Wonder Girls Recognized by Virgin Media Website

The Wonder Girls are featured in an article on the website of Virgin Media, one of UK’s leading entertainment & communications company titled “Girls groups – the ones to watch“. This is no mean feat considering it’s not even the American market for which Park Jin Young has some clout in. That the Wonder Girls are the only Asian group being listed goes to show how highly rated they are by the editors of the website. An unlikely avenue for people to know them.

Shame that the Youtube link listed to their “So Hot” music video is broken. I wonder whose link that is? maybe mine? A pity that visitors to that site can’t proceed and get charmed by the Wonder Girls even further.


43 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Recognized by Virgin Media Website

  1. Guys look! WG getting more Foreign media attention =D

    Paris hilton has WG CD! haha even Paris loves them πŸ˜€

    I wonder was this in the US or Korea trip..^^ either way Im sure paris loves “so hot” since that’s almost like her “thats hot” slogan lol. XD

  2. Sorry For Being an Asshole..
    and yeah.. i will leave this blog alone..
    i was just very jealous of the news..
    and please do visit Soshifield..

    sorry WONDERFULS..

  3. So I just found out, that two of our Mega stores are closing in 2009.

    I’m so upset right now. Quite a few of them are closing down around the country.

  4. vertigo i agree with you and im sure all if us agree with you.
    If you’re a soshi fan we respect an welcome you in this site but if you’re just gonna bash them, just leave the site<3lol

    and for kxjenn: i really want to believe you that soshi fans are really nice but when you said that i just suddenly remember the soshistalker site and just start asking myself, is that really true??lol

    please let’s be friends<3

  5. Oh and someone should email their site and give them a working link….I want people to be able to watch their MV,, ^^

  6. YAY MARI! ^^

    Make sure you film it x__x;
    Although Ive seen Epik High MV’s playing in certain stores here in the US. ^^ Not sure if it affected their US exposure though o.o; since most people are just shopping haha

  7. I went nuts when I heard about this. That’s just spectacular! to be recognized overseas is not an easy task so this was amazing news!

  8. I wonder why people always want to generalize a person as representing a whole. *Don’t reply to this, You’ll waste your time*

    Hmm, does this mean that the view count on Youtube will be going up? Hehehehe.

    I’m asking my friend who works in Virgin Records Mega store on 42nd to play some Wondergirls. Wish me luck.

  9. uuuh out of this whole epic argument Lina, u said theres a One Day forum,chat thingy? r u talking about their international forum? if you’re not can u give me a link to this other forum? thanx

  10. Okay guys enough..
    This is a peaceful place where wonderfuls come to enjoy WG news. I don’t know why SNSD is being mentioned in the first place. Its very annoying that I can’t even enjoy the pics, news in peace, without some drama. Wonderfuls keep your cool, and for the others don’t bring up SNSD where they aren’t directly mentioned… If you can’t get yourself together at least show some respect for the blogger, you are ruining his blog with all the useless bickering. Sorry Coolsmurf.

  11. Just saw this on CR and I’m so happy for the WG! They deserve the recognition. And Lina, don’t give WG fans a bad name. I’m a fan of both WG and SNSD and I respect both groups and their fans. Name calling and speculating isn’t going to make any group better but it will make their fans looks worse. You’re already sinking to FanyLove’s level – I don’t think you want to do that. This is a WG blog and so let’s stick to loving the WG and ignoring haters. Retaliating would just make it worse. Anyways, congrats to WG again! Can’t wait until their next single.

  12. Woot!!
    Wonder Girls are on top!
    Big screen in NY and now this!
    Go Girls!!!!
    no one compares to them!

    mad props to JYP too!

  13. Woah Lina, calm down. FanyRules may not even be from soshified. I’m frustrated at that person too. I’m a fan of both groups and I admit, I hate it when their compared to each other. Coz honestly, they both got their own things going on. But anyways. Woot! Go WG. They’re really getting somewhere now. πŸ˜€

  14. i think a big difference between jyp and sm is that jyp works personally with wondergirls to ensure their success… plus he’s like their friend… he wants them to be successful and become known. and you can actually tell he’s working hard to make them worldly known. on the other hand, i think most of the sm artists are scared of lee soo man… all they can do is hope to become as famous as wondergirls.
    such a pity the link doesn’t work… hopefully that’s fixed soon!

  15. i spazzed so much when i saw this.. people are finally seeing what we’ve seen for months now.. them being the only asian makes it even more special. Wonder JJang!!

  16. LOL i was wonder what link it would be too.

    But well done to the girls for making it on to the Virgin page, thats quite an achievement!!

  17. this is huge yall!! virgin media is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! they invented the SPICE GIRLS lmfao
    only non english singing, non western group to gain the recognition out of all the groups out there in the world!!!
    WG is in the big leagues now
    this is probably old though, when coolsmurfs so hot video
    was up!!

  18. That is just “wonderful” It’s a good step towards their goal like Kari stated.

    Can’t wait to hear more from them.

  19. Waaah, I think that’s a huge step towards their goal. They’ll definitely gain more recognition from this. XD

  20. That really sucks the video isn’t working, but, actually I guess that’s a semi-good thing?

    I mean, people will get curious xD They’re gonna look up “So Hot” on YouTube and they’ll manage to find it…eventually XD

  21. I expected Danity Kane to be on there and they were.
    Thats so awesome for the both of them to be in the same category.
    Cheetah Girls were in there too. Random much? Hahaha.
    A lot of the groups in there are really well known, thats awesome.

  22. VIRGIN???? that’s crazyy. they are also the only one’s who exclusively have songs in another language on the virgin site.

    yeah but i don’t like how they called their songs candyfloss pop(but i have to admit, that fits the description of their songs tell me and so hot)

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