Wonder Girls First Comeback Image on D-6 In Full Color

If you were feeling excited over the black and white comeback image in the morning, be wowed with the same image but now in two different full color pictures. Adrenaline pumping stuff eh? Just can’t get enough of them!

Take note, the two color pictures above are not official. They were photoshopped with colors by a Wonderful, Bibimmyun. We salute him/her.

credit: wonderholic


41 thoughts on “Wonder Girls First Comeback Image on D-6 In Full Color

  1. FIRST OFF: I’m totally not dissing anything of these kickass pictures. They look awesome and like they should be original. My friend showed them to me and said it was done on photoshop and I said “Impossible! I won’t believe it till I see it!”

    MY POINT: I found a minor error in one of the pics. I was gonna come and point it out, but seeing if you guys can find it yourselves sounds fun ^.^

    Soooooooo, look & see! I’ll come back tmrw to see what the results are. If you guys can’t find it, I’ll specify which photo has it. Thheeen if you still can’t find it I’ll tell you what it is. x)



  2. i was hoping they’d hit again now i see these pics i have no more worries the clothes are enogh even without the song. I love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

  3. @irees
    o ok so this must’ve been taken before the trot battle yah?
    i was REALLY hoping that she still had her red hair, even though she looks good either way.
    the red is def. her best color so far, IMO.

  4. OMFG didchu see the preview mv from jyp entertainment fomr youtube? it’s too good!!!!!!!! i betchu they’re gonna show their vocal talent 😀 heres the thingy to see~

  5. I never would have believed that that was a fake image XD I couldn’t even do that on photoshop O__O that’s just WONDERFUL

  6. Wow. Good job, photoshoppers! I thought the top two were official!! I like the middle one best with the pink background. =]

    I don’t think Ye Eun’s hair is still red. Recent pictures of hers and the trot battles shows that her hair is back to black. All of their hairs are back to black according to the trot performance.

    I’m not too fond of the new image, yet. It’s cool, but it’s quite hard to differentiate them, no?

  7. OMG*.* they’re so pretty^^
    and the wonderful who made it is a pro in PS;) thank you=)

    i really can’t wait for the girls’ comeback…

  8. THATS PHOSHOP?! crazy skills!!
    i thought someone professional did it
    unless we have some professional wonderfuls…wow
    they look great.
    theyre really inspirational to girls to try their best to look good & show their true charisma

  9. WOW! you can do that in photoshop? “Bibimmyun”
    …wow..R E S P E C T ^^

    the new concept totally reminds me of the Supremes or the Soul Sisters! can’t wait for the new single~~i hope it’s something funky, soulful, bright…and something only the wonder girls can pull off! ahhhHH! you got me all excited now!!!

    thanks for sharing the pics!

  10. Wow good job on it!
    I thought they were real xD
    Very nice.
    Makes me even more excited for the actual pictures!
    And their new mini album of course. 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf

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