hair


  20. this sOng definitly is one of a kind… really shows their vocals… jyp is a genius… JYP WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!!

  21. the girls look absolutely glamorous,
    and thats a concept that i had been
    looking forward too…

    it seems like the MV will have a real
    story, i could really feel it, and im
    anticipating the MV as much as the
    mini album itself, and as much as
    the mystery Tell Me/So Hot Mix song….

    yeah… this is probably like the intro
    song for their mini album, but i already
    love it, dang those vocals, i must listen
    to it again because i just had to
    comment about it!!!!

    Sun Ye and Ye Eun sound wonderful ! <33
    And Jay is in the video?? <3! Omg! =D

  23. OMG THAT TEASER WAS AMAZING. Ye Eun’s note blew me away! Finally JYP gives her something to show her true potential. As for the video look, yeah it’s totally based on Dreamgirls but they have the soulful Motown vibe done great. Comparing this to the So Hot era, So Hot just seems so inferior now.

    I cannot wait for this come out! JYP went all out on this project for sure!

  24. I hope JYP will let them show off their vocals this time! :O Everywhere there is bashing about WG saying that their vocals are bad. But really, their voices are all really good (except for Sohee). Tell me and So hot weren’t a good showcase of vocals at all.

  25. WOW! i’m so in love with sunye and yeeun’s voices! ^^;
    but my gosh i know yeeun has the strongest voice… i’m glad she can show it off some more lol (;

    and i love this concept too.
    does anybody else think that it’s kind of a good transition to performing in the u.s. more? because this is more of an american thing right? like the dreamgirls, supremes, etc.
    didn’t jyp want to debut them in america soon? (besides the chuseok festival and all) i remember him saying that a while ago…

    but anyways… THANK YOU COOLSMURF!

  26. it’s not WG who loves Beyonce so much but it’s JYP… cuz i think once he said that there are only two performers that he loves and that performers are Beyonce and Rain *when rain is still JYP, so i guess it’s before wg’s debut or perhaps before tell me era*

    btw they suppose to have the comeback stage next week right? any information on which tv station yet?

  27. i dont think this is the first single,theyre probably trying to fool us.theres dancing and fast movement in the video…it just doesnt fit

    the song is beautiful though.

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  29. haha i agree with most the people who said JYP is misleading us.
    lol hes clever to cover up the real song with a ballad, but regardless
    i’m very excited for whatever comes our way!

    the ballad sounds excellent and i know, that their title track will be a hit most definitely!!

  30. Hahahah I agree with all of the comments about JYP misleading us.
    It’s probably just a ballad from the new mini album that they used for the teaser so they don’t have to release the real hit song and have every to go in a frenzy about it before it actually comes out.
    I also agree about Sohee’s hair in this one..
    I loved her long locks! She’s gorgeous!!
    Well whatever JYP decides I’m sure is the right decision.

    thanks coolsmurf

  31. wow, so they’re putting yoobin in the middle now? hmm i wonder if she’ll be the focus of the song (like sohee was for tell me). but she kind of was for so hot. i wish they centered on yeeun for this one. i think she would match the whole ‘soul’ vibe more. this reminds me of the dream girls rendition that 2ye did w/ joo for the special stage. man, wg really do love beyonce.

  32. oh god im so excited yes!!! 4 more days baby!!! i bet the girls will beat other groups. their concept styles, are so different from other girl groups so i think it will be a big hit again!! WG Fighting!!!

  33. this is obviously NOT the song…
    just another track off the mini album.
    it has to be a pop song where the girls can dance

    nonetheless, they are so hot!!!!!!!!

  34. Omg i love the song a lot..Ye Eun and Sun Ye’s vocals sound excellent in this..the video is pretty interesting..and i’d thought it’d be a weird song, but i hope Sun Mi and So Hee will have a chance to show their singing talents!!! 🙂

  35. OH!!!!!!!!!

    Guys if this is the song they will promote you should be happy, why? Because they are singing!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    That high note was amazing. I don’t know if it was Ye Eun or Sun Ye but it was just awesome.

    Ye Eun will always remain my favorite wondergirl, I knew that she’s always stood out to me for some reason.

    ~Thanks coolsmurf

  36. OH MY LORD.

    OMG…YE EUN!!

    Goshh I still love yoobin so much but ye eun is winning me over XD lol shes so gorgeous^^ and this is VERY VERY dreamgirls – supremes – ish^^ I love it <333

    Beyonce would love them LOL XD

  37. oh wow! isnt this too quick? a teaser of the mv already? what is on JYP’s mind? this seem to be some kind of teaser teasing.. is this even the right song for this mv? im not even keeping track of the days that are left…its so soon until sept.25! oh gosh, well the sooner the better. i think NY is pulling it off too fast for JYP. he must be too excited. cant wait..how times do i have to say that. lol. cant wait..heehee.

  38. i had my mouth open the whole time. I’M SO EXCITED. WG are always so retro, y’know? Like in “Tell Me”. They should try the futuristic image one day. XD

    but ohmigah. it’s either “nobody”, the song that’s playing, starts slow, then goes “REMIX!!!” and goes fast, or JYP is really misleading us.


  39. i think JYP is genuis, not only the misunderstood that he wanna pull, but i mean, the MV CONCEPT, OUTFIT, CATCHY SONGS[such as so hot tellme]

    sun ye and ye eun’s voice really is ballad makers xD make it like 70s times too

    i hope this ablum gonna be a hit just like so hot and tell me =)
    I BET IT WILL <333

  40. i really love JYP style ……

    releasing teaser or mv when wonder girls not in korea right now.

    im really excited when wg start to promote their new album.

  41. yeah i agree..
    he’s trying to mislead us
    the dance steps and stuff dont go along with the song.
    wow, jyp you silly.

  42. yeah im pretty sure this is just a track on the mini album. i dont think its the title track. the dance moves in the teaser seem to not match with the song and more of a dance song.

  43. Ye eun and Sunye voice is LOVE………

    I want nobody but you ……. 🙂

    WONDER GIRLS……………………………..

  44. wow..that is actully GOOD..well more than good xD
    okay..its AWESOME!! lolz
    ohhh so theres the mushroom wig…xD
    they look kinda cute in it and the videos + dances makes them look so much more mature than Tell Me and So Hot..so different…so is this their song?? that they said its gonna b more popular than Tell Me and So Hot?? hmm…its gonna bee AWESOMEEE!!

  45. OHHHH woww

    haha yeah i agree with all of u
    i do agree with u guys about jyp misleading us LMAO

    but they all look really pretty and the song is really good haha

  46. I think the song is great, from the 30 sec clip that I’m hearing XD

    The whole MV will take some getting used to, though. SoHee’s hair X__X But sunye and yeeun’s voices ❤

    What’s that I see? The sexy jae makes a cameo? ^__^

    So much for the So Hot/Tell Me mix =P

  47. LOL, I think most of us are starting to think like JYP and not trying to be fooled by it.
    Who knows? *shrugs* I like the teaser, it is really pretty. ^_^

  48. JYP used the ballad song to cover up for the real dance song hit. he’s trying to purposely mislead us. hehe.

    i love it soo much that i screamed. muahaha.

    go WG!

  49. WOW. it seems like there’s choreography so their promotional song seems like a dance song. beautiful ballad though~ the high note was looove (YeEun right?)

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