Giant 1677 So Hee Poster

No need for much introductions, click for bigger view. No B-A-S-H-I-N-G!

credit: 涩熙@WG-China


65 thoughts on “Giant 1677 So Hee Poster

  1. to pp who hates sohee
    i love wg – i love all off them – but i love sohee the most – i didnt say she has the most talent or wg – but i love her
    she tries so hard on dancing,singing,acting- and she didint act cute like other pp. she just act what she fell so stop talk bad about her
    sohee hwaiting – i am your fan and wg fan tooooooo
    wg hwaiting

  2. @ MoonerSpooner:

    whats wrong with you now?
    shut up -_-
    Coolsmurf wrote No Bashing and we all talk here about no bashing anymore and then you write such a annoying thing
    keep it for yourself or go to hell -_-

  3. @ lina

    you are really sad. you said so hee’s fans are all based on pedophiles? I am 16 this year, am i one too? hope im not =/ or maybe you didnt get your facts right. I dont think that no one respects sun mi, because i think everyone does. you have to stop acting like a kid and behave like a real fan, and not someone who call themselve a “REAL” fan… you are a major insult to the fans of Wondergirls. Hope you grow up soon.

  4. I think SoHee feels very awkward and uncomfortable with all attentions she didn’t request for….

    people should treat her normally or equally at lease in order of don’t make other members feel bad about it…

    and we>wonderful?
    SHOULD stop fighting and jealous over sohee’s shining and stuff ‘coz she’s not happy with all that and doesn’t want to be hated for sure.

  5. Woah woah, look at the commotion caused by one comment here.

    FYI, there’s no need to discuss about who-sings-better or who-favors-this-person better… srsly, is SoHee singing in this article?

    Thanks for sharing this coolsmirf. SoHee looks wonderful. My eyes wants more! Hahaha 😀

  6. @lina

    chill out! you become totally crazy! keep your opinions for yourself please! it sucks that in every post about so hee you bash her! we don’t care if you like her or not just don’t bash her! it’s simple!

    if you really want her to leave the group you’re stupid! wonder girls won’t be the same without her it’s like that! she is a member of WG get over it now and quit bashing! show a little bit of respect towards coolsmurf and the wonderfuls!!!!

  7. Ugh.
    You antiSohee’s disgust me.
    And Lina you need to chill out. Yeah Sohee may be more popular than the rest. But she does have individual talents like everyone else. Sure singing may not be her strongest point but she can sing SOMEWHAT or else she wouldn’t be in a girl singing group. Yeah yeah I know JYP probably picked her because shes insanely cute but there has to be SOMETHING to work with.
    And you shouldn’t automatically assume that everyone that fawns over only Sohee in a certain post means that we only care about Sohee. Alot of the people who only talk about Sohee sometimes don’t have her as their favorite. I can’t say the same for me since she is my favorite but not for the reasons as every body else. But I also do love SunMi,YeEun,SunYe,and Yoobin too in that order.

    And I completely agree with cute at post number 55 and her other ones.
    It’s not Sohee’s fault that she gets all the attention.
    SunMi would be ashamed to have a fan that disrespects one of her best friends.
    God. You Sohee antis need to stop clicking on only Sohee posts and get over it.
    None of this is her fault.

    Seeing how coolsmurf will probably delete all bashing and counterbashing comments, I will just comment on the picture and advertisement originally posted.

    Angelic is the right on word to describe Sohee here.
    The ad. and her are just simply gorgeous.
    She can pull off sexy, hot, cute, adorable, angelic, etc!

  8. OMG… whats happening??? i think all this bashing is going to make sohee upset if she ever reads it…. and i think we all know if sohee is upset sunmi is going to be even more disappointed… its not her fault she’s getting attention… Wonder girls are a team… they will be disappointed if their fans are fighting over something so silly! sunmi is great, and so is sohee… sunmi has character… sohee is cute… sunmi can sing… sohee can dance… the wonder girls have members with different specialities… please understand…. don’t turn this website into anti-sohee… we all should love each member off wonder girls equally and support them in every way, thats why we are call wonderfuls…. its our support and love that keeps wonder girls strong…. if all this bashing is going to continue… i’m sad to say that wonderfuls aren’t wonder ful anymore…. please stop this nonsense… WONDER GIRLS & WONDERFULS FIGHTING!!!

  9. i’m so sick and tired of seeing this. must we bash about soh hee EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME SOMEONE POSTS ABOUT HER? seriously…it’s like what has she done to you that you need to start saying shit about? honestly, if you don’t like her or don’t have anything good to say then DON’T SAY IT AT ALL. i respect your opinion but it’s called BASHING if you say it out loud. i don’t see anyone bashing about other members but it’s always her and people fucking say shit about how she’s overrated. stfu if you are saying that when you have nothing positive to say about her. no actually. i don’t think she’s a bad singer. she’s the weakest but she’s not a bad one. she lacks breathing and control of her lines but she has the disadventage of her voice. don’t you think that she knows that? she knows better than us that she needs to improve but does that mean that she should fucking hide her face under a bag and perform?

    it’s people like you that disgust me to death.
    it’s people like you that she cries herself to sleep.
    it’s people like you that cause suicide.
    who knows? she might be next.

    coolsmurf. you knew it was coming.
    maybe you shouldn’t had posted at all.
    since you know….it’s always the bashing
    when you think of the name “soh hee”

    i don’t think there is any wonder girls fans in here or at korea.
    perhaps that’s the downhill of them ROFL

  10. omg… what’s going in here guys?*.*
    no bashing. stop it.
    we (the REAL wonder girls fans) all know that so hee is a talented girl and she deserve it to be in WG like the other members. and we love her no matter who is our fav. ( fav is also sunmi. but Lina! just thinking about that: how about the cutest couple in the world, MiSo without Sohee?O.o)

    btw she looks gorgeous in the picture^^ soo beautiful=)

  11. seriously..there’s a lot of ignorant ‘fans’ here who doesn’t even respect the poster request. What ever happen to the wonderful in ‘Wonderfuls’???
    Please guys, refrain from bashing!!

    anyways, sohee looks gorgeous. She’s becoming prettier and prettier day by day.

  12. yoyo

    do you really believe some random person should be able to sing better than sohee? sohee is the PRO here so she should be able to sing better than people with no interest or training in singing yet she doesn’t, Hell there are girls in Youtube that sing BETTER than sohee ever has, there are random nobody girls on Youtube that could take sohee’s place in a hot second. please get real here, we all know she can’t sing, she sounded fairly decent during Irony days but even then it was simply below average.

    And guess what? ye eun and sunye and yoobin are doing photoshoots, working all days and have MORE lines to sing, I don’t see them screwing up the performances half as much as sohee.

    Sohee is good fapping material, that’s it. Nothing more nothing less.
    And I’m a guy so don’t tell me I’m jealous.

  13. There are WG fans that dislike Sohee??? O_O
    Maybe she can’t sing but she wasn’t auditioned to be in a singing group either. Wonder girls isn’t a singing group. That’s why the media call them as an IDOL group. Singing is a talent but dancing, acting, modeling MCing,etc are talents too. Sohee can dance. And she helped WG to gain popularity. There’s no need to look for people SUPER TALENTED.
    If all the people could reconize the real talent, then groups like CSJH, Seeya or SG wannabe would be really popular and Sohee wouldn’t have so many fans. But people, just want to enjoy the music and the artist’s personalitie.

  14. @ LINA.

    excuse me? Sohee can’t sing her simple short lines? Oh honey. i dont think you can do any better. Add some dacing to it. And try to perform every day at different places and PLUS going to school and modeling shooting and everything. Honey. i bet you’ll look like some scary monster at the end of all that. I dont mind you being a big fan of Sun Mi . but please, leave Sohee alone. Bash sohee, and disrespect coolsmurf. your just a plain rude person.

  15. uh.. someone help me out here.. are those two pictures identical? lol.. i keep comparing them, but they still look the same to me.. i was thinking to myself why would coolsmurf post it twice? haha..
    sohee does look pretty here! 🙂

  16. so hui you are so beautiful and so talented!! thank you for sharing this. we all love you very much !! all the best to you and all the wonder girls.

  17. so hee looks really pretty! she is a natural beauty…i love her hair and her eyes ^^

    it’s stupid to compare so hee and sun mi! sun mi really cares about so hee A LOT! she even said she wants to protect her cause when it’s hard for her its even harder for so hee! so all this sun mi>so hee thing doesn’t make any sense! sun mi said that so hee is her lover lol she even talks about so hee when she is sleeping! you should really stop this nonsense lina!

    MISO is love!!! (MiSo actually means happiness in korean^^)

  18. pretty. she looks older when she doesn’t tie her hair like so her “so hot” look.

    as for a certain somebody…i don’t get it. if you don’t support sohee you might as well not support the rest of the group.

  19. awwww. she looks cute. her mandoo cheeks~

    Sohee’s not my favorite wonder girl, but i support all of them. I love her dancing though. she’s a softer dancer than Sunye but her body line is just WOW when she dances and she is always exact with her angles. great stage presence like Sunye, just different style.. not to mention her long straight legs are to die for<3

  20. for once she looks pretty ^_^

    but they shud stop showing her and SunYe and YooBin (no offense they rock and all) but what about YeEun and SunMi? they’re just as pretty and maybe even more ya noe?

  21. @LINA /ALL:
    I know So Hee have alot Boy-Fans and of course she have cause she’s so cute! ~ many people love her doesnt matter how old they are (I saw more 16 – 20 year old boys liking her not 40 year olds..even many maybe do)
    I am not So Hee’s BIG fan but I love her and without So Hee Wonder Girls wouldnt be the same ~
    I am ALWAYS Scared any member will leave Wonder Girls one day cause normally girlbands have comeback with one or two new members.. I hope wonder girls NEVER will do this !
    and to put So Hee into SNSD would be really mean for So Hee.. okay maybe SNSD finally would be good then but wonder girls would be …. just 80% of that what they were before : /
    and just to say… Sun Mi is my Favourite member with YooBin and I see most people like Sun Mi the most ..if you would REALLY support Sun Mi then you would not say bad things about So Hee cause they are best friends ~ MiSo forever!

  22. @ Lina

    You are unbelievable. Coolsmurf even wrote “No bashing!” Do you not read his articles? Is that why you choose to go on with your bashing. Even if it’s subtle bashing, we’re not dumb. We can figure out if it’s bashing or not. How can you disrespect him like that? He publishes news about the Wonder Girls because he feels the need to share his love for ALL of the Wonder Girls, not just people’s favorites. This article was not about SNSD, Sunmi, Sohee’s talents or attitude. This is about Sohee’s looks. If you don’t like it, refrain yourself from making yourself angry and stop clicking on articles that focus solely on Sohee. I’m not trying to tell you what to do. I just don’t want you to waste your time getting angry.

    Regarding Sohee’s LOOKS: She looks really great, just like an angel like most said.

    Thanks Coolsmurf for providing us with this news/picture!

  23. ok lina…there are A LOT of people like you which causes soh hee to become underrated. people think she’s overrated when they are the ones bashing on her and supporting their personal one member fans. sun mih is really popular so i don’t get what’s the big deal? and you also like sun mih so isn’t that enough? i’ve NEVER EVER saw anyone bashing on sun mih especially who is a WONDER GIRLS FAN. so can you stop embarrassing us wonder girls fans? because you are really immature and sun mih probably doesn’t appriciate that you are a personal fan, and not a wonder girls fan. sun mih wouldn’t be there if there was no wonder girls which includes 5 lovely ladies….including SOH HEE. wonder girls comes in pack…not singles. take it or leave it.

    i believe in soh hee and she believes in us. that’s all it matters. give her respect as a person if you can’t give her respect as a singer.

  24. I agree with sososorri. Lina, you’re assuming we don’t care about SunMi. Aside from YeEun, SunMi is my favorite WG. I just choose to support ALL the wondergirls and not bash one member. Besides, SoHee can actually sing, definitely not as well as the others, but she can at times. Plus she’s a great dancer. Also I doubt SunMi would really care for you if she heard the way you talk about SoHee anyways.

  25. Lina i dont believe that everyone is ignoring sunmi. if you notice. whenever alvin puts up a post just for one member everyone raves over that one member. honestly i think your overreacting. everyone loves sunmi. no one is neglecting her. everyone supports sunmi and sohee. i dont remember anyone criticizing sunmi do you? if anything sunmi is one of the members who stands out the most nowadays.

  26. I don’t hate sohee, I just hate you so called WONDER *GIRLS* ‘fans’ acting as if sohee is the most talented thing to ever grace this earth, when she can’t even manage to sing her simple short lines.

    You all seem perfectly okay with the other YOUNG member being treated like she doesn’t even exist or like she’s one of the elders in the group. Thank god sunmi has her precious unni’s there for her, lord knows she has no real respect from so called WG fans.

    sohee needs to pack it up and go join SNSD, her whole seperate fan base is PEDOPHILES just like snsd’s fan base, she’d fit right in with her stank attitude.

    SunMi hwaiting<333 ^_^
    I’ll always support sunmi unni even if other wonderfuls don’t..real talent and real beauty deserves respect and support. (^_^)

  27. Haha awww <3. Our Mandoo looks so adorable here xD

    I agree with ShimHanNeul. This “delicate” look really suits SoHee.

  28. Anyways, SoHee looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the other Wondergirls posters. Hopefully they’ll give the other Wondergirls some.

  29. Lina please have some respect. No one asked you who was better. We all know how much you absolutely “hate” SoHee, but honestly nobody cares. So please, in the future, keep it to yourself. Thank you 🙂

  30. ^ I kindof agree. =P But I’m biased because I’m more of a Sunmi fan.

    BUT you can’t deny the beauty that is Sohee. Once Sohee becomes legal, guys are going to be confessing their love to her even more like how they do now with Yoobin. XD

    he said that NO BASHING.

    well, quite those jealous words for SoHee. She’s indeed beautiful in the Ad. I like Yoobin and YeEun than her, but there’s no need to bash because she looked really amazing and delicate.

    I prefer this kind of style for her over the “too-much-make-up” for her past Ads.

  32. So Hee is great. Maybe its proven that she cant sing as good as the other members, but she is still great!
    And she is cute ^^

  33. OMG she neeed more pix like that’s cuz her face it like in a 1st debut on 2007 february when they are debut irony!!!! i hope she will do this pix more but a other !!!^^

  34. wow! this is cool! she looks really pretty in this! 🙂
    too bad they don’t have individuals of every wonder girl…

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