Wonder Girls Concert & Studio Album Release? + Chuseok Schedule

I didn’t want to post this because it’s so far away with no tangible dates. But seeing that there’s not much news today, I will post this but don’t get your hopes too high until JYP Entertainment announces anything official. Their Chuseok schedule is confirmed and a wonder weekend lies ahead.

From the red underlined words, it’s said that the Wonder Girls will release their 2nd studio album early next year and their own concert in February 2009.

The Wonder Girls will also be competing in a trot battle!

They are going to compete in MBC’s Chuseok special “New Generation Star Trot Battle” airing 15th September at 6:30pm (KST) which will be hosted by famous trot singers Jang Yoo Jung and Park Hyun Bin. The Wonder Girls will be performing “Cha-lang Cha-lang” competing with other stars like Big Bang, SS501, Jewelry, SG Wannabe, etc in this battle of Korean groups.

Sun Ye will also appear as a panel guest in SBS’s Chuseok special “I am the Real Star” which airs on the same day as the MBC Chuseok special at an identical timeslot. Jo Kwon of 2AM will be there as well with Sun Ye but it’s a no-brainer choosing which you should decide to watch if you judge wisely.

Credit: 수호희@byulha + wonderkid (translation)


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Concert & Studio Album Release? + Chuseok Schedule

  1. omg i reallyyy hope JYP decides to hold a concert for the JYP family sometime in the future in Hawaii while I’m still here before i go to college!!

    but anyways, this is so cool! i hope they carry through with all this!

  2. WOOT!! They finally get their own concert!! Now they can show off there skills in February!!

    It’s gonna be so wonderful since it’ll be their first solo concert and there such a talented group!

    I’m definitely going to watch the trot battle XD

    Wondergirls Fighting!

  3. I’d totally watch the trot competition. I mean, there could be a chance of a WonderBang interaction there. XD

    AND A WONDER GIRLS CONCERT ON FEBRUARY 09?!?!?! AHHHHH! That’d be WONDERFUL! ohmygosh. It’ll be their first solo concert!!

    …unless it’s not solo?

  4. aww all the way next year 😦 lol but excited about the concert yaaay. hope we get a couple in americaaa *crosses fingers*

  5. WHOOOOOTTTTT!!! finally their own concert!!!!!!!!!!

    super excited for this! i was hoping for their next album sooner but its coming soon! whoot! lol

  6. Wahhhh!
    Their own concert oh goodness!
    That’s pretty intense. I’m glad they’re finally getting the official singer spotlight with their own concert and all.
    I cannot WAIT until their 2nd official full album.
    And also the mini one coming up. :DD

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. I’m still trying to get to the concert in NY XD NOW THEY HAVE ON IN KOREA?! *maybe maybe* DUDE IM SO THERE!!!

    I’m anticipating that new album more tho =]

  8. OMG OMG OMG !!
    this is such a good news!! and their album is out in Feb. 2009? =(…thats such a long time..ill try to b more patient being their fan and waiting for their album to come out X]!!


    Their own CONCERT???

    Hells yeah!! my parents are taking me to KOREA for this. I wont hear any no’s about this thats for sure!! XD

    lol I cant wait to see them in NYC though haha^^ hopefully I can catch them shopping and eating around the festival after singing,, =D

    2009 is only a few months away lol…Early 2009 is January…they’ll be done promoting their single a little bit before then and then the new album comes =D

  10. i hope it’s true… i really can’t wait for their 2nd album or an own concert! and this trot battle also looks interesting..
    ohh and i love JoYe couplexP

    anyways FTW WG!

  11. oh my god definitely i am watching yoo bin ha ha i would watch sun ye first because i have imbc acc so i could watch trot battle later but i don’t like jo kwon…

  12. ohh I saw the Pics of Sun Ye & Jo Kwon on a show!!
    sooo i’m thinking that must be the one!!

    Yay i’m in for some more JoYe action I am so in love with those two

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