The First Rap that Yoo Bin Produced Was For…

For her sunbae Kim Bum Soo 6th album comeback, Yoo Bin took to producing her first rapping composition and also featured in the track as a present.

In a Sports Hankooki interview, Yoo Bin expressed, “I featured on (Kim Bum Soon) sunbaenim’s album by rapping for one of the tracks. I was a little nervous because he is a singer that I liked very much. But I finished recording it happily. This is particularly meaningful to me because it was my first time writing a rap.”

Only Yoo Bin’s Rap (translated by iPigsta)

Always seeing you roam around me.
My heart pounds without me even knowing.
Wondering if you love me too or maybe even like me.
I thought of maybe trying to find out but if it’s only my misunderstanding
My feelings will be revealed and it might all end.
Because of my pride I rejected here and there but he tells me he doesn’t hate the way I’m acting.

These days I feel as if we are drifting apart
It’s not the same as the old times, our love that is.
It might be because of greed and me.
Because the love has become so big
I might have made it hard on you.
Or the way I always become suspicious of you.
What do I have to do to make it go back to the old times,
our first time.

Yesterday I called him.
Because I wanted a new start all over again
I told him let’s solve all our misunderstanding
And say all the things we want to say to each other.
And that I’m sorry and I love you
You’re the only one for me, believe me
Like the old times
Let’s go back to the time when we were happy.

Do you know that
You are my everything and I love you.

When Yoo Bin received the invitation to do a rapping for Kim Bum Soo’s album, it was where the Wonder Girls was at their busiest with their “So Hot” promotions. But because he was a sunbaebim that Yoo Bin liked very much, she accepted and even wrote the rap, showing another talent of hers.

Yoo Bin added, “This was Kim Bum Soo’s sunbaenim comeback album after a long break from serving the country. It’s just a little something from me but I hope that the rap will make his album shine even brighter”. The Wonder Girls will resume their full-scale activities in September with their mini-album.

It’s great to see Yoo Bin compose her own rapping for a sunbaenim singer like Kim Bum Soo. We have seen Ye Eun sing her self-composed song for fans at the 2nd Wonderful fan meeting. Talented girls they are.


44 thoughts on “The First Rap that Yoo Bin Produced Was For…

  1. everything about yoo bin is cute dang i want to
    talk with them and express my feelings about wonder girls
    WG fighting!

  2. omg can a human being sound any cuter? i think yoo bin stopped my heart with the cute rap XD i never thought rap could be cute ~!

  3. oh i loved all of this song! ESPECIALLY yoobins rap! it was sooo good! i wish i knew where i could get this song!!

  4. i just LOVE her voice in this song, esp the end 🙂

    she’s so talented too! so 2 out of 5 wonder girls can compose things… that we know of… i bet they will all write something over the course of time!!

  5. love yoo bin..
    the song was great!!

    kim bum so and yoobin make such gewd song together…

    she is so talented tahts why shes my FAV.
    singer and rapper!!

  6. TO tawake comment 13

    No…Look at top
    Hes good and he doesn’t live in america
    And hey all of the rappers in america dont compose their own songs
    So saying if ur talented cuz u live in a particular country is very wrong…

  7. pretty daymn good first rap omg~
    tooo cute!!!!!! ^_^
    yoobin should be doing as much of the rap lyrics as possible in future WG releases.

  8. Thanks for sharing the translation of her parts. I can now fully understand what she sings/raps about. Yoobin is not only a good rapper but a pretty good lyricist too. Hopefully, she will get to show more of this talent of hers in WG’s upcoming album.

  9. WOW! did she really?!
    thats AMAZING I’m just loving Yoobin more and more <33
    the song really is beautiful =)

  10. i don’t understand the lyrics… can some1 please sub it? thanks.. yoobin sounds amazing! hope she gets to compose her own rap, and feature in other songs too… she’s so talented… wow, i dunno why but i hope that she will do a rap with T.O.P or euhyuk… anyways, this song is awesome!

  11. OHMYGOSH! She wrote that?! HOW ADORABLE! It makes me even love the song even more! I love the song not only because Yoobin’s in it. It’s such a great song, but the fact that she rapped in it, AND she wrote it makes the song 23157483915713957932485x better~~~!! =D

  12. yay go binnie! i didnt know that she wrote
    the rap. its a really good song and her
    rap sounds good x3124324.

  13. Wow I didn’t know that she composed that rap herself..
    It was great! That’s amazing. I hope other opportunities like this will come for her and the rest of the Wonder Girls. I LOVE the singleness that each member has but also the group love. Like Sohee did the movie, Sunye did the Energy, Yoobin did the rap, who’s next?
    Plus I bet a bunch of Yoobin fans will only buy that album for Yoobins rap. So that’s good for his album sellings. xD

    thanks coolsmurf

  14. wow!never knew that it was Yoobin’s very own rap!it’s really an honour if a sunbae asked you to be featured in their album..Yoobin is so lucky!

    and did i mentioned i really luv her first OFFICIAL raps?!!too bad it wasn’t in the Wonder Girls’ albums..can’t wait for more stuff from Yoobin!Go Binnie!

  15. …of course America is talented at rapping thats where it started

    Yoobin is talented, how is she not? does it not depend on the perspective of talent in different countries?

  16. Wow, I didn’t know she composed that rap herself.
    They really are a handful of multi-talented, down-to-earth girls.

  17. Hah, very very good rap indeed.
    She is a very hard worker!
    anyone have the translations for her lyrics?

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