Wonder Girls @ New Generation Star Trot Battle 080915

The New Generation Star Trot Battle was shown this evening on MBC and Wonder Girls was one of the performers on the night as previewed.

The performers were split up into two groups with Wonder Girls on the Blue team while Big Bang was on the White team. Wonder Girls and Big Bang probably too strong to be on the same team. They went up against Jewelry (without Seo In Young again, probably recording We Got Married Chuseok special) singing “Chalrang Chalrang”. In the “American Idol” judging style, they got 3 votes against 1 for Jewelry. The 3 who voted in favor for the Wonder Girls, one of them was Park Hyun Bin (Shabang Shabang fame), another was Jo Hyung Gi and the other was veteran singer Kim Heung Gook.

Wonder Girls – Chalrang Chalrang trot performance
Did a great job presenting this trot song and made it sound so enjoyable with charisma. All of them sang including So Hee and Yoo Bin and their vocals were really good here. They had a great time performing and dancing to it.

Wonder Girls – Crazy in Love Dance Cut
Expected more but it was the same as the preview, lol.

Will be having the video on rewind mode while counting down to their comeback. Fans in or going to New York, remember 21st September.

29 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ New Generation Star Trot Battle 080915

  1. i know it’s kind be late…but still love it to comment…
    i was thought there are several series of MBC chalang2 photos T_T
    but i just found 1
    and about MiSo…yeah…they’re so elegant here, cannot imagine they’re still under 21…LOL…
    i love sunmi voice here, remind me chinese oldies song…
    hahaaa…and she’s always smiling and smiling…love the part when they all dance in 1 line..so cool…
    thank you..for the great sharing and review

  2. It seems for that Yoobin has the more powerful voice but she don’t really know how to use it, if only she can work her voice, i’m sure she will be really great.
    Who think the same ?

  3. YEEUN! she definitely wins for best beyonce booty shaking hahaha she was so into it too. love yeeun (:

    as for the trot song, theirs was the only one where i watched it in its entirety because trot isn’t my type of music. they were so good! i’m so glad they won!

  4. hey coolsmurf, just call me Kay ^__^ honestly, either way works fine. one way is more colloquial in romanization (chalang, chalang) the other is more straight romanization (chalrang, chalrang). both are correct though

    wonder girls fighting!

  5. I loveddd this.
    They did well.
    And you could hear Sohee’s sweet singing in the beginning.
    MiSo looked so elegantly beautiful here I lovedddddd it!

    thanks coolsmurf.

  6. yup, WG and BB were probably too strong to be in the same grp, haha. the girls were just plain AWESOME last night! they really proved they can sing trot. though yoobin’s voice went a bit off when she started, she recovered really well! she’s improved so much, yay!
    all of them looked like they were having fun! go wonder girls!
    love the big bang dance moves! wonderbang <333

  7. ohh i love this performancee
    they all look so gorgeous
    and loved their singing
    but i wish sunmi had more parts 😛

  8. that was an amazing performance. it blew me away. i love when they get a chance to show off their vocals. i hope they enjoy chuseok with their family especially after their hard work

  9. OMG! I just watched the perf!! what can I say, the girls were absolutely FABULOUS. Yeeun looked so HOT, Yoobin looked sexy (her vocals have improved tenfold!), Sunye was gorgeous as always, Sohee looked so mature and her sweet vocals were cute..but, Sun Mi stole the show for me…she looked so adorable (she kept on doing her “eye-smile”^^) and her vocals were l o v e! ahhhHH~i can’t wait for their comeback!!!
    hope everyone had a happy choosuk~

    thanks for sharing the links~

  10. omgoshhhh..YeEun and SunYe vocals are sooo good..its amazinggg!! O.o!!!
    &..the song in the 2nd vid totally matches with the WG and their dancing…it makes them look dances sooo hottt in that.
    Yeahh! 7 more days till WG’s Comeback!!!

  11. Ye Eun and sunmi unni looked so gorgeous^^ sunye sounded so good and OMG yoobin can sing so well here lol n.n she looked cute with her hair like that. =D

  12. Dang, they made trot look so so so hot hot!

    I love their dress! Look at them showin’ them legs! XD

    I ADOOOORE Sun Mi’s husky voice. Mmm. Definitely beat out Yoobin’s huskiness in that trot performance. Yoobin’s was actually kindof squeaky. I wish I could hear more of Sun Mi singing solo with her raspy voice. =]

    As for the booty dance, Ye Eun definitely pulled that off best!! =D

  13. Im totally ready for New York and their comeback ^__^

    They really did rock that trot battle, even if they didn’t win. I mean heck, just look how hot they are XD And Sun Ye and Ye Eun definitely showed how awesome they were a trot. Sohee and Yoobin sang really well too. And SUNMI OH MY GOD ❤ THAT HUSKY VOICE IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!!

  14. sunmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    she is gorgeous
    and yeun! simply hot!

    wg fightin

  15. loved it! this is getting me so hyped to see their next single comeback. LOVED them all in here! Sunmi’s voice was so low! YeEun and Sunye were great~ Sohee cutie pie and Yoobin sang really well. the hairstyle was so classy on her.

    yeongsang(sp?) from SS501 looked pretty bored. haha.

  16. Ye Eun and Sun Ye were SO amazing. And as much as I ADORE Yoo Bin and she’s such a talented rapper, it’s kind of sad to hear her sing live next to the other girls because Sun Ye and Ye Eun are such great singers, it makes poor Yoo Bin sound not so hot. o.o But I LOVE her. She’s still my favorite. Always will be.

  17. loved their outfits..everyone looked great!
    loved sunye, ye eun, & sunmi’s vocals
    but i dont agree that sohee & yoobin’s vocals were great..
    just better than normal.

  18. are they in NYC yet if u know? anyway they all look stunning and sounded really good. gosh how i love sunmi’s husky voice….>_< im spazzing like crazy here hehe
    thanks for sharing =)

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