Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #8

TBJ have updated their website with pictures of the Wonder Girls and 2AM modeling the Wonder S Jean series. We have two full pictures while the rest are just small cutups since they are just there to complement the products.

This is likely to be the final update but there could be more.

There are also five wallpapers available in 800, 1024 and 1280 resolution.
Download them in zipped format.

credit: kim hyunah roo@byulha + tbj + wonderkid


55 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ “WONDER S JEAN” campaign #8

  1. ow ow ow… why must we fight? why dont just take a look at those jean-clad legs and… drooolz… ? i never thought of them as just Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi or So Hee but as the beautiful, cute, talented, humble and adorable Wonder Girls… 5 person who complete each other, not compete with each other. so can we forget all the hate, plz ?

  2. and another thing. ye eun is not getting overshadowed or left out here..lol. Modeling isn’t the only thing they do. When they sing, see who gets most lines and get praised? When on talk shows and ect. see who gets adored being dorky, funny, cute… seriously, sohee has been getting all the hate. you people talk as if the people who are incharge of this photosoot aren’t professionals. They all have their time to shine, and when it comes to modeling its sohee….just so sad you haters can’t be happy. Without Sohee Wonder Girls would be nothing. So don’t treat her like crap.

  3. actually sunmi gets alot of shots too…and yoobin doesn’t get much shots either..i don’t see anyone complaining about that. Lol, you haters are so immature…sohee is not to blame. This is actually normal, sohee and sunmi gets more shots for a reason..especially sohee since she is a model. the only one being biased is you people who are bashing here…grow up!

  4. Lina and other haters,
    it’s not sohee fault that everyone loves her and she is the popular one in the group.so stop rashing.it’s not like she wants t be in the center of everything so stop.
    she didnt plan to be in alot of photo’s.

    no offense but sunye has no ass.and she’s my least favorite member in the group.but it’s cool i’m still a fan.

    sohee,yoobin are too gorgeous
    sunmi,yeeun are stunning
    sunye one word beautiful

    wonder girls rocks my fucking socks!!!

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  6. i agree with kjpop. there is no way that those are the only good pics of ye eun. she looked gorgeous in the making of the shoot.

  7. I think one thing we’re forgetting is that these are TBJ, first and foremost, not JYP. While JYP does have like the “ultimate” say for the pics and whatnot, I think the photographer and TBJ people are the ones that choose the pics, aren’t they? Correct me if I’m wrong xD I’m not totally sure.

    I mean, with photoshoots, don’t those people usually pick the “best” picture from each shoot? Obviously there might be biases and whatnot. But is it so hard to just give other members a chance to shine? It’s not like they take bad pics. They all should have an EQUAL chance to shine. They are in a girl GROUP. Is asking for more Ye Eun or Sun Mi or all the other girls pics too demanding? =[

  8. JYP knows WG wouldn’t be shit without Ye eun…he can stick her in the back all he wants, they can give her only one picture and at the end of the days WG fans know the true talents in the group…and we all know it’s not miss overrated with all the talent.

  9. @MrHibbert

    ii have to agree with u becuz she never does anything like the rest do… jyp is so stupid for makin everyone else more famous…. >.<

  10. Why is So Hee the one who appears the most in the pics its not as if she is the leader. No offence she’s my favorite but they need to realize WG is not all about her. Sunmi should be getting more props besides so hee is already a media darling and sunye too.

  11. I agree with all the comments saying that there needs to be a little less SoHee >w>. I realize that she brings a certain charm to the WG but its stupid that they’re using her popularity to get more attention. I mean, shouldn’t SunYe technically get the most attention since she’s the leader? -O-;. Or at least just give all the WGs equal attention. They’re all fun, pretty/cute, and loveable in their own different way – not just SoHee!

    Hope YeEun gets more attention in their next MV at least :I

  12. binnie looks sooooo darn cheeky in that pic with sunmi LOL.
    she should do more pics with leader min though ^.^

  13. ROFL XD @

    “17 W_G_ROCKS

    so pretty…but why doesnt ye eun like have any solo >.< she’s frikin GORGEOUS AND LEGAL TO LOOK AT!! -.-” jyp is sick makin 16 yr olds show off their pancake ass -.-” ”

    yeh wth is ye eun!!!?? she so “se-ku-shi”

  14. i guess its safer for me to stick too this website.. thanks wonderfulls you guys trully are wonderful!!! lets give our love and support to wonder girls for ever!!! WONDERFULS AND WONDER GIRS FIGHTING!!!! I hope God forgives the sins that AllKpop do, and hopefully in the future become a nicer person… then everyone will be friends and no bashing will happen…

  15. coooool!!
    Wonder girls with 2am is nice!
    but.. maybe better with big bang 🙂
    sunye and yoobin’s so prettyyyyy!

  16. Oh yes. Park Oppa FTW.
    She just has this versatile charm. I love it.
    But out all of the Wondergirls she has the most mature look and womanly body.

  17. Oh God, I could only imagine if they ventured to a photoshoot idea with 2PM O__O I’d die happy.

    And ignore AllKpop. They are very pro-SNSD and anti-Big Bang and WGs and the like =__=. Basically, anything that’s sexually appealing to them is what they enjoy promoting. It’s the true. I go there for the shits and giggles xD

    @ Mari – a hot guy? ROFL!

  18. Daaaang.
    That’s really hot.
    Like whoooooo!
    Haha they’re all so hot it’s amazing.
    I LOVE that 2AM is also in this. I love them!

    And saranghaex3 Please don’t blame or hate Sohee cause she’s the center of attention. It’s not her fault. I know you didn’t say you did but I just wanted to say.

    I LOOOOOOVE all the MiSo pics. they’re SOOO CUTE and hot at the same time.

    thanks coolsmurf
    Your work is ALWAYS appreciated.

  19. okay several things…

    1) allkpop is basically a site to poke fun at korean celebs and to make it sound terrible or even disgusting. i, personally, can’t stand a lot of the things there. don’t even bother reading it. it’s such a waste of time.

    2) i agree with everyone who wants more yeeun pictures! seriously… i hate that sohee is the center of attention (mostly). it’s getting SO old. and not to sound gay or anything, but yeeun DOES have a great body to model JEANS. like wtf why don’t they use her more?! i don’t understand…

    3) all these TBJ pictures make me want a lot of TBJ clothes badly… I WISH THEY SHIPPED TO U.S.! D:

  20. Who the hell cares what ALLKPOP writes? lol

    That’s an snsd fan boy writing that blog, have you read how pigish he is when writing about hyori or any half naked female singer? he’s a pig. So clearly he’d be an SNSD fan fapping away to the grown women trying to look like lolitas.

    WG still WINS. considering the fact that they aren’t hated by their whole country. lol

  21. wonderfuls, please visit this website, and tell me your opinion.. http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/news_rumors_full/the_talentless_yet_attractive_wonder_girls/P50/
    i was so mad when i saw this… why is everyone saying wonder girls can’t sing??? i hope JYP will do something, cuz honestly i think he is not focusing on their vocals and live performance… would i be a bad wonderfull if i say wonder girls can’t sing live… i wish i have magic so i can make them sing well…. someone please give me advice, i’m so disappointed… thanks…

  22. I was looking at the new Making of this photo shoot and there were definitely more and better shots that they could be releasing. Hopefully there are more to come.


    People don’t get mad at your complaints, more like they get mad at the fact that you use such foul language on a constant basis. You yourself said you were quite young so it’s not very appealing to read such comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinions so no one can make you not dislike So hee. Just tone it down a bit.

  23. and some people may think we’re exaggerating, but we’re not complaining based on this one shoot. it’s been going on since sohee-centered irony and tell me and br31 and etc etc. they were doing better by shining more light on sunmi but now it’s just miso everywhere.

    jyp better enhance their image/songs to fit the unni’s or imma open a can of whoop-ass

  24. we ❤ sohee and sunmi. they’re both beautiful, talented girls…

    but seriously, they need to start stop promoting miso so much. the three unni’s are too smart, kind, talented, and sexy to be held back in their songs/ads/etc like this.

  25. Seeee….and people wanna gett mad me for saying the same thing..lol

    They act like WG will fail or something if they dont shove sohee into EVERY picture. I’m getting sick of seeing her face to be honest. So glad she wont be in that MV sunye is doing.

  26. seriously, would it hurt to NOT make sohee the center of everything for once? c’mon, how about on their next mv, cf, etc?

    agreed. yeeun is kickass. she’s got the curves to fill those jeans. the 3 unni’s have the best bods of the group, but i guess ceo’s/designers prefer using underage, skinny things (no offense to sohee, sunmi).

  27. so pretty…but why doesnt ye eun like have any solo >.< she’s frikin GORGEOUS AND LEGAL TO LOOK AT!! -.-” jyp is sick makin 16 yr olds show off their pancake ass -.-“

  28. I agree with all comments above mine – there should be a lot more YeEun in this collection. She’s freaking gorgeous and I love her red hair, so I donno why they wouldn’t wanna give her more attention >__>

    Yoobin & SunYe are so sexy with their poses & facial expressions XD.

    SunMi was adorable 🙂

    SoHee was kinda awkward for me with some of her poses, but she was cute nonetheless 😀

  29. Not one solo picture for ye eun x__x; goshh -.- well there might be more coming D:

    Oh well :/ ye eun still looked great^^ AND YOOBIN…GORGEOUS!

    Sunmi is looking too hot in these D: shes too young >.< tone the hotness down! lol XD

    I love sunyes hair cut<3

  30. THE HECKKKK!!!!

    Im pretty glad they released a lot of the pics @__@ BUT COME ON!!! They can’t give ye eun a decent solo pic? TT__TT

    I agree with mari and WGLove TT___TT

  31. WOW 0.0
    those pictures are XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!
    that boy with Sohee and YeEun is SUPER DUPER CUTE
    but Kwon (I forgot his first name >.<) is a super sweetheart =)!

    they look like adorable couples! =D
    these pictures are GORGEOUS <33

  32. i love yoobin solo picture ! i also love
    the miso pik! so cute. i like their hoodie
    in the first pik, like the squares.

  33. x[[

    feel bad for ye eun not counting the group pictures the girl got only 1 solo & a picture with jiwoon

  34. Hmm, let’s see how mad anyone can guess I am.

    I figured they would do something like this.
    Why do they always give Ye Eun the short end of the stick.
    I’m glad I get to see more photos of Sun Mi though.

    But come on 😦

    They look great….

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