Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae Face Off in October?

Popular girl groups Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae might resume “rivalries” this October with both set for comebacks with their respective new albums.

The Wonder Girls are primed for the release of their mini-album at the end of September and make their comeback after the release of “So Hot” four months ago. Recording for their mini-album has been completed and the “leaked” photos of their new concept has heightened the curiosity of fans.

The countdown ticker on their official website which enables one to leave messages or best wishes for their comeback has also added interest. JYP Entertainment expressed, “The Wonder Girls will make their comeback this autumn with a new title song from their mini-album”, but refusing to entertain any other queries, preparing to keep things secret for now.

So Nyeo Shi Dae will make their comeback with a new album in October. According to SM Entertainment, “So Nyeo Shi Dae will release their new album sometime in October.” Barring a drama extension, YoonA will wrap up filming for KBS1TV “You Are My Destiny” drama in October and join up with the rest of her group members for the production of their new album and promotions.

Refrain from bashing. Do not reply to bashing comments. They will be deleted.


62 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae Face Off in October?

  1. @ :] just to let u know coolsmurf is a wonderful and I’d say he’s rather humble for reminding commentators not to bash.


  3. antis make me laugh ^^ DUDE. Like a group because you actually LIKE them. not because the group you hate is their rival.

    sorry off topic but- lol, and your names are quite hilarious, stand. first, “sushi” is the pairing name for super junior and snsd. πŸ™‚ and other than that, do you have something against raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed??! D: up yours.

    Wonder Generation, FOOLS! πŸ˜€

    I hope they both are going to have a good competition and good luck to them.

  4. I love SNSD and Wonder Girls. But i think they true rival is DBSK. Arghh WG is very awesome and they are newly debut ! But, who knows. Maybe SNSD got a ‘secret weapon’ too..

  5. AGREE WITH # 32!
    u cant compare snsd with wondergirls anymore, haha.
    its just too obvious who’s ruling right now.
    with the WG nobody being such a hit =)

  6. i can’t wait for both snsd and wg comebacks πŸ˜€ it’s just i dont like snsds attitude and their douchbagged retarted soshi fans πŸ˜€

  7. Thank’s to all the Wonderfuls here for supporting SNSD!
    Well… for not bashing them!
    I can’t wait for their Comebacks!!!! That pic of WG with the retro style is sooo interesting!!!!
    cant wait cant wait CANT WAIT!!!!!
    ”don’t mean to upset any SNSD fans here.. PEACE..”
    OK ^_^!
    You were talking about SNSD Korean fans right?
    Cuz international fans arent that crazy…
    But anyways, hope everybody have a nice day!
    WG & SNSD are Love! TVXQ….More LOVE! ^^

  8. @ U.BIN what could you expect at those delusional SNSD fans.. just expect the worst ok???

    see what they have done to the Grace?? KARA?? etc.. tooo many to mention.. i hope the ” WONDERFULS ” are intellegent enough not to go down to there “lEvEL”

    don’t mean to upset any SNSD fans here.. PEACE..

  9. Hrmm… We all have our different preferences.
    I prefer WG more then SNSD in terms of their music.
    But seriously if they can top off DBSK that’d be like…
    Amazing… I don’t think anyone can top off DBSK.
    They’re like the best of the best.

  10. I hope it wont be a desaster between the fans when both released :d
    I am exited who will win all the Awards :3
    then we can easy see who is really the better one : D

    and I cant wait for WG Album ❀
    waiting for the new concept so so much ^,^

  11. competition is fun, only brings out the best in you… bring it on girls; all of you! I can’t wait to get my new WG mini album … i’m so curious, but NOT hyping myself up

  12. yay!! GO WG!!! x]
    wer all waiting for ya album to come out!!
    hmmm..surprisingly..SNSD has a new album coming too?
    O___O o well..who cares..
    sorry only CARES ABOUT WONDER GIRLS!! <333

  13. I’m just hoping for Yoobin to sing more, though I love her raps.

    Good luck to both groups. I don’t listen to or know SNSD (I think that’s how you spell it), so I can’t say anything about them but Wongergirls I do know and they’ll do great!

  14. I can’t wait for WG’s album! i’m sure every song on it will be really good, i hope for some catchy songs, some RnB and Ballads to showcase the girls talent.

    SNSD fighting too!! I wonder what style they’ll go for now- anything but cutesy will be fine (although sexy with 9 girls on stage will look awkward but i doubt they’ll do that).

    Good luck to both groups. I also hope WG beat DBSK but we’ll have to wait and see for that one ><.

  15. Hu hu hu… I can’t wait to hear ‘JYP back again’ LOL. I hope that Park Joon Hyung of god will contribute for rapping or something. Or maybe Kim Bum Soo will be feature in this album too.

  16. honestly,i just want to see what JYP has up his sleeves for the girls to compete with DBSK
    SNSD is not really a competition for WG anymore

    let people compare them for fun,i dont care

  17. i agree with #30. I’m not gonna name anyone now but i’m sure you know who you are that i’m referring to(those who have not cooperate by keeping their ‘opinions’ to themselves)
    well, all i can say is every fanclub has its bad apples. *shrugs*

    Comparison between these two groups aren’t necessary cos both of them are in a different league. But whatever it is, good luck to both groups!!

  18. I only see three people bashing, so don’t blow it out of proportion guys. And don’t feed into it.

    I honestly don’t care about any competition, as long as the Wonder girls make their comeback and it’s music I enjoy that’s all that matters.

    I don’t see why the competition is so important. Are they going to get a gold medal after promoting? *Sarcasm* So as long as you like your artist and their music that’s all that should matter.

    Best of luck to both groups.

  19. ❀ SNSD
    ❀ WG

    Everyone should love both of these groups, because they’re both good.
    October will be a very good month<3

  20. didn’t coolsmurf say no bashing? gosh guys . .

    anyway i agreed with some of you guys about DBSK , that the two girl group biggest competition.

    but for now i don’t think wonder girls should be worrying about snsd, DBSK comeback is like a day before them? now that hard but let believe in wonderfuls =]

  21. Each of us have our own preference so there isn’t really a competition…


    Just hope all that comparison and other *rubbish* will come to an end soon. . .

  22. Wonder Girls fighting! And SNSD fighting!

    I just hope that JYP will make the new song more vocal than So Hot.
    But anyway this is so interesting, so many comebacks… Big Bang just made me so happy and now WG and DBSK will make my month when they come back x]

  23. I think Wonder Girls main competition as of right now is DBSK because their album releases are so close. SNSD will probably release their album late in October – early November because I doubt SM Ent. will release their album so soon after DBSK’s.

    There’s a lot of bashing as of lately in this blog. Funny how you guys go on and on about how ‘Wonderfuls’ are so ‘Mannerful’ when clearly that’s not the case. o_O

    It’s going to be tough to stay on top with so many artists (male, especially) releasing something in the next month or two.
    Good luck to both groups! <33

  24. I like both SNSD and WG. Their music is so different, so I don’t see why they need to be compared against each other so much. I think there’s plenty of room for both. And I love it when it’s so obvious that one group enjoys the other’s music and I think that’s definitely true of both SNSD and WG.

  25. well, we all saw their new concept.
    snsd has like sexy or boyish or something
    while wg has a retro or doll concept.
    why would they compare them??
    i love wonder girls<3

  26. I am SO excited!!! I don’t care about SNSD really, although I’d like to see the competition between the 2 groups (WG will come out on top, of course).

  27. Lol..
    I agree with the main point that Lina is trying to get across just not that harsh and immaturely.
    I don’t think SNSD and WG can be compared with anymore.
    SNSD is still the amateur girl group while WG are on the top of mannnyyy different charts all across Asia.
    It’s no competition.

    thanks coolsmurf.
    And I’m sorry that people can’t read what you write in bold more often. :/

  28. *sigh* battle of the girl groups, yet again XD

    The girls should be more worried about DBSK O__o and their huge huge huge HUGE Cassi following XD

  29. Can’t wait for their new album! I hope it will be very successful like So Hot and Tell Me! Wonder Girls ❀

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