Wonder Girls To Appears As Guests Performers At Alex’s Solo Concert

Alex will be having his first solo concert titled “My Favourite Songs” on 6th and 7th September at Ewha Womans University Auditorium. The Wonder Girls will be one of several guest performers on his concert and they are now discussing whether it would be just them performing or doing some special collaboration.

Meanwhile, MC Mong started his “Mong’s Troupe Around the Country” concert tour in Seoul last Saturday and among his performances, he did a MC Mong version of “So Hot”. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see it of course unless if you were there. But there is a rehearsal clip released earlier last week where you can see MC Mong doing “So Hot” including his manager.


16 thoughts on “Wonder Girls To Appears As Guests Performers At Alex’s Solo Concert

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  2. omg wow really with Alex?!
    thats GREAT! xD
    and MC Mong omg he just cracks me up every time =)!
    I just hope the girls get to rest and eat properly with all thats going on!

  3. hehe lol. i get to see Jang Geuni again. hehe that’s him isnt it? with mc mong? lol i remember him from Star Friend Blind Date with Sun Ye and Yoo Bin! he’s funny! hehe.

    WG figthing!

  4. Alex and Wonder Girls? This is a dream come true..
    ROfl , McMong gotta be my second fav monkey..
    So glad his tour has some WG flavor in it…

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