Wonder Girls Will Make Their Comeback with Single Album

Earlier news reported that the Wonder Girls were set for a 25th September comeback. However, the projected comeback date has now been changed to end of September or early October with no specific date being mentioned.

The Wonder Girls are still on schedule for a comeback in late September following the end of their “So Hot” promotional activities in early August. The earliest comeback date would be late September and latest by early October.

According to a JYP Entertainment spokesperson

Our original plan was to release their second album. But after some consideration, we decided on another mini-album instead for the Wonder Girls on their comeback.

Since “So Hot” debuted in June, it had then swept major music charts without fail. From “Tell Me” in 2007 to “So Hot” now, Wonder Girls have swiftly become the top girl group in Korea with their catchy tunes and wholesome image.

Although the Wonder Girls are currently off promotions, each member’s own schedules are still packed to the brim. Yoo Bin for example, has been rapping for Kim Bum Soo’s latest track off his 6th album, “Do You Know That?”.

28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Will Make Their Comeback with Single Album

  1. woooooooooooooooooooooooooow i cant WAIT!! but apparently there were these photos that leaked on daum that showed wg wearing these mushroom wigs and retro style outfits?? well i hope they dont have to wear those wigs for their performances T_T what is jyp THINKING? Those wigs r gonna kill me…but I hope the song will go to #1 in the chartz… i luv wonder girls so much!!

  2. jype really knows how to frustruate people big time, cause a 2nd album is already TOO overdue >_<
    hope theyre not going to push it too far back.

    but either way,any release by WG will totally be owning the music charts despite who’s putting out stuff at the same time,so its still all good ^.^

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  4. …. awww… well… OMG OMG… 어머~~~! 아~~! I CANT WAITTTTT FOR ITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER TOP-CHART SONG!!

  5. another mini album? or single album? confused, Wonder Girls needs to let people know who’s the real top girl group of Korea, I hope they can win as they probably will against snsd.

    and 2Pm vs DBSK or Big Bang? let’s not get too carried away here… I like the group’s concept so far, but too much hype can become an artist’s downfall.

  6. ahh so long >.<!
    I’m going to miss them!
    but I will support them when they come back! xD

  7. i remember reading some article (i forgot to save it and now i can’t find it… D:) and JYP said that if you wanna be successful now, mini-albums are the way to go.

    something like that…

  8. so it was pushed back!….i guess im ok with it..JYP is doing this for a reason so i trust him hahaha and the mini-album should be AWESOME!! cant wait for it!

  9. i don’t mind that its a mini album either. because a lot of older artists are making their comebacks… i just hope its damn catchy!

  10. not a 12 track album? I hate those “just 4 or 5 songs” albums ~
    of course I will buy it but more tracks would be more worth..
    on yesasia its nearly the same price for 5 tracks as for 12 tracks ~ holy crap
    (I never buy on yesasia cause I have problems with that page btw Paypal…but everyone else buy there and pay the same price for less songs -_-)
    its mean ._.
    I hope those 5 tracks will be a BOMB and flash us all away

  11. Aww really? Well that’s alright. It gives them more time to prepare so I’ll support their decision no matter what.

  12. I think it was a smart thing to do releasing a mini-album because a lot of groups are making comebacks/debuts.

  13. I don’t mind it being pushed back a little.. The girls need to be fully ready, I’ll wait… Its a shame they decided on a mini-album, but I’ll take anything

  14. A little disappointed with the single album but still nevertheless excited for their comeback. :))
    I’m reallly hoping that they’ll once again be number 1 on the charts with their comeback that will most likely be as hot as their other songs.
    Whoooo Wonder Girls!

    thanks coolsmurf.

  15. I am so excited with everyone making their comebacks/ debut within the next month or two, but I hope Wonder Girls will be on top of both female and male groups.
    Although I am really impatient, I guess I can wait a few more days for their new single!

  16. x.x; so when is the second album going to come out? D:
    Mini albums are getting annoying, it’s like he’s trying to rush their comeback or something.

  17. yeah i respect JYP’s decision! hehe i know that releasing a mini alh=bum instead of a 2nd full album will be for the better…for whatever reason that was i still support them ^_^ lol JYP won’t make a decision that will be a disadvantage for WG hahaha! maybe he felt that this isn’t YET the right time to release a 2nd album ^_^ i’ll wait ^_^

  18. does that mean the WG’s release will be on the same month as SNSD’s comeback? major competition right there! x_X;;

    *sigh* but i guess waiting longer makes the thing you wait for that much more satisfying :]

  20. okay…I WILL WAIT FOR A BIT LONGER!(i really don’t mind) lol but i was anticipating for an actual album, i guess JYP has his reasons and i know it won’t be at their disadvantage.

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