Wonder Girls To Comeback by End September

The earliest date by which the Wonder Girls would make their comeback is end September with no specific date mentioned (25th September probable).

The Wonder Girls are now in the midst of recording for their new mini-album and are on schedule to meet their September release date. Many have been anticipating and expecting their new single to carry on their hot streak especially with their runaway success of “Tell Me” and “So Hot”.

In a phone interview with KukiNews, JYP Entertainment expressed, “The Wonder Girls has been working hard and experimenting with new ideas in their position as a group that sets the trend in the music industry. Their new mini-album will be something (music style) that belongs solely to the Wonder Girls.

The Wonder Girls have been performing frequently these couple of months and showing how much they wanted to see their fans on a regular basis. For this year’s Chuseok, each Wonder Girl member are expected to return to their own homes and spend the holidays with their family members.

Images of their new mini-album concept will be out in mid September.


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls To Comeback by End September

  1. Lina,

    Haha i think SNSD fans are just trying to make other groups look bad cause all the hate is on them haha.

    I just saw something on Youtube today that there was a fan account of Tiffany while they were in the US and she was talking crap about one of the fans that took the same eleveator as them. Dont know if its true though.

    Coolsmurf: sorry for turning this into an anti SNSD thing.

  2. Yayyy can’t wait!
    I’m glad they’re going to spend Chuseok with their own families. That’d be good for them.
    I hope they have fun in New York and what not too

    Lmao@Lina’s comment..
    Ironic since many would consider SNSD to be one of Korea’s big failures.

    thnks coolsmurf

  3. Oh and I read it on Kara’s board since it was happening there lol XD then some anti-SNSD sites started posting screen caps and stuff showing how ignorant their fans are to other fan clubs..its probably on Soshified and soompi now also >.>

  4. Just the usual retarded SNSD fan crap they were bashing Kara on their fansite “Kamilia” saying that Kara is among the “failure” Kpop groups and they in-directly bashed Cats and BabyVox Rev. by saying they were all failures, they wrote that Kara should stop stealing SNSD’s image and should just stay out of their way. then they started spamming the boards with BS saying CSJH should stay in Japan because “korea belongs to SNSD” lol …it was a pretty dramatic e-fight before people started getting banned from the board XD lol ELF and cass members were defending Kara fans also lol ^^

  5. UWAAAAAAA! i’m so excited!
    i even wrote the comeback day on my calendar in my room so i won’t forget!! 🙂
    but wow they’re all going to visit their families?
    good good. i love the fact that they always keep family close.

  6. Oh almost forgot to comments on my lovely Wg ^^

    Can’t wait for them to come back and once again stomp all over other girl bands like they’ve been doing. =D Maybe WG and Kara can even perform to together 😀 …Since snsd fans new target is kara fans….they must be really scared of something. lol

  7. omgosh!! Their new image is releasing in mid-sept?? Does that means they dont have that mushroom hairstyle anymore?? Another new image??hmm… O_o..
    But anyways! Ill still love to see it xD no matter what it is..this is soo excited!! xDD MID=SEPT!! ONLY within a week!
    Woot Woot!! Go WG!! x]

  8. OMG, cant wait to see their new image..mid-sept, that will be on the 15th Sept which is basically just 5 days away!!!

  9. First! I really hope that JYP doesnt build up so much hype that it disapoints the fans. But then again, knowing WG, they probably wont disappoint anyways :]

    September 25th is a bittersweet day for me.
    WG will make thier comeback but all my friends move away to start college :[ hahaha

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