Big Reaction to Wonder Girls Retro Style Concept for New Single

This is official now since all the Korean news agencies have reported on this today. JYP Entertainment probably gave the ok signal or thinking that since it’s already leaked and spreading like wildfire, it’s no point denying it.

The leaked photos were posted on Daum last week and believed to be from the MV filming scene for the Wonder Girls new mini-album. All five of them have mushroom wigs and retro outfits from the 70s, exhibiting a totally different charisma from the past. With regards to the Wonder Girls new concept, most netizens expressed their anticipation, “It looks like Uhm Jung Hwa hairstyle, hope to see the Wonder Girls comeback soon”, “It’s like little Uhm Jung Hwa”, “Too cute”, “Wonder Girls can also look so charismatic in this way”.

The Wonder Girls are preparing for their comeback on 25th September and they will also squeeze in some time for a performance in New York on 21st.


142 thoughts on “Big Reaction to Wonder Girls Retro Style Concept for New Single

  1. Omg this is so cute :]]

    Kinda shocking at first but I’m still looking forward to the new song :]

    (BTW, I cant figure out which one is Sun Mi and which one is Sun Ye. D:)

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  3. If they release it then, i think they are going to clash with DBSK….

    cute, i hope its just a scene in the MV. i don’t mind the clothes but i hope they don’t wear those wigs in the performances.

  4. so hees hair looks like um jung hwa and sunmi;s hair looks like seo in young.. lol sunyes hair looks the worst!!! ><
    yeeun looks like ahjooma ;/

  5. i have faith in jyp and the girls.. not expecting anything either.. we can’t pressure them so much.. they don’t have to prove anything to anybody…

  6. While I do love Ye Eun’s new color, I really do prefer her with Black Hair. She just shines with black hair. I would love her hair now more if the stylists freaking knew how to style it.

  7. ROFL, well I really think it’s just wigs now. Ye Eun’s hair is so pretty now, like I’d get pretty whack if she cut it and dyed it @__@

    But how cool would it be if they just ripped off those *nasty* wigs and just unleashed the real *new* image rofl. Idk, just a dream maybe. You can’t help but speculate anymore.

    I WANNA HEAR THE SONG!!! aaha But at the same time I don’t want anymore leakage TT__TT How torn I am.

  8. Hmm…. they each have their own style but making them wear the same kind of wig makes them hard to tell which ones which… took me a while to notice my beloved Yoo Bin. I can’t even imagine So Hee with shroom hair style…. but i bet she looks cute ~!

  9. i hope this is just a part of the MV and then the rest is in present day LOL.
    i really hate that hair on them and the clothes.

  10. Honestly….I HATE the look. I hope its just part of their MV and when they do perform their song the won’t do it with the wigs. I’m ok with Yubin wearing the wig cuz thts like the same stlye she did for Tell me. But for the other…we’llll……..
    anyways if they do support this new stlye, I will SUPPORT them.

  11. If this is for the new MV, JYP was talking about the new single being something as big as So Hot and Tell Me. I honestly just care about the song itself ahha

    Like, I really really disliked the clothes the girls dawned for Tell Me, so I’m just thinking it’s this sort of situation for the new MV. At least I’m hoping so. I’m praying for another hit, that’s all =D

  12. lol. let’s just support them
    but heck i can’t wait to see their new MV.
    they can’t stick on a one concept for forever.
    its a new style.

  13. If they do go retro/70s they will actually showcase their vocals. Unless of course it turns out to be a pop song mix. But hopefully it’s the former.

  14. Yoobin is the easily to recongize since she’s been wearing those wigs alot…
    Ye Eun looks like she’s sleeping poor girl must be tired.

    I still don’t like the mushroom hairdo. I think it’s ugly.
    but I like how WGs are always going back to ol’skool.
    First they went to the 80’s with “Tell Me” which I like because it was different & Tell Me became HUGH, even I fell for the the Tell Me syndrome & now they are going to the 70’s (which I love).
    I think it’s smart because all other girl groups are doing the cutesy(annoying) thing while WGs are going ol’skool.

    Looking forward to their comeback stage.

  15. When I first saw the pictures, I couldn’t differentiate them very well. o.o

    But Yoobin looked good with her uneven bowl cut. It looked quite cool.

    Can’t wait for their new single album.

    Wish it was full though. I didn’t buy the So Hot Mini Album in the first place because I assumed that the mini album’s songs would be included in their next full album. =/

  16. hope this does really well since they’ve been having success after the other. Can’t wait for the music video to come out i hope my nerves can wait till then. WG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ^ totally agreed with you,

    im praying this for a CF really as much as i love them changing their image up but i think the whole colorful theme have got to go, bring back when the girls wear less make up & show off their vocal.

    but like i say on soompi i’ll wait for the single & the full mv to come out before i judge anything.

  18. Also remeber those shots that were leaked from Hyori’s “U go girl” MV? then the MV was a totally different concept and it was hot too lol…Im praying this is the case haha, the retro style is so over right now :/ I want the damn hip hop/pop style back…damn you JYP..LOL

  19. Im not sure if this is for a CF or MV but to be honest I dont think JYP would go back to US retro style like before, but I think if it’s a MV it’s a old fashion turned modern type CF (hence the beauty salon)

    I really can’t say much about a few pictures were it’s only the same wardrobe and scene, theres no telling what the concept may be if they dont even show a wardrobe change once haha, I think the wig looks best on yoobin XD lol

  20. Oh My Gawd.. They’re so pretty! Their new hairstyle is cute too! I cant wait to see the new album! I bet its catchy too!

  21. whoa~
    I hope that’s just a tiny bit part of the MV…
    still whatever they look I’ll still support them ^_^

    omo I can’t wait for this…

  22. It’s not as bad as people made it out to be. I highly doubt they will perform 100% in this hairstyle, and will probably just be small scenes. Or that’s what I hope, at least.

    YooBin’s hair looks really great, I guess because by now we’re already used to her having short hair.

    I sincerely hope they don’t perform in those outfits though. ;p

  23. Ya they do, but unfortunately it isnt very good. Just the MVs and introductions… its if u want to know.

    Im gonna cry

  24. it looks cool… hope it turns out really well… can someone answer my question please, does wonder girls have an official website???

  25. i don’t if it is their new look or not. i love them no matter what ! their music is what is so special to me. when yubin had her hair short it didn;t matter. when sunye cut her hair, it didn’t matter. in fact she is even more beautiful now as before, because i see her and all the girls with my heart. go wonder girls !! you are all special. ❀ u

  26. I very shocked for the first time that i knew about them new looks.
    So, I’m always support Wg whatever they do whatever they be.

    Thanks coolsmurf.

  27. Well whatever it is I can’t wait for it!
    Even if they do have hideous (opinion) bowl haircuts.
    And thanks Lina for explaining!

    I didn’t even recognize Sohee for a couple seconds there.
    2nd one from the left right?
    She looks unbelievably different.. and not in the good way..

    Well anywho I can’t wait to see what they’ve been coookin up!

    thanks coolsmurf.

  28. Not sure if i like the style, hope that is just part of the video, anyway they’re the Wonder Girls, so I Love them!!! and I’m lookin forward for their comeback!

  29. i dont get the whole secret thingie that some wonderfuls is asking blogs and forums to take em down
    its good for publicity, plus half korean netter and media already know abt this

  30. the wonder girls have already gone with the retro concept. hello their “wonder years” album. i don’t think the concept is retro. i also think this is only one part of their mv.

  31. So its not their new image..? Their new song must be retro then..? Oh mona..i hope it will be scared its not going to be as great as Tell Me and So Hot..good luck to their practices though!!~

  32. @ab

    Yeah those are the pictures, to me it seems more like a CF but who knows, WG may not have even started filming the MV for their new single yet. People are saying it’s a CF then saying its a MV so we’ll really just have to wait until they release more info.
    Most likely since JYPE was making a fuss about the pictures being leaked it’s for a CF. JYP didn’t make any kind of fuss about So Hot being leaked which makes me think another company is maybe invovled. >.>

  33. I know one site that is always posting negative shit on WG hasn’t taken them down yet. Oh well, I had me and some mebers of spec. email JYPE website and JYPE youtube page about it so hopefully this hateful blog will get shut down all together once JYPE sees they still have illegal pictures up haha, they’ll probably just force them down though -.-;

  34. o.o..
    Are the leaked pictures of the new single of them sitting down with short wigs on all of em’?
    Cause if it was then I accidently saw them even though I said I wasn’t going to until they offically came out :(.
    I wasn’t so lucky when they were first posted up and so I was going to be patient.
    But then my friend told me that they all cut their hair to bowl length and I freaked out so she showed me the pictures on and I think it was the leaked pics.

  35. well we can’t expect all the others to try to help the girls out.. we did our best..should be proud wonderfuls… we managed to keep a secret on the internet, where news spreads like wild fire…well done!

  36. KBITES has taken it off, she’s a nice person so yeah. As for other sites that has posted them, they are not Wonderfuls at all and just want to get hits to their sites. All the Wonderful fansites/forum/blog have removed them regardless because we want the Wonder Girls to succeed with their comeback single.

  37. KBITES posted up the pics with their own article! ARGH. =( i wish they would take it off. hey coolsmurf, are you cool with the person who runs KBITES? maybe you can ask that person to take it off until they officially make their comeback.

  38. EDIT~ i jus saw the pics and im really excited for this! hahaha i really liked the new concept and how its turning out…hope the wigs are jus for the pv though

  39. noooo!!! i missed it too!!! im not so excited tos ee mushroom head sun ye..???? but im sure she looks BEAUTIFUL either way πŸ˜‰

  40. they all wear the SAME black wig!!! and the SAME clothes but in different colours! so it’s not about the best makeup/wig!!
    relax! sun ye doesn’t look ugly it’s just a bad angle but it’s because these pics aren’t officials!

    i think you can find them on naver…

    btw: sun ye is ALWAYS pretty!!!!!! even with this kind of mushroom head style….

  41. I’m stilll really angry at the fact SunYe got a really shit one, while the others still got a relatively decent one…

  42. aww i really want to see the pics.. how can you deprive us of them 😦 other people seeing them just wants me to see it more =x


    Please do not distribute these pics, as I love the Wondergirls, and do not want to damage their sales or anything!

    Go SunYe!!

  44. yea i’m sure they were leaked on purpose
    but is now a good time considering 2pm is debuting soon?

    i saw the pics on naver. seriously, it’s not as bad as people are freaking out. they all just look like uhm jung hwa’s to me. all their wigs were really awkwardly cut, except sohee’s of course. πŸ˜›

    and i’m sure it’s not a concept. they’d be a laughingstock to go on stage looking like that.

  45. omggg my friend just showed me them!! ahhhh!!!
    I won’t say a thing though, keep up the suspense!
    don’t worry guys! wait a little longer!!!! ><

  46. omg i really hope the bowl cuts are not for the new album ><!

    i love there hair i hope those were wigs not the actual haircut 😦

  47. aww looking at these responses, i am not very happy…
    i hope its not some out there funky, crap like some other artists..
    WG rules and i love their personal, casual styles. :]

  48. OMG.. OMG!! WHERE DID U SEE IT??!!?!?!


  49. dang it T_T I didn’t get to see it =(
    but for Wonder Girls it’s worth the wait ^.^
    it only makes me more excited =D!

    I guess I’ll just have to wait and see
    Wonderfuls really you guys are great though
    good thinking for the girls they’ll feel very happy =)

  50. omg i went shopping and i missed their
    pictures! ughhhhhh!!! but ill wait. but
    from what i read bowl cuts and wigs?!
    oh gawd. lol but im sure they’ll look wonder-

  51. i think some of your links are still floating around soompi. i managed to see the pics while it was being quoted by a soompi member. i m not sure if its yours but it was credited to coolsmurf, so i guess its best to delete it entirely from the picture hosting site because some ppl still have the direct links to the pictures.

  52. WHOA. missed it. o.o I’m quite afraid about the new image though. It seems like it’s mixed, but I’m most afraid about mushroom head Sun Ye. IS THIS TRUE?! @.@ *waiting like crazy*

  53. Sun Ye doesn’t get the ugly clothes >.< everybodies clothes is matched for their likings and their styles and so forth.
    OMG i hope they can show their TRUE vocals by not having to sing a ballad :3

  54. JYP’s stylish hate sunye
    its not possible
    he always give her the worst clothes and hair
    i know she is pretty enogh
    but what is the reason of make her look bad
    she is like wonder girls ‘micky’

  55. since everyone is talking about a mushroom head..oh godno.. i think im gonna hate this then γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… 

  56. Lmfaooo unlucky me missed them..
    But I shall wait until Sept. for them to officially come out.
    Thanks for the warning though cool smurf.

  57. DAMN i missed it too *goes on a rampage*

    anways i though I wanna was gonna be their next single, so whats everyone talking about a pop song?

  58. OMG stop talking about it 😦

    It just makes me want to see it more -.-
    damn damn damn I cant believe I missed it :O(

  59. I thought it was freaking cool.
    I missed that color on Ye Eun. She and So hee look so nice with the wigs on. XD

    Go go girls anyone? Can’t wait.

  60. i must also add that if u guys saved them, don’t share them… we don’t want a third party to release them either… shocking, but i’m digging it

  61. thanks for taking the pics down ^^

    anyway, I really like their new concept “mod/retro.” I’m totally looking forward to it~

    random but, i LOVE your NEW BANNER!!

  62. WHAT!


    ARGHH lol

    Its okay I can still wait haha…damn fans wait for it!!!! LOL

    ahhhhhh this just makes it harder to wait though….I’ll try to be patient…PLEASE NO ONE POST THE VIDEO..DONT RUIN IT FOR ME. LOL!

  63. i think its going to be an mv… the hair is weird…. i think they are acting like an unfashion person and turned too beautiful girls… hopefully, i have a feeling its a song which is catchy but aren’t going to show of their vocals…lets hope its something good!!!

  64. they’re soooo cute!!! hahahahaha.. im speechless!!!
    wonder girls can pull off anything!!! im anticipating their new single and new concept!!! XD
    sohee looks really cute. I’m not really digging sunye’s wig though.. :/

  65. T.T WHYYY@!!
    other look nice but i dont like sunye’s 😦 i feel sad for her

  66. i just died than came back to life just to type this. omg i cnt wait if its an MV really anticipating it
    if its a CF they look so cooly hehhe lol
    this thing will surely make some noise
    hehehheheh lol

  67. haha if you look at the 3rd pic, the guy in the boston red sox cap (yeeeaa representin) his face is blurred.

  68. Speechless….but I wont say I don’t like it cause Sohee looks pretty good..haha Um I’ll just wait for their new release which I just realized seems so far away now. T^T In the angle they have it Sunye doesn’t look that great with the hair the rest look pretty well thanks for sharing!

  69. LOL. The last picture…
    Yubin is not the sexy yubin. HAHA!
    Heechul is gonna love his hairstyle since now Wonder Girls are having this kind of mushroom head style. HAHA!

  70. o_O

    OMG!!!!!! nooooooooooo

    hopefully this is not their new image for their new single!
    oh my! i’m worried right now… JYP don’t do that!!! i trust in you lol

  71. Oh please do not be their new image. I think im gonna cry. I hope this is just a CF or just a part of their MV and nothing more. Please don’t be their new image! I’m going to be so disappointed, i swear.

  72. I’m actually digging it! I’m pretty sure this isn’t their permanent image. Probably one of those MVs where they change styles throughout the MV, like Hyori’s U-go-girl. I like this bold step nonetheless. I do hate those wigs though.

  73. if they sing some kind of catchy pop songs that do not showcase any vocals at all,i will stop to listen to them,i swear

  74. i was so spechless at first glance lol. I still am but trying to get over it since we’re not even sure what this is all about.
    Really hoping it’s not their new concept. Even though they’ll look good nonetheless but I’m not feeling it and I wont be able to get over it for a long long time. *Prays* lol

  75. well i’m waiting on official reports.. this could be a cf
    i don’t wanna jump into conclusions..and if its a mv..I’m sure they will bring it.. 100% trust on Jyp and our girls

  76. wth ? what’s with the mushroom hair? *gulp* is mushroom hair on fashion today? oh gawd. i really wish this is only for magazines or whatever. or it’s okay if it’s a part on the mv but i really hope it’s not their concept. . if it is. . well. . . I will still love Wonder Girls.

  77. they look hot in whatever they wear lol!

    Back to Retro??
    I don’t care!!!!!!!

    i love the Wonder Girls!!!!!!!!

    I’m so anticipating their new album & MVs!!

  78. Okay…

    after taking a second glance…

    bowl cuts and bob cuts!?!
    maybe it’s just a small little tiny part in their MV…i mean, those wigs and those dresses are really unflattering on them…maybe they’re pretending to be old ladies? then the REAL wonder girls come along and make them over ..=D
    hahaha *crosses fingers*

    oh, and i didnt even recognise who sohee was at first.

  79. OMG! I can’t wait for their new single *tries my best to wait patiently* XD GAHHH—

    This MV seems a little odd though, HAHA.

    I hope it’s good!!!!!!


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