Wonder Girls Releases First Comeback Image on D-6

On the day Wonder Girls made their way to New York, JYP Entertainment didn’t keep their fans in Korea and worldwide idle as they released the first official image (refer to KBites for actual news report) for their mini-album comeback. It’s like a throwback to the 60s where televisions were black and white and they are dressed like cabaret girls with those shiny flimsy outfits.

See how intelligent JYP Entertainment are with the subtle links? Performing a trot song just a day before, the image released in black and white on a television screen indicates the possible era and the type of song that might be released. Here’s a fan-made Wonder Girls Dreamgirls movie poster.

Definitely better than the leaked pictures. Can’t wait to see it in color.


44 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Releases First Comeback Image on D-6

  1. yeah i know that they prob used some photoshop, but they have such pretty legs…..im so jealous…
    anyways…im anticipating a lot:)

  2. aahhhHHHH~~~I LOVE this new concept!! 60-70s go go girls ay? i also love the black/white~~totally looking forward to the big reveal in about 5 days!! go go Wonder Girls~~
    thanks for sharing~!

  3. i love their new image!!
    but lol at sun mi. she was bending her knees so that she could be the same height as the others.

  4. omo seriously. yeeun is, and will probably always be, my favorite and the most beautiful, IMO.
    just look at the picture for support and proof!

    anyways, their new image = GENIUS
    JYP knows what he’s doing
    and i’m thankful for that lol

  5. for me YE EUN is looking the best! i wish she was in the middle instead of sun ye or sohee as always but whatever she looks HOT!

  6. what the!!!!

    i seriously wasnt expecting this!

    so amazing! they look too good,
    omg! i gotta run over to soompi
    to see what the rest are saying!!!

    omg! the girls look so gorgeous…

    i am totally loving the concept!!!!

  7. Dreamgirls much? Lol… I don’t really like it 😛 but it will probably grow on me by the time their song comes out though… we’ll see…
    I miss their hiphop-ish image with ee babo ~~

  8. omgosh.. the girls look amazing..
    yup yup SMEXXYYY!! xD
    they all look so pretty+beautifull+gorgeous+cute!!
    its like it totally draws ur attention to the girls..cant keep ur eyes away from themm..
    Sohee looks so Cute and pretty. ><

  9. wowww you couldnt believe sohee & sunmi are only 16.
    theyre all soo pretty!
    but i wish sunmi would do a sassier expression..
    she used to look more mature than this.
    but she’s so pretty nonetheless 🙂
    yeahhhhhhhhhh i’m so exciteeeeeeeeeeed AH!
    so freakin curious what the song is
    so freakin curious how the mv will turn out
    so freakin curiousssssss how they will do the performancesss

  10. HOT. HOT HOT HOT. I love the route they are going in. It’s so different and daring. LET THEM BE TRENDSETTERS. HATERS CAN SUCK IT.

  11. Oh my god they look HOOOOOTTT!
    Sohee Sunye and Yeeun just stand out SMOOOKING here!
    SunMi always looks so silly in her pictures regardless of what the genre of the pic is. xDDD
    But I LOVE her for that it’s so her.
    Mann I can’t WAIT for this!!!
    This is going to be epic.

    thanks coolsmurf

  12. no comment at all,
    no offense, but it was different when i saw DBSK cover picture and when i saw this pic. I just can’t say a word.
    wow! they shocked me

  13. ^___^ YE EUN! she is looking more and more beautiful these days >.< I keep forgetting shes an adult sometimes LOL. XD

    that hairstyle on ye eun,, marilyn monroe wore those waves before I love it^^
    they look like old fashion R&b stars^^

  14. OMG OMG OMG….
    Why oh why was I in school during this reveal?
    They look awesome, and hopefully JYP takes a hint and uses the amazing voice talent from those years to release an awesome song.

    Ye Eun looking gorgeous.
    Sun Mi stop growing so tall!!! XD

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They look so Sexy!! omo omo omo!!
    mandoo is getting even more beautiful!
    omg sunmi is already a supermodel!!
    yoobins tan is hot
    Leader Min omg she’s soo hot!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeeun looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ahh we need to be on the look-out for more hints!
    JYP loves to leave these tiny hints. he did the exact thing for 2PM. and im sure there’s more hints for WG!

    WG fighting!
    i loveee the new pic! =)

  17. yeah just saw it 10 minutes ago : D
    its so so so beautiful :3
    I put it already on my Blog but the blog is destroey now lol

    whatever I love it so much : 3
    yoobin so pretty ❤

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