Wonder Girls 1677 Design Screensaver Wallpaper (September 2008)

The following are images I extracted from the individual 1677 screensavers released yesterday. As I said, the pictures are more awesome than the ones released by 1677 as wallpapers. You simply have to see it for yourself. All wallpapers are in 1280×1024 resolution. Click on each for the actual size and then use it as your desktop wallpaper. Captions translated by Luxtoraa.

Oppa you are stiff

Oppa you have no sense

But I still like oppa the most

I’m loveable, right?

I’m sweet, right?

I’m cute, right?

Have you finished your homework?

Huh~ You haven’t even started?

Shut off your computer and quickly do your homework!!

Pick up the phone

Pick up the phone while I’m still in a good mode!

Yah! I told you to pick up the phone!!

Who are you?

You are a bit cute!

Do you want to be mine from today on?

This includes everything that 1677 has released for September
Download the Entire Package (UU) | password: 1677

credit: 1677 website + Luxtoraa (translation)

49 thoughts on “Wonder Girls 1677 Design Screensaver Wallpaper (September 2008)

  1. i want nobody nobody but you

    cool song like fire of 2ne1

    i like wonder girls than 2ne1

    they are so cool

  2. is that the leader of wonder girls?

    2ne1 is much more prettier than wonder girls

    but i like also wonder girls

  3. omg sohee and sunmi are to die for! yea– these are TOTALLY better than the official wallies.

    but i don’t like how they rockified yoobin– it makes her look scary >_<

    thanks for sharing!

  4. i agree with humble. But they all look amazing~! But on Sun Mi i think she should have put some lip gloss on or something cause on the first one her lips are all shining and moisturized but the last two looks so dried up~ other then that they look amazing~!

  5. @ ab
    i heard this rumor too…i don’t know if it’s true but “so hee short hair” is one of the most searched term on daum right now…

    i hope it’s not true i love her long hair T.T

  6. lol! the translations are so cute…
    but what does sunye’s one mean… “oppa you are so stiff” wtf o_O

    please someone mend this cultural clash dilemma that i’m facing D:

  7. … o.o.
    I’ve been hearing rumors that Sohee has cut her GORGEOUS long hair short.
    I’m praying to God that this isn’t true but can anyone deny or confirm that rumor?

  8. My own oppinions about the pics.
    SunYe: her hair kind of looks like shindong’s hair but still she looks cute!
    SoHee: cute as always with a little ribbon on top!
    SunMi: love her hair.. especially her side bangs.. it really looks good on her..
    Yoobin: She looks like a Rocker! like kind of a punk-ish kind of girl.. but still loving the hair..
    YeEun: looks kind of like sohee’s hair but prettier!
    WG Fighting!

  9. Sun Mi looks so pretty, but that caught me off guard! I’ve been putting off my homework, and now, Sun Mi’s telling me to get off the computer and do my homework!! haha! I should put that as my wallpaper now… XD

  10. i lovee so hee pictures!!!
    she is so cutee!!
    and yeeun looks RREALLLY cute!
    i dont really like sunye with curly hair =/

  11. LOL. I love SunMi’s backgrounds the most out of this bunch XD. The have-you-done-your-homework? theme is so cute ❤

  12. OMG Sunmi and SunYe took the cake this time. They really stood out the most here. They are downright gorgeous. I just loved the way SunYe looks. You just want to pinch her cheeks!

  13. Thanks for the translations. Aww, my fav. wallpapers would have to be Sunmi’s too. All of them look really nice. Thanks for extracting them!

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  15. Here are the trans to the caps of the pics. Credits: Luxtoraa 🙂
    Sunye: 1. Oppa you are stiff
    2. Oppa you have no sense
    3. But I still like oppa the most

    Sohee: 1. I’m loveable, right?
    2. I’m sweet, right?
    3. I’m cute, right?

    Sunmi: 1. Shut off your computer and quickly do your homework!!
    2. Huh~ You haven’t even started?
    3. Have you finished your homework?

    Yoobin: 1. Yah! I told you to pick up the phone!!
    2. Pick up the phone…
    3. Pick up the phone while I’m still in a good mode!

    Yeeun: 1. Who are you?
    2. Do you want to be mine from today on?
    3. You are a bit cute!

  16. Yeeun soo purdy!! her hair does look like its darker. Maybe its the light?
    Sunmi!! Su purdy xD I can see her being a dork like that in class too ahha

    Gah, theyre all so pretty =]

  17. Ye eun looks so pretty!!! ^^
    Her hair is so strange though haha,sometimes it looks darker and here it looks much lighter o.o; I like it darker^^

    yoobin looks so young in that rocker outfit lol XD

  18. i love sunye’s and sunmi’s pictures the best!!! ❤
    sunmi is just plain adorable!!! i like it when she applies less makeup..*-*
    thanks coolsmurf for ur hard work! i really appreciate it!

  19. Aww Sohee’s is SO CUTTEEE.
    and I love the little sentences in the pictures hahaha.
    SunMis.. “Turn off the computer and go study!”
    And Yeeun’s “Who are you?” to the cat xD and haha the 2nd yeeun one “From now on today, would you like to be mine?”
    Hahaha I love these they’re so cute.

    thanks coolsmurf

  20. Omg i love the Sun Mi screensaver pictures. I agree these look way better than the wallpapers. Sun Mi looks VERY cute in here, she looks so gorgeous ^^ I don’t look Yoo Bin’s punk image though ><” Her screens looks weird, but i still love Binnie! ^^

  21. Sunmi is so ridiculously gorgeous! ❤ Yoobin’s pictures made me laugh. It just looks awkward overall. 😡

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