Countdown to Wonder Girls Comeback

If you by any chance visit the Wonder Girls official website now, you will be greeted with the following image of a countdown ticker and a new logo. According to their image stylist, the concept would be something called trendy girl band Wonder Girls which fits in with their wholesome image.

An all-pinkish page with a moving countdown ticker which writes D-10 which means in 10 days time we will be seeing something exciting about the Wonder Girls and their new mini-album. You can also type something into the box and then register to leave a message which will show up instantly.

I am guessing images of them would be appearing near midnight soon everyday just like “So Hot” promotion and this countdown gimmick is something like what Big Bang and Epik High have done. Are you getting excited and ready?

Here’s a bonus selca of YeSun love

34 thoughts on “Countdown to Wonder Girls Comeback

    New mini albumm.
    How exciting!!!
    I’m so pumped for this.
    I’m so sure with every fiber of my being that it will be as awesome as allll of their other songs. πŸ˜€

    thanks coolsmurf

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    The countdown just restarted itself 😦

    I was expecting…pictures!!! a new website design and everything 😦

  4. OMG *____*
    i can’t wait!!!!
    soo excited~~

    anyways i like pink^^ it would be great if they show us a pinky imagexP

    Wonder Girls Fighting!!!

    and…their new mini ALBUM!!! ITS COMING OUT!!! COMING OUT!!!! and..are they gonna sing it in their comeback??!
    YES!!! W/E it is.. i will alwayss LOVEEEE THEMM!!!
    yay!! GO WG!!!! xD
    wer all excitied to see u guys back!!WB! =)

  6. I really feel like staring at this until the time runs out lmao If you look at it long enough you say to yourself, “Hmmm, there’s not much time left…” when there really is LOL

  7. wierd. when i opened up the WG JYPE page..
    it says D-11. not D-10?
    did they change it? or is it accoring to umm timezone?

    WG fighting!
    i like pink. ^^ pink and WG. cute!

  8. hey coolsmurf don’t know if you like WonderDay (2 am + 2 pm + Wg) but there is a thread for it at soompi. similar to like wonderbang or wonderwhatever. u could add it to soompi wonder if you’d like

  9. ^ I’m probably gonna be wrong but I read this as, “DC inside Wonder Girls Gallery”… which I don’t think would make sense if a fan wrote it xD haha but oh well. I tried!

    I’m so excited to see what our Wonder Girls have in store for us >3< kyaah!

  10. “DC inside μ›λ”κ±ΈμŠ€κ°€λŸ¬λ¦¬”

    Coolsmurf please translate this! >.<

    Someone is spamming WG site with this message. is this mean??

  11. dang.!!
    if i am in korea.
    im not gonna sleep till their comback, so i’ll be the first one to watch it. haha
    im so excited<3

  12. omg! wonderdiner? my first reaction come to mind was the image..okay, but someone say sometihng about “diner” hairspary style like and im like omg! like could this be some kind of broadway image with like rollerblading or rollerskating..sorry im like off with the image concept here but it would be really cool if they were wearing rollerskates. i think sohee is going to kill this song…she’s pretty good with broadway songs. i hope so..?? sohee fightin’! wonder girls fighin’..cant wait for their images..counting down..finally its gettin exciting!

  13. OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

    *spazzes out*


    lmao jk….XD

    lol I CANT WAIT^^
    I’m gonna leave a billion jillion trillion messages hehe..


  14. I’m not gonna hype more than necessary. That way, they can surprise me and wow me to the fullest xD

    I already left like 12398402938402342 messages haha

    The new logo is totally Wonder “Diner”-esque ahah. Hairspray-ish =]

  15. they both look pretty. i love ye eun’s hair like that and sun ye’s plaid shirt. man excited for their comeback!!

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