Ye Eun and Friends Selca 090904

Pretty and cute Ye Eun. Trying to imitate a dumpling with her puffed cheeks.

credit: chan eun nyong@byulha + Ye Eun’s friend Cyworld

38 thoughts on “Ye Eun and Friends Selca 090904

  1. dorky ye eun!
    i just love her so much so pretty with good personality, nice towards fans, with brains and so talented she really is the best!

  2. awwww…… i really love her….
    that’s all i can say….

    she’s really pretty whatever style she wears…
    but this natural look of her is really gorgeous

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  4. i love ye eun….
    she’s like.. the best wg there is!
    all-rounder, and good personality…
    if only i was a bit older, i would marry her 😀
    hahahahahah jk

  5. I think she’s really pretty but under the radar sometimes. :((
    She’s actually pretty freakin HOT!~
    But I’m sorry to say she doesn’t pull off the mandu cheeks look.
    But she’s still gorgeous.

    thanks coolsmurf.
    It’s always nice to see the Wonder Girls with regular lives

  6. Ye Eun is majorly gorgeous! 🙂

    to sohee (the commenter not the member of WG): Are you blind or something ye eun is wayy prettier than her friends, her friends are pretty but ye eun is prettier.

  7. How the heck are her friends prettier than her >.>
    You must be blind or very one sided when it comes to beauty.
    I think they are all pretty, but Ye Eun is different and very radiant *Not to sound corny or anything*

  8. Her friend with the long hair looks like Hara from Kara!

    Anyways Yeeun (also my super fav wonder girl) look so cute/pretty. I love the expression in the last picture.

  9. ye eun’s friend(the long hair one) looks like ahyoomee.

    yeeun unnie!! so pretty,so smart,so hot,so cool,so hot!

  10. Thank you so much! You made my day. Ye Eun is just the most awesomest*Cool word is cool* Wondergirl. Beauty Brains and Charisma. *Yeah getting cheesy here* I would marry her if I wasn’t a female. Can’t wait to see them on the 21st.

  11. yayy! my fave WG knows how to work the camera lol
    she’s so cute!
    and so pretty… photogenic… gah this list could go on forever…

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