Preview of Wonder Girls @ MBC New Generation Star Trot Battle 080915

The preview clip for MBC’s New Generation Star Trot Battle has been released and the girls have never been smexier in their greyish outfits singing trot and dancing! They show some skin and cleavage, especially Ye Eun !

Official MBC Pictures

Screencaps, click for a bigger and better view

“New Generation Star Trot Battle” airs 15th September at 6:30pm (KST).

credit: etbbong + cutegiurl


52 thoughts on “Preview of Wonder Girls @ MBC New Generation Star Trot Battle 080915

  1. @TH009 and @Mari ; yeah, it does look like a chestnut brown. either way, she still looks gorgeous ! (: but yeah, Mari, it was on star golden bell, when yeeun was named as “dirtiest member”. that’s when she explained that her hairstylist was telling her to wash her hair every other day. something like that. quite destructive treatments she had on her hair ):

    and @ab ; how was that harsh on sohee?

  2. WOAHHH!
    Hahahahaahaha I loved Big Bang in the preview.
    I love the Wonder Girls ~
    @Lina. A litle harsh on Sohee?
    ._. I love her hair in this!
    I haven’t actually seen it yet but I’m sure they all did well!

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. @saranghaex3:

    I so did not know they bleached her hair, and twice?! No wonder it sometimes looked so dry. That’s horrible.
    But it’s still been a while, and in the photo shoots you could see the dark roots.

    But looking at these pictures I think they probably did dye her hair a chestnut brown like TH009 said. But hey, I’ve dyed my hair plenty of times and when I pull it back it’s darker than when it’s let down. Also the lighting probably makes it look darker.

    Either way, it’s still a nice color. Maybe it will be the red again for their come back.

  4. I just watched it!

    Ye eun, sunye sunmi & yoobin sounded great as usual, and as usual those four looked great. ^__^

    WG fighting<3

  5. @saranghaex3, when I first saw it, I checked on both monitors, then checked it on another computer, then on a laptop… (but I’m not obsessive or anything) 🙂

    I’m not expert on coloring hair, either, but it looks to me like they dyed it a chestnut brown as a half-step back to her original hair color. The red was a shock, back in May, but I liked it.

  6. @TH009
    i’m on a different computer today and now the pictures look wayy different >< in other words, i’m glad i wasn’t the only one who saw brownish hair… my eyes would have deceived me! lol

    i remember yeeun saying that they bleached her hair 2x and then colored it more than usual so that it would stay. and even in their 1677 pictures, her roots aren’t visible. idk. you’re probably right because i have no experience with coloring hair. and idk how long ago those 1677 pictures were taken either.

    i agree with you!

  7. i like ye eun’s hair this way…. dark hair suites her most… but red hair looks hot on her… either way she’s beautiful…

  8. It’s natural, once you dye your hair if you don’t keep on coloring it the color starts to fade. You can see her dark roots coming in as well.

    So unless they dye it red again, it will be more of a dark brown with black.

    Honestly I want to see her with black hair again. XD
    Can’t wait for this to premiere.

  9. WHOA!!! NOOO WAY!!!

    O__O i didnt even notice her hair O__O shame on me O__O

    I really liked her hair red TT__TT

    with my luck it could just be the lighting xD

  10. @saranghaex3,

    I was waiting for someone else to notice – it looks like Ye Eun has gone back to brunette. *sigh*

    WG lovely as always…

  11. i dont like their outfits. its an ugly color and its just really ugly. i always love what they wear though…it might look better in the video rather than still pictures.

  12. what the hey… did they change yeeun’s hair to brown? or is it just the lighting? i reallyy liked her red hair on her… oh well. she still looks so pretty!

    yepyep she’s my fave again lol 😀

    they look like they had so much fun. too bad i can’t watch it when it’s aired because it will be like, 11:30 at night my time >< and then i have school the next day.. bleh

  13. OMG lol G-Dragon LOLOLOL HAHA
    yeah but I wanna see all those performances so so much *,*
    it will be on TV tomorrow? ..
    monday? ~ not often performances on Mondays…lol

    (I live behind the moon ..maybe today is saturday HAHA who knows..)

  14. The preview looks hilarious. Big Bang, oh gosh ❤ xD LOL, and ss501.. That’s hot ❤

    OMG, who dressed up as Elvis? o___o

  15. love the girls! they look hot!

    cant wait to watch it! and their dancing is so sexy!
    haha i notice seungri jamming while the girls were dancing!
    wonderbang interaction! haha

  16. omg I CAN’T WAIT for this. and what’s more, there’s big bang! Jiyong looked absolutely adorable in the clip. AWWW…

  17. wow.. how exciting!!! in the 2nd picture… i’m glad sohee and sunmi didn’t over do it… ye eun and yoobin looks like having fun..

  18. wonderbang moments? are you serious? i hope so? cant wait. the girls are so pretty..sohee is too adorable dancing around. it looks like they’re enjoying it very much.

  19. oh sunmi and sohee~ their innocence is slowly shedding >_<

    regardless, all the girls are looking good. can’t wait to see! thanks for the info and the clip!

  20. i could barely recognize yoobin in the 2nd-last picture!! i almost thought it was sohee at first cuz of the mandu cheeks, but nope.. sohee’s not that dark! *-* haha.. can’t wait to see this~~~ ❤

  21. our girls are growing up sooo muchhh. they look more mature :D. OMG big bang is too sexy for words! i hope everyone who plays the trot battle wins something special for everyones uniqueness 😛

  22. Whoever Elvis was, he did the v-line dance for so hot ahha

    Dayum, the girls are looking really really…I DONT EVEN HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE EM XD Smokin’ hot, as always =] Gah Ye Eun *__* the blood is rushing to my head ahah

    They totally danced to “Crazy In Love” *__* i’m gonna die ahah

  23. hey is this the first recording that both big bang and wonder girls are in since both their comebacks? i cant wait to watch this. it looks awesome.

  24. I love Yoobin’s hair tied back like that, it looks cute on her.

    The girls are looking good.

    Dare I say it… WONDERBANG!!!

  25. Wow!!! All the girls look beautiful as usual. I love the new look but I hope they keep each girl’s induvidual style. When you first see them you can’t tell who’s who because they are all wearing the same dress unlike the past where they came out in their own style even though they had one theme (I hope that made sense hahahaha)

    But overall it’s a nice change an as usual, I can’t wait to see what’s to come.


  26. D:
    Yoobin in the 2nd-last picture.
    Omg~ She’s to die for.
    So cute~ Almost had to second check it was her xD
    Haha, TOP in the video.. so cute, and G Dragon.
    WG look very good there, and I like Ye Eun in that look.
    Looks like they had fun.

  27. OMG ye eun looks soooo good…she has a really nice body D:
    I love those dresses and their hair looks so cute^^


    That countdown is almost doneXD


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