Wonder Girls Sina China Interview 080827

After the immense success of “Tell Me” in 2007, the Wonder Girls have managed to come up with another hit in “So Hot” this year, what’s the secret behind their consecutive successes? Their thoughts about their “poor vocals” allegations?

Hello Sina friends, we’re the Wonder Girls. (Wonder Girls)

Could you tell us in brief your future schedule?
Our “So Hot” activities are almost ending and we are now preparing to record our next single. But we aren’t short at the moment how it’s like. But we will put in our best effort to record a single that will not disappoint everyone. Please wait for our new single this coming autumn. (Sun Ye)

What do you made “Tell Me” and “So Hot” so successful?
We want to thank everyone for their support first. I feel that “Tell Me” and “So Hot” dances are very interesting and very easy to do. So everyone is eagerly imitating it and then uploading the videos that they have recorded of themselves online. I think this is why they (songs) are so popular. (So Hee)

Anything interesting happened during your “So Hot” promotions?
We actually met with something weird during our “So Hot” promotions. While we were viewing our rehearsal video, when we got to Yoo Bin’s unnie rapping portion, a mysterious high-pitched female voice could be heard over her voice. Thinking of it now still gives me the chills. (Ye Eun)

Your vocals has been hotly disputed among many!
I feel that people are concerned for us when they dispute about our vocals. We always give our best effort and try to do our best regardless of any areas. I think that allegation came from the fact that the songs we have been singing now are focusing more on the melody and dance. That is why people have the misconception about our vocals. I hope that we have a chance to sing ballads next time so that everyone can see that we really can sing. (Sun Ye)

Anything you want to say about Beijing Olympics?
Congratulations on the successful completion of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Although we very much wanted to go there in person to view it, but we didn’t have the chance. Hope that all those who competed at the Olympics didn’t leave any regrets behind and got good results, fighting! (Wonder Girls)

credit: Sina China


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Sina China Interview 080827

  1. Hmm… quite humble and grounded…..

    But just a random question. When they answered the vocals question, why did they try to brush it off by saying that the song was supposed to concentrate on the melody and dance? Er…. it is a SONG right? And aren’t songs supposed to concentrate on the SINGING? Or maybe my idea of a song is different….

    (And no, I’m not an anti; just expressing my thoughts here)

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  3. umm… i think that outfit so hee is wearing isn’t a dress… i mean its too short, if i wore it my parents would freak out… never mind, they all look pretty…

  4. haha cute girls! =)
    is it just me or is Yoobin looking more gorgeous then ever? >.<!
    Eunhyuk must be drooling =D

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  6. I like that Sohee answered a question. :)).
    But I also kind of agree with Lina.
    But I guess it’s just the fact that Sunye is the leader and she is speaking for them.
    WG is so …humble! and just themselves.
    I love it.
    They’re the reason I’m learning chinese. xD

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. uwa! hope WG keeps up the good work! I’m looking forward to their next single and ballad! ^_^

  8. they changed alot sey………..i remember seeing them when they were very just starting out. you could tell that they changed by watching their mtv videos……..their concept had also changed…..by the way ,,i’m disliking their silver leopard clothes….it does not compliment their bod6y well.

  9. “Although we very much wanted to go there in person to view it, but we didn’t have the chance.”

    ^ Guess they weren’t in Beijing all along xD

  10. Theres only one person in that group that needs to start answering the poor vocal question instead of letting SUNYE who rarely messes up answer as if the whole group screws up 98% of the time.

    Anyways,, august is almost over. They’re almost back =D I cant wait to see their new concept.

  11. wow…..The girls are really humble…..XDD

    Yoobin’s always in the middle now…… me like~~!!!….. LOL

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