Wonder Girls Becomes A Blue Chip Stock in CF Industry

Only three-quarters into 2008 and they have already inked six CF deals, with nearly 1 billion KRW in the bank. From cosmetics, clothing line, etc, invitations for them to endorse their products from companies has been non-stop.

Having only debuted just slightly more than a year, the Wonder Girls has swiftly elevated themselves into the big league of the CF world. Just for the earlier half of 2008, the Wonder Girls have already inked 6 commercial deals and turning themselves into a blue chip stock (well established, stable, no liabilities). And the invitations have just kept coming in recently and it’s predicted that the Wonder Girls will soon hit in excess of 5 billion KRW before the year ends.

According to the manager of the Wonder Girls, “They are currently endorsing for the gaming, telecomms, school uniform, drinks, etc products. In addition, we are also in discussions now with some companies for possible CF deals.”

The Wonder Girls have already promoted Keroro Fighter, Slim Panda (KTF), Ivy Club, TBJ, Vita 500, receiving around 100 million KRW for each. So in total, the Wonder Girls have managed to earn around 500 million KRW thus far.

Negotiations are now underway with around 10 plus companies for possible CF deals with 3 to 4 more already signed but yet to proceed. This means that the Wonder Girls are well on target to break the 1 billion KRW barrier soon.

According to someone from the advertising industry, “The Wonder Girls have a wholesome image that fits in with the masses plus they are quite trendy. Add the popularity of Tell Me and So Hot, plus their high exposure rate due to their never-ending performances. It’s no wonder that they possess all the criterias that advertisers are looking for to advertise their products.

Other than Rain and Lee Hyori who are top of the league, the others like Jang Dong Gun, Jeon Ji Hyun, Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Ryeo Won dominate the lucrative CF market currently for entertainers. So it’s pretty amazing considering that the Wonder Girls only debuted slightly more than a year ago and are already holding an important position in the CF world. Add to the fact that they are purely singers now compared to the others, it’s even more remarkable.


30 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Becomes A Blue Chip Stock in CF Industry

  1. dang.!!i can’t stop saying that i’ve never so proud with any celebrities in this world except for them.
    i so love them forever<3

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  3. i dont mean to sounds bitchy or anything, but,…
    only 10 mil won per ad? i use to think they get 3-4 times more than that,
    well that overall sum is pretty much huge for hs girls, but how much they get to share and split among themselves? 30%? 40%?
    of course jyp will get more share

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  5. omg you go wonder girls! ❤

    i wish they can continue there hard and great work and make more money and gain more popularity! ❤ XD

  6. That’s why I’m going to go broke! HAHAHAHA!

    I basically want everything WG touches, so they’re good endorsers! =P

  7. wooooo hooo!!

    People lets ignore the dumbass haters
    because they haven’t phased Our girls!!
    and they’re not even getting on my nerves to be honest i feel sorry for them so everytime you see a hater in our territory just think “are they that insecure about their idols?” hahaha

    Wonder Girls are the best no matter what the haters say and it’s been proved over & over again so no worries fellow Wonderfuls
    Our girls are & always will be on top!

    Wonder girls rock the kpop world!


  8. WONDER GIRLS! they must be doing SOOOOO GREAT…considering all the fucking hating SNSD fans coming on here bashing them now. Jealous bastards.

  9. that IS amazing only a year and they’ve already gotten this far a few more and WOW 0.0
    who knows how far they’ll go =)
    I’m so happy for them! =D

    Wonder Girls jjang! <33

  10. Wonder Girls are the BEST.
    And I’m glad that everyone is finally realizing that.
    This is good.
    I hope everything in the future that they have to do will tire them out.
    But anyway Wonder Girls fighting!

    thanks coolsmurf

  11. Make that money girls!!!
    Ivy club?? wait what??!? I must’ve missed that…
    I’m soo happy about that one, the girls always wanted to do a school uniform advert.. <33
    Keep leading the pack wonderful girls.

  12. the girls deserve the money. they’ve worked soo hard.
    even though most of it will go to JYP. the girls will still get a lot. keep them coming! WG fighting!

  13. “school uniform”

    oh wow i hopes that it true about this CF because the girls
    always wanted to do one for a school uniform & finally they doing it.

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