JYP Entertainment, “Wonder Girls Leaked Photos? Simply Ridiculous!”

Some especially those working in JYP Entertainment has expressed their disbelief and anger with regards to the leaked photos of the Wonder Girls with mushroom-like hairstyles (just wigs) being spread on the internet.

Star News called up JYP Entertainment this morning and the manager of the Wonder Girls expressed, “Photos of the Wonder Girls with their mushroom-like hairstyles started circulating the day before on the internet. These photos were leaked without our (JYPE) knowledge/permission and it’s simply ridiculous.”

He continued, “Regardless of how it had been circulated, the photos have already been taken (without their knowledge). We still don’t know who the culprit is and the motives behind it. Nevertheless, we have put in place new procedures and will proceed on with our original plans.”

“Some have questioned that this is a publicity gimmick by us (JYPE) which is simply ridiculous. We hope that this is the end of the issue. Wonder Girls will still make their comeback with their new image. Before everything is made official, we hope that the photos will not be circulated any futher.”

“The photos have already been leaked which is out of our control but we will not be making any comments about the photos, related issues so that our original plans for the Wonder Girls can proceed smoothly as scheduled.”

Netizens who have seen the leaked photos expressed, “Is this a scene from their new MV?”, “Are they filming their new CF?”, “They look very cute”, showing their anticipation and curiousity for the Wonder Girls new work.


18 thoughts on “JYP Entertainment, “Wonder Girls Leaked Photos? Simply Ridiculous!”

  1. the leak is a big deal. the novelty factor is gone from the minute this is leaked without any actual song, MV to back it up. hopefully, this is just one part of their actual concept and they have other things to cover this up with.

  2. why is it such a big deal…they’re just pictures, not albums. besides i’m not so surprised when it comes to leaks in the korean entertainment industry anymore.

  3. I’m looking forward to it but I can see the stress knowing someone in your company of SO MANY there’s one that you cannot trust.

    I absolutely LOVE the pictures though ^^
    Wonder Girls looking amazing as ever
    I CANNOT wait for Super Junior – DBSK – Big Bang – FT Island to be doing the new dance =)!
    (well I’m hoping they will! xD)

  4. I really don’t care anymore. I just wanna hear the single xD

    Ever thought about this? It could just be a teaser for the MV =P Don’t need to get hyped over the *blahhhh-tastic* wigs. Chillllll JYP chill ahha

  5. i understand where JYP’s coming from with it being a surprise and everything….i guess we’ll jus wait for their comeback and see

  6. well it sort of turned me off when i saw their new hairstyles
    i didnt really like it
    but i hope the song is okay

  7. Honestly, these images don’t do anything for me. I understand that you want to keep the ‘big reveal’ under wraps but having these images don’t mean anything in my opinion. You see the girls in their little outfits but where exactly is this all going? Gonna have to wait to find out.

    I love WG to death and I doubt having a few photos being leaked will totally spoil the party. If the entire video or single was leaked…then we would have a problem on our hands. Or at least JYP would. Fans on the other hand would have something new to listen to. =P

  8. Well, when you discover that the thing you wanted to surprise people about the most has been leaked to the public, it pretty much ruins all that preparation for a great comeback. People already know what their new image is like, and I honestly wish I hadn’t seen them, ’cause now I feel like they’ve already come out, and when I see their new MV in full-length, it won’t feel…, full. I’d be feeling even more anticipated about their comeback if that person hadn’t taken these pictures and leaked them to the public, but since I like their new image and am definitely willing to give it a try, I’m gonna stick around and hope for the best.
    ~[ I ❤ WG ]~

  9. It matters because maybe he didn’t want their new image leaked more than a few weeks before their comeback. Now this may or may not be just a small part in the MV but still it’s just retarded that you can’t trust the people YOU hire around you and now JYP has to a run down of people working around their set and see if this is the same asshole whose leaked other things before. I mean damn WG may not even be done filming their CF or MV and people are already leaking shit. Someone would be getting fired.

  10. i really do hope that those images wont spread any further ! People will not anticipate anymore if they saw those images.. : (

  11. ^^ yeah but the image may turn off people and can foil their plans. or if this is the image they want it to be a surprise. that’s why it is a big deal. if u plan a surprise for someone and they find out b4 it happens, how is it as special for them?

  12. i seriously have no idea why this matter so much for jyp, its not their album thats leaked, just an image, geez

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