Wonder Girls This Time MV (english hardsubbed)

This is as promised. I was waiting for a HQ version before releasing it only now. Read this if you didn’t have a clue about what the entire MV was about.

Download (MF)

Do give proper credit if posting elsewhere. Please respect subbing.


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls This Time MV (english hardsubbed)

  1. what video player are you guys using to watch
    this? because mpcstar gets this weird error
    and i only get the audio.

  2. i shed a tear when for the first time i hear this song…
    and now i have watch it’s MV, many tears after that…
    wonder girls is the best…
    i like them^^

  3. Awesome MV! Thanks!

    But could someone explain the story of the MV to me? I don’t quite understand what was going on. It seemed like the mannequin came to life and he fell in love with her or something and then he ended up turning into a mannequin too.

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