Wonder Girls and Wonder Baby on Star King 080726 (english subbed)

Kept forgetting about this because of some upload issues. The subbed version of Wonder Baby, Kim Ye Eun performing Wonder Girls medley and then her interaction with Wonder Girls themselves. She then goes into a “dance battle” with Sun Ye and Yoo Bin to the tune of JYP’s “Honey”. This is really cute stuff.

Download (SB) | password: yeeun | Bypass MegaUpload Restriction

Do give proper credit if posting elsewhere. Please respect subbing.


36 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and Wonder Baby on Star King 080726 (english subbed)

  1. Haha…i love this part…
    Never get bored watch this over and over again…
    I love the baby…she’s really talented..haha…
    I love the part Yoo Bin kiss the baby…and Hodong oppa to..hoho…^^

  2. coolsmurf, can u tell me what subtitle program u use to make subtitles? I want to make hardsubbed but can’t find the right program X_X. Thanks

  3. -______- i cant seem to get it to play properly on my laptop. it doesnt play on my desktop either.. only the audio can be heard.
    Can someone upload it onto youtube please?

    or does anyone know a way to fix this?

  4. The password works fine.. i can’t play this because
    mpcstar says The following pins failed to find a connectable
    filter =.=

  5. Hmm…
    It seems the password for the extraction is wrong…
    Are you sure it’s “yeeun”?
    It might be my program so I don’t know…

  6. erhmm..
    can somebody tell me where i can see this ep. on youtube..
    i`ve been trying to find it but it doesn’t say anything..
    can any body tell me where i can watch this ep.??

  7. aww dang I want to watch it so bad!! >.<!
    too bad I can’t download anything =(
    maybe I’ll try anyway =D

  8. Hahaha I LOVE this episode.
    And especially that little girl!
    She came on Star King like 3 times already.
    Poor Sohee. expecting a hug.. but then denied and replaced by Yoobin lol.

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. i saw this on youtube already. it wasnt subbed though. that little girl is so cute. she thought yoobin was sohee. seriously so cute.

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