So Hee & Kim Hye Sung Are SIFFF 2008 Ambassadors

Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee (16) and Kim Hye Sung (20) have been picked as joint ambassadors for the 2nd Seoul International Family Film Festival.

As the youngest member of the Wonder Girls, So Hee has won the love of many regardless of sex or age. Her natural acting ability as a high-schooler in “Some Like It Hot” has also shown us that she can equally cut it as an actress.

Kim Hye Sung also made his debut at the age of 16 in “Jenny, Juno” and is currently acting in KBS2TV “Kingdom of the Winds” as Prince Yeo Jin. He gained prominence as Lee Minho in MBC daily sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick”.

According to the SIFFF 2008 organizers, “The Seoul International Family Film Festival is an event where we hope to catch the attention of the nation. And to make it more attractive, we decided on a young actor and actress as ambassadors. We believe that they fit in with our festival image and we anticipate seeing them in future promotional events as SIFFF ambassadors.

Hye Sung and So Hee (unlikely since she will still be in America) will attend the SIFFF press conference at the Koreana Hotel where they will be officially appointed as the ambassadors. A promotional clip for SIFF which will be directed by Lee Yoon Ki of “My Dear Enemy” starring So Hee will also be shown.


33 thoughts on “So Hee & Kim Hye Sung Are SIFFF 2008 Ambassadors

  1. for jla!!!!!!!!

    she will just be starring IN THE PROMOTIONAL CLIP cause her role as an ambassador of this festival is to promote and introduce the films but she’s not acting in the movie!!!

    “A PROMOTIONAL CLIP (probably just introducing the movie, not acting in it) for the movie “My Dear Enemy” directed by Lee Yoon Ki STARRING SO HEE will also be shown.”

    so hee will just be in the PROMOTIONAL CLIP directed by lee yoon ki !!!!

    i would love it if she was in a new movie but she isn’t! anyway i can’t wait to see the promotional clip with so hee in it!

  2. are you sure so hee is going to act in this film, cuz wonder girls have been really busy lately… and it just doesn’t make sense if she had time filming it… i dunno i could be wrong… i hope she does act in this film…so hee has a great talent in acting and i hope she gets a lot of chances to continue her acting career… SOHEE HWAITING!!!

  3. for miso!!!!

    you also missed the part:

    “My Dear Enemy” directed by Lee Yoon Ki starring So Hee will also be shown.”

    take note of the WILL…


    After watching I like it hot I couldn’t WAIT till her next movie!!
    IS she in another movie?
    or she just being promotional.
    ” for the movie “My Dear Enemy” directed by Lee Yoon Ki starring So Hee will also be shown.”

    Well anywho congrats to our little Mandu :DDD

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. ROFL!! poor kjpop outed like that!!
    well i can’t wait to see that SIFF thing.. if i remember well he is the guy that gave her the “hot” school girl award! REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD~~!! (sorry i’m ona retro mood ^__^)

  6. i think you guys didn’t get something she will not be acting in a new movie!!!

    i think you missed this part of the article:

    “(probably just introducing the movie, not acting in it)”

    As the ambassador of the SIFFF she’s just going to do a promotionnal clip for a movie! she’s not acting in it! she’s just going to promote and introduce this movie because she’s the ambassador of this film festival!
    plus she wouldn’t have been able to act in a movie during the so hot promotion she have been too busy

    i can’t wait to see the promotional clip starring so hee^^
    so hee>333

  7. AHAH Actually, female ROFL I’m just very comfortable with my sexuality like that XD

    I LOVE YEEUN’s hair color during the So Hot days, but I don’t mind if she gets it back to black. Back to basics ya feel me?

  8. True true. I really love YeEun and SunMi’s hair colors. And I prefer SunYe with black rather than the brownish color she used to have. Well good luck recording!! 🙂

  9. ^ ROFL that could be taken one of several ways, mari dear xD

    BUT DUDE!! That would be totally epic if you could catch rehearsals and stuff ❤ CATCH EVERYTHING FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THINGS WONDERFUL!!

  10. I am glad they came back, because I missed their first performance here.

    I wonder if they’ll still have their “So hot” hair colors. Even though they are wearing wigs in the MV, you never know what they did underneath.


  11. WHOAHH SOHEE =NEW MOVIE? I CANT WAIT FOR OUR LIL MANDOOO! So proud of her. Dang, LINA you don’t even know how Sohee feels. She’s only 16. Gosh, she’s shyyy did you see the Trot battle, she felt uncomfortable cause of the dress. Not everyone is confident you know, she’s just getting there. Im the same age as her and im like that too. She probably misses her sister & dad, and always worrying about them. She promised ( i think) to take care of her dad. or something.
    Awwh poor mandoo.

    Anyway, I hope Sohee gains more confidence & stuff.
    Wonderfuls & WG FIGHTING! =D

  12. ahh thats awesome!!!
    omgg kim hyesung looks really wierd in that picturee. he was so cute in jenny and juno!!
    and sohee rocks in any role she playss~~

  13. SWEET.

    Congrats to Sohee! I still think that everything’s handed to her solely because she’s cute, but it’s working really well for her, so good for her.

    Although, I’m not sure if she’s the best candidate, y’know?

    HyeSung, I think, deserves it much more. I feel that he’s accomplished more than other guys his age. At least in the acting business.

    I don’t know. Just an opinion.

  14. Lina I think you’re secretly obssessed with SoHee, seeing as you always have something to say about her. -_-

    Anywho, wow I’m so happy for her! 🙂 Hopefully she’ll be in another movie soon because she was great in Some Like it Hot.

  15. Please refrain from bashing. Please. SoHee doesn’t deserve the bashing that she gets.


    I’m proud of her! I can’t wait to see it. I hope she gets a bigger part…maybe lead?? lol. HyeSung is cute so I don’t mind. 😀

  16. And some people were saying SunMi always gets bashed at. *rolleyes*

    Anyways, I’m so proud but worried about her at the same time. With their upcoming single, her schedule is going to be even more packed. But I can’t wait to see her new movie. ANTICIPATING BOTH MOVIE AND SINGLE!!!

  17. sohee chosen as an ambassador? thats no surprise to me, because i know she’s a very good actress. its good that SIFFF chose her. good luck sohee. you make me proud.

  18. i’m really proud of so hee and i guess the other wonder girls are very proud too
    i loved her in “some like it hot”! i hope she’ll act again soon !

    it’s crazy how people just can’t stop bashing so hee lol get a life! quit hating on her already she’ s the actress of the group that’s why they choosed her! we should be happy for her

  19. that’s so cool!!! i want to see her acting with hye sung he looks hot ^^ i’m so happy they choosed her as ambassador!

    <333 mandoo so hee!

  20. Yay So hee. cant wait too see the promo clip of sohee. See more of her acting skills 😀 ❤
    &wow Kim Hye Sung.. looks pretty hot now, loved him in Jenny, Juno movie.

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