Wonder Girls and Kara Are Good Friends

This was a cut from Kara’s SelfCam segment shown on 25th August.

Kara were filmed backstage on MNet M! Countdown on 24th July waiting for their turn to perform. The Wonder Girls were performing “So Hot” while Kara was waiting for their turn. As the Wonder Girls finished and left the stage, they passed by Kara and they greeted each other along the way. With the exception of Sun Ye who seems to be in a hurry, the other 4 Wonder Girls interacted with Kara as seen from the screencaps (So Hee bowed at the end).

Seung Yeon and Ye Eun are friends and go to the same university (different faculties). Ye Eun thanked Seung Yeon in their “So Hot” single album.

Kara leader, Park Gyuri and Yoo Bin have been close friends since high school. Yoo Bin also thanked Gyuri in their album.

Gu Hara and Sun Mi are friends who met during their auditioning days. Hara tried out for JYP Entertainment but failed. But she’s in Kara now.

Here’s the video if you think that was not enough.

credit: baby-swts@soompi + loveewg (video)


27 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and Kara Are Good Friends

  1. @wglove why are you an anti of KARA? It’s impossible to hate them! Uless you hate hardworking & down to earth girls (wich i doubt cuz you like WG) out of all girlgroups i like WONSOKA line the most! (Wondergirls, SNSD and KARA)

  2. i love kara and wonder girl because their voice so sweet and can make me fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.in kara group i love nicole.cheryl you anti kara but why?????????????

  3. LOL @ the anti kara.
    do u have to say that? LOLL
    i like wonder kara! i feel theyre more compatible than wonder shidae or karashidae

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  5. Good point, good point. But during the ending days of KARA’s promotion for SECRET WORLD, there was a selcam of KARA (first generation) fighting about Wonder Girls. I couldn’t understand it completely, but Gyuri was talking about knowing YooBin and the rest were jealous. Then SungHee said something about knowing SunMi (how SungHee and SunMi know each other, I have no idea) which got Gyuri jealous. I don’t remember if SeungYun or Nicole said anything about knowing the Wonder Girls. I’ll try looking for that selcam soon.

    Although those may be reasons why WG and KARA are friends, there’s no similar reasons as to why SNSD and KARA are friends. Yet, Tiffany, HyoYeon, TaeYeon, (and I’m not sure who else) talk about KARA. So knowing each other before/during debut (I think) has little to do with how WG and KARA are still friends. I think it’s based more on member personality and who is willing to be friends/friendly with who.


  6. ^ The reason why some members of Wonder Girls and Kara are friends is because they knew each prior to debut. I followed both groups closely during their debut and there were barely any interactions, if not any at all. They may seem closer now, but that’s due to both groups going through member changes. We now have Yoobin who is close friends with Gyuri, Hara auditioned to JYP Entertainment prior to her debut with Kara, Seungyeon and Yeeun now go to the same university, etc. With the old Wonder Girls and the old Kara, there really wasn’t any reason for them to interact.

  7. See, this is proof how I know SNSD and WG’s excuses for not being friends are complete BS. If KARA, who has been absent from performances for months before their “second” debut due to all their obstacles, is friends with WG, then there’s no reason other than something else that can’t be mentioned as to why SNSD and WG aren’t friends.

    Either way, I was really happy to see WG and KARA again 🙂 Does I can’t read Korean, so I couldn’t understand what the girls wrote about KARA. can someone give a translation or summary please?


  8. i think sunye didnt say hi to kara cuz she in a hurry to the back stage, but i bet she said hi :o, she is da leader, she have to perpare as leader do

  9. Aww, I thought it was kind of rude/awkward how Sunye just walked past Kara.

    And omg, their MV teaser is out! <3! Dream Girls~

  10. this is proof that girl groups can get along and are not always rivals.


  11. I think the only girl group that WG is REALLY close to is Kara, tho i love Kara IMO Jiyoung is way cuter then Hara >.<

    the good old day where WG & Kara was rival

  12. I don’t know Kara much but they seem to be very nice and warm hearted like our Wonder Girls!
    That’s kind of awkward for Gu Hara.. haha.
    It’s always nice to see different Entertainment company girl groups being genuinly friendly towards each other. :))

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. The only thing I dont like about kara’s company is they’re biting JYP’s style…which is why kara isn’t more popular. DSP is pretty much famous copy cats. lmao

  14. I love WONDERKARA ❤

    I remeber the wonderkara days….before the nine demons came along, things were SO GOOD.


    Hara is sooooo cute ^^ lol

  15. Oh yeah… I’m not too familiar with KARA, so I don’t know her name, but the girl on the far left in the main picture looks alot like Sun Mi in that picture. o.o

  16. I love Hara and Seung Yeon. They’ve been active in alot of variety shows, and that’s how I got to know them. I’m still not a huge fan of KARA, but I think they’re decent.

    I’ve seen Hara’s audition for JYP on Youtube. She’s adorable, and it’s a shame she wasn’t able to get into JYP.

    KARA has close ties with WG as mentioned, and I really like that. Yoobin’s like, best friends with Gyuri, and Seung Yeon and Ye Eun’s classes are right next to each other. I wasn’t aware that Sun Mi and Hara were acquiantances, but I think that’s absolutely adorable. I can see both Sun Mi and Hara being cute together because they’re both so cute and pretty. =]

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