Wonder Girls 1677 Design Mobile Wallpapers (September 2008)

1677 has released another whopping collection of 54 pictures in mobile phone resolution for a new event featuring the Wonder Girls in the same outfits you saw previously for their September photoshoot. There are an even distribution with 9 solo pictures for each girl and 9 group pictures. Enjoy the pictures!

I am not going to flood this post so just some samples.

Ye Eun

So Hee

Sun Mi

Sun Ye

Yoo Bin

Tired of saving 1 by 1, here’s a zipped package
Download (4shared) | Download (SB) | password: yoobin

credit: 1677 website

39 thoughts on “Wonder Girls 1677 Design Mobile Wallpapers (September 2008)

  1. the girls are looking gorgeous nowadays! πŸ™‚

    @kjpop, mari, thoog009, etc.
    I AGREE… with all of you! they never really gave yeeun much attention until recently. i guess they finally realize what a beauty they have in the group!! and i her dark hair. because her skin is fair, the red looks better.

    but omg yoobin looks so cute in the heart picture and the last one lol
    sohee is actually really good at photoshoots >< like she can pull off a lot of different concepts. i’m surprised.
    sunmi always looks so adorkable lol ^^;
    sunye’s hair in the presents one is kinda… meh…. 😦

  2. @mari and kjpop – In one of the radio show interviews, Sun Mi made a comment that Ye Eun unnie never did “cute” things – until recently. I miss her dark hair, but I think the red hair has been good for her.

    Sorry, got distracted by that picture again…

  3. @ Mari and THoog09 – OMFG I KNOW!!!! I’m actually glad they give her smokin hot outfits nowadays XD Seriously. They need to flaunt her a lot more O__O I’ll fly there and beg goshdarnit ahha

  4. i miss yoobin long hair! i like her piks
    with the army uniform really pretty! the
    pik of sun ye with the presents is cute

  5. @Kathy & Mari

    Ye Eun is gorgeous either way, but every time I pan past the 2nd picture (with the glasses) I hear someone yelling “daaaaaaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!”.

    Oh wait, it’s me. πŸ™‚

  6. i love the expression on sunmi’s pics..& love sohee’s pic with the tongue out..ye eun on the payphone is just adorable & sunye look cute with red sweater..tanx for sharing!!!
    lolz at the password…kekeke..

  7. Wah, this photo shoot for some reason reminded me to go old school. So I searched a few videos and found this performance

    They really do have strong vocals. Then I looked up your “Tell me” video and had some more fun. XD

    By the way, what is the link for the 1677 site?

  8. @Kathy

    I agree. She was soooo beautiful with black hair. Espeically when it was let down straight with her bangs in the front. Bring back the classic!

  9. Thanks for sharing the pictures. ROFL at your password. But I love it because it’s short and sweet, just like the girl.

    Oh I just wish these were like super big HQ wallpapers. AND PLEASE let Yoobin grow her hair back for the new album. She looked so smexy in the photoshoot with the extension.

  10. ye eun looks the prettiest in these pictures
    i dont like sunmi’s dress in one of them
    or sunye’s hair
    or yoobin’s scary expression
    but other than that, theyre so freakin gorgeous πŸ™‚

  11. all the girls look sooo beautiful. :-b
    very, very nice! the little wings on sohui reminds me of mtv season 1 episode 2 with huyna. πŸ™‚

  12. omgd yoobin is gooorgeous with the long hair.
    i know ye eun looks really pretty here but back when she had black hair i thought she was GORGEOUS. i want her black hair bacck =[

  13. Can I dance? Yeyeyeyeye

    I love Ye Eun, and that secretary/office/woman at the top inspired look is hot. She’s hot. From charming to sexy to dorky and cute.

    Sun mi looking at the gift box is the best one, I think she’s the cutest out of all of them.

    I loved this photoshoot.

  14. Omg i love all the Sun Mi pictures! Especially the school girl ones. She looks so adorable and cute in those ones hehe πŸ™‚ She looks funny in the pilot outfit hehe ^^ I don’t like Sun Ye’s ‘messy’ looking hair..i like her usual straight hair =) and same with Ye Eun πŸ™‚ I love her straight her a lot!

  15. wow thanks they look soo hot lol
    i love yoo bin in army clothes and the orange tee and a skirt but i am not really digging the punk look… its just not her…

  16. WOAH!
    Yeeun’s secretary picture was hot! hahahaha.
    I was not expecting Sohee’s sexyhot picture.
    I was like ahhh cute! aww she made a heart! and then BOOM sexyhotness and then back to cute and adorable again.
    LOL@SunMi’s pic when she’s looking at the box..
    Hahahah I love the Wonder Girls so much.
    Ahhhh. what I would do to meet them..

    thanks coolsmurf!


    Actually, they all look really really hot ❀

  18. Yoobin sooo cute!!! ^^ lol I love her army outfit =D and sunye looks so classy and stylish in the black dress =D

    Its good to see more ye eun haha^^ she looks pretty =D

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