Rest in Peace, Lee Eon

The passing of Lee Eon last Thursday came as a big shock to many in Korea especially if you have watched his dramas, heard his radio shows, etc. The Wonder Girls have some interaction with him before last year while they were promoting “Tell Me”, they went on “Shim Shim Shim Ta Pa” where he was still the host with Kim Shin Young. Then later on, Lee Eon also went on “Ya Shim Man Man” where Sun Ye and Park Jin Young were among the guests. So I was surprised that the Wonder Girls were not pictured going to his wake. But perhaps there was a conflict of schedules or something else. But I am sure they prayed for him deep down in their hearts. Pictures from last year.

It has been a week. Rest in peace, Lee Eon.


18 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Lee Eon

  1. aww…
    The guy from coffee prince!!!
    so sad…
    i hope he just… didnt die!!!!
    rest in peace, Lee Eon…

  2. He died because of motorcycle accident after the wrap up party for ”Strongest Chil Woo” which is his last TV Drama…

    RIP Lee Eon

  3. i was really shocked when i heard about this!! i first saw him in coffee prince…well that was his big break…and then i also saw him in Who Are You…..gosh im so sad when i heard about this….

    May you rest in Peace….

  4. I remembered he was pretty nice to Ye eun during her Manwon happiness. I guess it was due to their schedule which they couldn’t attend.

    RIP He will be missed and remembered.

  5. yeah i was surprised the girls wasn’t there either
    but whatever it is, im sure they are as shocked as we are & keeping him in their prayer

    R.I.P you’ll be miss x'[

  6. I remember that radio show appearance! That was when Ye Eun was participating in a Man Won Happiness challenge.

    RIP. You will be surely missed.

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