Chuseok for the Wonder Girls: Giving and Family

Before their comeback, the popular girl group Wonder Girls has returned to their hometowns to spend the Korean holiday Chuseok with their families. They also prepared special presents for the JYP staff before they left.

Not their Chuseok Photo, but recycled from New Year

Not their Chuseok Photo, but recycled from New Year

Chuseok is a major harvest festival that is often compared to the western Thanksgiving. Koreans spend time paying respects to the family’s ancestors and sharing a feast of Korean traditional food that includes eating songpyeon.

Wonder Girls’ management company representatives stated, “On the morning of the 12th, the Wonder Girls gave Chuseok greetings along with presents to the staff, then left as scheduled to spend Chuseok at their parents’ home.”

The Wonder Girls presented gifts of branded cosmetics to the staff. “You could see the care they prepared the presents by giving men’s items to the male staff and women’s items to the female staff,” shared the representative.

Meanwhile, their homepage is showing a D-10 countdown to their comeback.

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20 thoughts on “Chuseok for the Wonder Girls: Giving and Family

  1. Aww how cute and nice of them.
    I love them!
    They’re so realll and so hot hearted.
    I wish I could seee them in NYC with the chuseok concert festival thing. 😦

    thanks coolsmurf

  2. yay! infinite props to wg!
    happy chuseok everyone!
    i wish i could go to the festival and live my dream to see wg in concert, in person.
    oh well.. next time.. 🙂

  3. ahh! happy after the sad news of Anbi it makes it a bit better to know that Wonder Girls comeback is coming ToT
    I’m so happy for Wonder Girls news
    and yet so sad for Anbi news TT_TT

  4. LMFAO, “you should see that they care because they gave male items to male staff and female items to female staff”

    wow, i didn’t know it was called CARING when you actually get them the correct “gender” item. lmfao

  5. these girls are so honorable they don’t care about money they just care about family, friends and fans ❤

    wondergirls are wonderful

  6. om…thats soooo sweet of them!~
    hmm.. hope all the staffs and the WG have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!! and.. most importantly spend more time with their families! x]

  7. aww the girls are so sweet!

    my mom’s already making songpyun @ 6 in the morning …^^

    have a happy choosuk everyone~~~

    oh, and it’s finally D-9 for me now! yay

  8. LOL! of course they gave men male stuff and women female stuff! haha. but I get what they mean– they’re very thoughtful. glad to know that they spent the festival with their family members. get a good rest before they start on their hectic schedule again

  9. Oh, and I’m looking forward to seeing you (WG) at korean chuseok festival in NYC on sept 21st!!!!! woo hoo cant waittttt

  10. Happy Chuseok to our Wonder Girls! I hope they will have fun and get lots of love from their family. Surely, this will help recharge them for a powerful comeback =) Wonder Girls Hwaiting! We all are waiting for you

  11. Happy Chuseok to Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls! I hope Wonder Girls can spend more time with their families soon!

    Wonder Girls

  12. Yay 1st Post! Wow their pretty in the new pictures =) I hope they can spend happy times with their families !


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