Wonder Girls for TBJ Mania Star Series

Couple of pictures of each Wonder Girls member from the mania star section of the TBJ website. Taken in between breaks from their recent TBJ photoshoot.

Sun Ye

Ye Eun

Yoo Bin

So Hee

Sun Mi

credit: TBJ.net


31 thoughts on “Wonder Girls for TBJ Mania Star Series

  1. SUNMI! XD typical 4D picture.

    I’ve been wanting that hoodie they’re all wearing since that one picture with all of them and 2AM.

    If anyone’s going to Korea or live in Korea, dude… buy that hoodie. I’d totally pay you!!

  2. is it just me or sohee is growing a little too fast for my liking. She doesn’t look like the introvert girl a few years ago. LOVE THEM.

  3. ok wtf you guys all think i’m ridiculous, but i said something about sohee’s eyebrows being kinda angled, and i had other stuff.. idk what hapened to it… D:

  4. omgosh.. ><” the WGs always…ALWAYS LOOKS SO GORGEROUS!!! lolz Yeeun “W”..mhmmm lets start doing that xDD

  5. sunye looks cool on de forst pic n yeeun’s W haha..
    wow sunmi,being herself tht’s why we gotta love the girl =D

  6. LOL I am totally in love with SunMi’s last pic it’s so HER.
    So goofy and silly. hahahhaha.
    And of course Yeeun’s “W” sign! hahahhahahaha she’s so funny and out there like SunMi but in her own outgoing way.
    hahha oh this is exactly why I love the Wonder Girls.

    thanks coolsmurf
    It made my day just a little better than it was.
    Which is a very good thing.

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