Wang Ki Chun Shows His Admiration for Yoo Bin

Judo exponent Wang Ki Chun who won a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics continues to show his admiration for Wonder Girls member Yoo Bin.

On the TVN talkshow “Taxi”, Wang Ki Chun (21) who had mentioned publicly that he had a crush on Yoo bin said that out of all the female celebrities that he has met, Yoo Bin was the most gorgeous one in person. He met Yoo Bin when the Wonder Girls performed at Taereung Athletes Village before the Olympics.

He said, “I was blinded by Yoo Bin’s beauty, she is gorgeous in real life.”

He also mentioned something about his scandal with Moon Ji Eun after he had mentioned before that that the latter had a pretty butt. “It was pretty awkward in the beginning but it got better after I posted photos of her on my Cyworld. We occasionally exchange text messages but in my position as a fan only.”

credit: wonderkid

8 thoughts on “Wang Ki Chun Shows His Admiration for Yoo Bin

  1. Pssh~
    He’s cute, but not like Uber Cute… to me.
    But once you do it repeatedly, it gets rubbed off the wrong way; like obsession or a will of not giving up.
    It’s nice admiration, but I say.. if he does it once more, I’d think he is Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs in love, if you catch my drift >_>

  2. Man, this guy just doesn’t give up does he? AHAHA! It’s cute though =] He’s not exactly the hottest guy though X__X

  3. so yeah… saying i like yoo bin does not mean you are gonna get her… yoo bin is too good for you man i am sorry…


    XD lol jk ^^

    But geez I guess he really does like her o.o; I thought he was just being silly with what he said before but hes like still talking about yoobin haha XD

    she looks so cute and sweet in that picture lol ^^

  5. Wooo. First.
    Anyways, I want to be blinded by Yoo Bin’s Beauty! Lol Haha~
    Yoo Bin’s getting a lot of attention from the fellas lately~
    Haha, She’s a beauty, no doubt.
    WG fighting~

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