Wonder Girls Leaves For America, Plans For Return

On the afternoon of 16th September, the Wonder Girls left their home country for America, where they will do JYP-related promotions for two weeks.

According to one source close to the Wonder Girls, the girl group left for the United States on the afternoon of 16th September. Upon arrival, they will stay in the States for two weeks before returning home on the 25th.

The source shared, “While staying at a certain place, they will hold a fan-signing meeting and also work on their music. This time in the United States will become one that holds deep meaning for all of the Wonder Girls.”

“The Wonder Girls will present their new album upon returning home. We are confident that the new song has the ability to surpass ‘Tell Me’.”

After returning to Korea, the group has plans to release their fourth project album and meet with their fans in Korea. Also, they will present a new song off their album to their fans through a broadcast before the month ends.

Last year, the newly-debuted Wonder Girls gained the interest of the entire nation through their second project album’s title song “Tell Me”. This year, they marched to new heights of popularity with “So Hot” from their third project album. Can they keep their momentum going with their new song?

credit: starnews (source) + Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com


33 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Leaves For America, Plans For Return

  1. WGs in NYC?? Anyone has more detailS?? Me and my friend were planning to go to Seoul from toronto on 26SEP and only stay there for 2 days to try to see them.

    If they are in NYC there now, it is very easy for us to fly down to NYC to try to meet them this week in NYC as well…pls pls pls if anyone got any detail pls let me know..thankS~~

    I love their new images can’t wait for the new album to release…

  2. AHHH seriously ; i wish i were closer!! ):
    all my friends in college are closer… 4000+ miles closer D:

    major sadness

    well i hope WG has a great time nonetheless.
    i love the fact that THEY love to come here!
    they’re so cultured. it’s amazing (:

    can’t wait for everything!!

  3. Oh my god.
    I missed them by A DAY?!
    I came home from NYC on the 15th!
    Oh my god.
    Well I’m glad they’re going back and they now know what to do and expect
    I hope they have one of the greatest times of their lives and that they have TOONS of fun.
    thanks for hte update coolsmurf.

  4. Their new image is OUT guys! ^^

    Its so beautiful, its like the old school R&B image!^^
    Shiny dresses and old fashion hair =D
    Its so hot and cool =D

    Its sexy and old fashion!
    like so hot and tell me mashed =D
    JYP was right^^

  5. hey Alvin, if you have info on anything about the girls’ fansigning, please tell us!!!

    I’m like, 4-5 hour drive away from NYC. hope i could go to their fan sign!

  6. fan sign meeting? do you know where? aaahhhhh

    thanks for the news! i was almost afraid that the chuseok thing was not serious and only auditions would be held, but now I’m very happy and I’ll definitely be going

  7. Does anyone know what time they’re expected to perform on Sunday??? I can’t seem to find any website that has that kind of info… Help!!!!


    I need to haul myself over there ^___^
    I really really really wanna see them NOW! COME BACK SOON LADIES ❤

  9. Haha whoa – ability to surpass Tell Me? o3o Oooh I’m excited <3. I just hope that the new song doesn’t disappoint xD.

  10. OHHH YEAHHH~ They can totally keep up their momentun going…and omg..getting so excited for their new songs and COMEBACK!! Even more excited than befor wen Jyp said their new song will b more surpass TELL ME!!! WOOHOO~!

  11. OMG! signing event!!! ah i must go! i wonder wen itll be..???
    this sunday, festival!!!! i think about in skool, at home 24/7 lol does anybody kno wt time theyll be performing??? lol

  12. Of course they can have a song which surpasses Tell Me. JYP made Tell me and he will continue making songs for WG, if he’s made a hit once theirs nothing to stop him from making another. WG fighting!!!

  13. I just realized that they also have same shoes design as the clothes. I thought only the leopard print shirt. I wonder where they will staying and visits since JYP had many friends there. Can’t wait to hear the news.

  14. !!! a signing event?! friggin awesomeee!! i always wanted to meet them or get a picture with them >< need to find out more about the signing event!

  15. A signing evrnt?!?! Whoa I’m totally going!!! Now, I should order the CD so they have something to sign 😀 I’m ditching school for a signing event

  16. surpass ‘Tell Me’ ???not trying to be pessimistic here but i don’t think that any song could surpass ‘Tell Me’ right now. ‘Tell Me’ is just too huge of an impact but well, who knows??Never underestimate JYP and WG.

  17. i love how the girls are always off to america and all, to improve/work on their music other than performance. it makes me feel that they’re international stars which they already are.

  18. aww!
    the Girls are so busy!
    they’ll definitely has an awesome comeback!
    Wonder Girls JJang!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ah, where will they be signing? I want to know where they are staying. Because if it’s here *NYC* right now, I will become a stalker. *Joking*

    Can’t wait for the show on the 21st. Will try to get it on video.

  20. i can’t wait to listen to their new stuff! hopefully the forth project gets as much love as tell me and so hot did(:

    meanwhile, i hope the girls aren’t too loaded with work, work, work ):

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