Wonder Girls @ SBS Change 080907

This was something that no one knew. On SBS “Change”, celebrity guests get special makeup applied on them so that other people can’t recognize them and go around to see how others behave towards them. Today’s episode saw singer Jang Yoon Jung and gagwoman Yoo Chae Young having the special makeup treatment applied and the Wonder Girls were one of their “targets”.

Ye Eun and Noh Hong Chul hosted the impromptu segment with the other members as judges with Jang Yoon Jung and Yoo Chae Young competing to be the 6th member of Wonder Girls for a “fake” Chuseok Special. The following are official SBS pictures.

Jang Yoon Jung was eventually picked ahead of Yoo Chae Young for her excellent performance, dancing and singnig Wonder Girls “Tell Me” while the latter was given a friendly advice from So Hee that she should be more precise in her dance and not so sloppy. Yoo Chae Young showed her frustrations as she lie down on the floor protesting the decision which led to laughter from the Wonder Girls. They later consoled her and said sorry for not picking her.


30 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ SBS Change 080907

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  2. freakuency

    she kept touching her lips because theres a mask on her face so if u had a mask on your face that’s glued to your skin wouldn’t u kind of touch it to make sure that it’s stayed put or something? that’s why she talked funny. lol. and the point of the show is just to trick people into thinking that they are some random weird people. basically yeah. hope i helped.

  3. hey coolsmurf! thought i should let you know that there is now a MISO picture thread at soompi korean celeb photos section. so if u would like to u could add the link to the category SOOMPI WONDER but i didn’t start the thread so iono but yeah.

  4. oh so she doesn’t come out on change every time? too bad… well i have another question… i only saw the part after they dressed up. Why are they keep grabbing their lips and whats the point of this show? lol

  5. as far as i know ye eun is only host for this section. she isn’t a main mc although i think she’d be great at that x.x

  6. so ye eun is the main MC for change?some one answer my question please cause if thats true i am gonna see all of change XD

  7. ye eun looks so fab! i’m soo happy she’s the host for at least this part of the show. this looks fun 😀

  8. SUNMI’S REACTION FTW! love it whenever ye eun does things like hosts because she has a great personality. sohee was not shy here =D

  9. Sun Ye looks like shes have a fun time, her laughing pictures are so cute. Ye Eun’s a host! w00t w00t. Can’t wait to see this, even sohee looks like shes having a good time.

  10. im looking forward to this.

    1st it has wonder girls
    2nd ye eun is one of the host.
    3rd sohee is laughing.
    4th the girls looks so pretty.
    5th it looks like the girls had so much fun.

    cant wait for this.

  11. This ep should’ve been amazing i love the way they work hard to be the 6th member. Doesn’t Ye eun look awesome there and dorky (sunmi) being herself. just love ’em all. WG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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