Wonder Girls to Perform At 26th Annual Korean Harvest Festival in New York

After their New York trip earlier this year for MTV Wonder Girls Season 3 filming, the Wonder Girls will find themselves back there once again to perform at the 26th Annual Korean Harvest Festival this coming September.

New York, We Are Coming Back!

New York, We Are Coming Back!

The 26th Annual Korean Harvest Festival will have performers from JYP Entertainment performing on 21st September at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Park Jin Young and the Wonder Girls are going to be the main highlights with appearances also by G-Soul, J Lim and Min. Missed JYP’s Fantastic Party Concert Tour? Well here’s JYP Family Concert, so don’t miss out on it again.

And that’s not all. JYP Entertainment will have an audition on 13th Sept for those who wants to enter showbiz. So for those living in New York or somewhere nearby, mark the dates down if you want to catch JYP artistes in action or join the auditions. Admission is free by the way.

For those who wants to try out for the audition, follow the instructions listed.


89 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to Perform At 26th Annual Korean Harvest Festival in New York

  1. btw do you know where to watch this event online? i wanna see their interviews cus i know they were interviewed before going on stage!

  2. wow chusok was great! lol i went today and it was awesome. it was my first time seeing them in person! omg so pretty! damn i miss them already. =[

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  4. Yay…it’s this weekend..
    and I live kind of close to the park!!
    woo.. I get to see the Wonder Girls!!!!!!!

  5. and for those who are jealous, its not that great. its so crowded and boring and you can barely hear the performances. but it is exciting knowing that the actual stars in in ny.

  6. well to answer a few confusions, they always have this festival thing in ny. and it is free. and its not an insult to the korean holiday because they (celebrities) always do a performance AFTER the actual holiday..

  7. I wonder if 2PM is coming too 😉 Finally some good artists will be coming to this year’s festival. Still debating about whether or not I should audition and make a fool out of myself. Does anyone know if they’ll be giving free stuff out and if it’s group or solo auditions?

  8. i live in NY.. i am coming 2 the festival 🙂 its gonna be extremly funn.. im gonna try 2 audition.. but i suck at like singing ;( and im not good at dancning nether.. but im gonna do it cause i want 2 get their attention — how BAD i am :)))

  9. does anyone know what time they actually perform? and can someone explain to me which day is the day we should go? the 21st? its so confusing. theres not much news on it either. what do you do there besides watch a few performers?

  10. Thank you coolsmurf! I actually just called the park because it was very confusing.. They only have one day [08/20/08] on their website. But yes, they confirmed, the festival runs for two days. Thanks again :]

  11. Yes the rehearsal day is on the 20th.
    But anyway does anyone knows what is the ‘rehearsal’ for? Not for WG right? So they won’t be there on the 20th right?

  12. When would these entertainment firms ever come to Africa. We also have talent come check us out. Please why can’t you hold auditions here and concerts too some of us follow your industry too. Come to Ghana.

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  14. i think i understand why their comeback date has been changed now. since they will be coming to ny on the 21st they might stay a bit longer like last time. then it takes almost a day to fly back to korea and everything so they had to change it from the 24th to a later date. i hope they dont cancel like they did with cyworld china because of their visas. i cant wait to see them!

  15. T.T
    They already went to New York…
    They should come up north to Canada 😀
    Vancouver for example -_^

  16. Damn, I will be in Georgia for school!
    If it was earlier I could go 😦 its only 4/5 hours from boston, where I live…

  17. Eeek! I had a chance to see them at madison square garden back in Feb x) As a die-hard fan I’ve got to see them again D: Need to see So Hot live 😀 I only live 30 minutes away from Corona Park. Please let it be on the weekends T…T

  18. i want to see the wonder girls soo bad! 🙂
    im so ditching school for this!
    but wait.. its in new york!?
    nothing good ever happens here in virginia. ):

  19. omg.it would be nice if i live there…=S
    sept. 13? haha my birthday..it would be the best birthday present if i can go to NY to the audition. but i live in hungary soo.. it’s impossible. pity=(

    btw i can’t wait for the korean festival!=)
    WG&JYP Family Fighting!

  20. Cool!! Too bad I don’t live there xD

    You can join the audition if you’re ASIAN?!
    A S I A N?!
    -. – So.. Chinese,Filipinos,Koreans,Vietnamese,Indonesians and so so can join???

  21. :(..
    I’m missing them by a freakin week.
    I live in Texas.
    But I’m going up to New York on Sept. 11 until the 14th I think to play at Carnegie Hall and I’m PISSED.
    It’s very depressing. It could have easily been avoided by going up the NEXT weekend instead of going on a tragic day to where it started. <.<.
    GAH. You kids that live in NY.
    I am soo jealous lol!!
    Well have fun and don’t forget to take your camera! :DD
    Maybe I’ll have another chance to meet them..

  22. ughhh so jealouss
    they should do concerts in the summer.. im always in new york in the summers >.< the only problem with free admission is getting there early for good seats

  23. So all I’ve got to do is ditch school, steal like $500 from my mom’s purse, and fly to New York?

    I wish I could pull all that off…

  24. yes, no 2AM or 2PM. guess it’s too soon for them. or they need someone to look after JYPE in Korea.

  25. I am sooooo going man. SO GOING. Is that the official list of performers? So I’m guessing there’s no 2AM and 2PM then?

  26. Aish.. If so, will they be performing both days? Or just one day? Thanks in advance to whoever’s going to answer. =)

  27. O.O.
    Is it for sure set that the Wonder Girls and the JYPE team are coming and performing in New York on 20-21 of SEPTEMBER?
    Because if so, I’m extremely pissed and ridiculously sad that I’m just ONE WEEK off from seeing them. :/

  28. OKay so I don’t have to be korean to audition,
    but do I have to speak Korean?
    Cuz I always watch WG videos with subs cuz I don’t speak Korean at all.

  29. thanks THoog009. basically confirming that it’s happening definitely with that audition promo video.

  30. I am so going to go even if I have to skip college classes. 😀

    Alvin, do you know where it’s going to be at? I’m so going and I’m so going to audition for the heck of it. 😀

  31. AHH! noooo ; i wish i lived in NYC just for this.
    I can’t do anything on the mainland because Hawaii’s so frikin out of the way.
    I wish some entertainment group held a concert here. 😦
    They’d get such a big audience!

  32. AH! only something ELSE I can’t go too T_T
    I would LOVE to go the Wonder Girls are going to make it so awesome =D

    (also looking forward to Min!)

  33. nothing is confirmed yet, the dates could be wrong, reporters do get their facts wrong sometimes. so don’t blame me.

  34. Let me mark that down in my calendar lol. If they really do come, please keep us updated!!! I’ll totally ditch school for the one and only WONDER GIRLS!!! why does it have to be on a school day? -sigh- i’m gonna start fangirling

  35. you do not have to be korean to audition. clear examples to why you dont need to be korean to be audition is nichkhun and li shi qi who were both in hot blood and are jyp trainees and are not korean. i m not sure if li shi qi is still a trainee. you dont need to know korean either. you just need talent.

  36. WHAT!?
    Why are there rumors of them coming in SEPTEMBER!?
    Good lord people your rumors are KILLING me.
    I am ridiculously obsessed with the Wonder Girls and I’m also going to New York in september so alll of this is crazy!
    The thought that I might have a chance to see my heroes in person..
    Gahhhh I find my obsession to be both wonderfully exciting and ridiculously sad. But the wonderfully exciting overwhelms everything else so I guess I can live with that. xDD
    ……………..Can someone PLEASE for sure set the date of their arrival?

    BTW It’s just my thought/opinion/whatever but I would think that you wouldn’t have to be korean to try out for the auditions..that seems a little racial doesn’t it?
    Plus they do have a headquarters in NEW YORK, USA. So it would be silly NOT to accept races of all kind. I’m not saying that I know for sure they accept everyone I’m just giving my thought. 😡

  37. I’m definitely wondering about this as well! Do you have to be asian to try out for the auditions?

    A definite date would be awesome cause i really, really want to go 🙂 And if I have to buy tickets. I gotta find someone to go with me! >.<

    I am definitely going! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!
    By the way, do I have to be Korean to audition?
    Is it okay if I’m just Chinese?

  39. I’m wondering if that date is correct. The New York City Parks website shows the Korean Harvest festival at Flushing Meadows on the weekend of *September* 20-21, not October. That would make it Saturday-Sunday, which would make more sense than Monday-Tuesday. It would also only be a week after the actual Chuseok holiday.

    It was October 20-21 last year.

  40. NOOO!!! I live in Canada and im going to New York in September. Nooo Im gonna miss them. If I had a good voice I would want to audition but I don’t have a good voice and I’m not korean. I’m not even oriental Asian.

  41. The NY Chuseok festival is usually free.. but the seats fill up pretty quickly and it gets reallllyy crazy.
    I remember the year I went, Fly to the Sky came and it was MOBBED by fangirls that the police had to hold the barricades up steady in case it would fall.
    best to just get there early to get seats even though the show doesnt really start with the celebrities until..late int he day.

  42. omg if its during school i’ll kill
    because im just going into highschool and cant miss school
    if its at night i’ll cry tears of joy

  43. why is it on a school day? awww. i was already planning on going. it’s just 3 hrs away from where i am.. oh well. guess im not

  44. erm wait…. now I dont need to fly to korea anymore? … -_-

    its exactly on that date when I am in Korea JUST to see wonder girls ._.

    I really hate JYP when WG will perform in US again THIS time >.<

    my life will be ending then =,=

  45. i would so def go if wondergirls and 2AM and 2PM is going to perform there. well not unless its during my classes, i hope its in the evening or something. why is on weekdays though?

  46. dang im all the across new york i wish we moved there instead of washington
    heheheehehehhe lol cant wait for this!

  47. Why would they go to the US to perform for that festival? that is a KOREAN HOLIDAY and it should be celebrated in Korea…that’s almsot insulting..plus don’t they want to spend it with their family after the show??? T.T;

    It would be nice but I think that should just be in Korea, the festival I mean. =O

  48. Damn I want to see WG, However i really do not want to see JYP on stage, the old guy needs to learn to pass the torch and remember his age. I remember last time they went to NY back in the past, JYP hogged the mic.

  49. I don’t understand. Chuseok is on September 14th this year. If Wonder Girls are having their comeback in late September then why would they come to USA in the middle of October?

  50. Gosh, I was born in NY, but I’m stuck in Texas now…, and I’ve also got school. Wish I could take some time off to see them… Would be so awesome.

    2PM? I want to see them soon!

  51. aarrrgggg, why cant they do it in november instead of october? whys chuseok gotta be a month apart from US thanksgiving?

  52. Aww that would be fun 🙂 to bad I’m all the way across the country 😦 Auditioning would be cool but I’m not asian so no chance there lol 😦

  53. Why October?!?!?!?! I have school and i’m in Chicago…-sigh- I wish im with my Sister in New Jersey right now!!! I was planning on stalking Wondergirls!!HAHAHAHAHA

    I live in Texas and was going up to New York in september!
    I’m a little depressed that im a month off from seeing the Wonder Girls. :((
    Ah well.
    I hope they have fun..

    thanks coolsmurf

  55. I’ll have to see if I’ll be free around that time, I have to go upstate New York so I wont be in the city around that time. T.T

    Maybe I can skip out and stay just for the show. XD

  56. i hear its for free, but guess not?

    It’s a shame I’ll miss out X__X damn school, why must you be so important.

    Actually, I’d ditch school for the girls. But hopefully this won’t be their last time in America =] We’ll see them here more, so Wonderfuls don’t freak out if you can’t make it ahah

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